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  • 2. Listening skills are ways to help you listen to something more effectively.
  • 3. To avoid communication errors. Key to success. Learn something new.
  • 4. Active listening Selective listening Ignoring listening Emphatic listening
  • 5. Understanding all things Proper interaction Proper feedback
  • 6. Selective portion Topic may not be according to linking
  • 7. Not listening at all Pretty insulting to other
  • 8. Most effective level Arguing Listen with heart and mind Empathy is sympathy
  • 9. Hearing and Listening are not same. Hearing: Hearing is with the senses. Ears pick up sound waves and then transported to our brain. Listening: Listening is with the mind. Communication process and, to be successful is an active process.
  • 10. Appreciative Listening Critical Listening Informational Listening Relationship Listening Discriminative Listening
  • 11. It improves the relationship between people. Emphasis is an understanding the other person. Three behaviors are key to effective relationship listening
  • 12. MIND READER: Ask what the person is thinking or feeling. REHEARSER: Let the customer finish their thoughts before determining what question to ask next. FILTERER: Be aware of your own assumptions. DREAMER: Stay present.
  • 13. COMPARER: Treat each customer as the unique person they are. FIXER: Fully understand needs before recommending a solution. INDENTIFIER:Remember that itsabout the customer, notyou.
  • 14. Speaking skills is the act of generating wordsthat can be understood by listeners. A goodspeaker is clear and informative.
  • 15. Ability to convey your information in a proper way Ability to stand out from the rest Career enhancement Encouraging people to communicate with each other.