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Speaking and Listening. Tips for Success. Know What You’re Talking About. This may sound obvious but too often students fail to achieve the mark they are capable of due to insufficient preparation. Research your topic Create prompt cards Rehearse Rehearse without cards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Speaking and Listening

Speaking and ListeningTips for SuccessKnow What Youre Talking AboutThis may sound obvious but too often students fail to achieve the mark they are capable of due to insufficient preparation.Research your topicCreate prompt cardsRehearseRehearse without cardsRehearse in front of friends and familyAsk friends/family to ask you questions to test your ability to respond in a developed wayRehearse more

Eye ContactSometimes it is awkward/embarrassing to make eye contact. We can feel more nervous and lose our focus.In a speaking and listening assessment, making eye contact helps to create a relationship with your audience and can help to keep their interest. It helps you look confident, even if you feel worried about talking in front of people.

IntonationChanging your tone of voice makes you sound more interesting.A monotone presentation can sound boring and an audience may lose interest.Try changing the volume and pitch of your voice to create effects.

Standard EnglishTry to use Standard English (SE) when you are speaking. Standard English is what we might consider proper or posh English. It is sometimes known as The Queens English.You should not use slang or swear words and should aim to use grammatically accurate structures.You should also try to avoid fillers such as erm

Sophisticated VocabularySomeone who is important to me is my Mum. She is really nice to me and its really good to have her there when I need her.

The significance of my Mum can barely be described using mere words. She is an incredible woman who I rely on and who is abundant in her love for me.

The difference is clear, isnt it?Aim to PUSH yourself. Use a thesaurus to find original, more sophisticated vocabulary. This is a hugely effective way to interest and engage your audience.

ConfidenceThis is a tip which is easy to give but is less easy to apply. For many of us, the thought of standing up in front of others is petrifying BUT everyone is in the same position. The best thing is to take a deep breath and plunge right in. People arent laughing at you- theyre in the same boat.Smile, speak clearly and with enthusiasm.If necessary, fake it!