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    Sous-station Voltaire. paris 1114, avenue Parmentier

    In the heart of the 11th arrondissement, close to the Place de la Rpublique and the very lively Oberkampf district, 14 avenue Parmentier is the site of a building with an excep-tional history. The Parmentier electricity sub-station, built in the early 20th century is emblematic of the Parisian heritage of the 36 electricity sub-stations built between 1900 and the Second World War to adapt the capital to ra-pidly growing electricity needs.We invite you to take up the challenge of inventing the cinema of tomorrow. projects must promote the emergence of a popular and high-qua-lity cinema while simultaneously reflecting on new ways of using or operating cinemas. The innovative character can also be revealed in the quality of the architectural inter-pretation by potentially raising the height of the building while preserving and enhancing the current faade.

    Expected program : The programme must aim at creating several public cinema theatres that are open to the district. Ideally, the programme will include an additional public restaurant that can also be inno-vative in nature.Owner : Ville de Paris - public domain.Area : A municipal plot of 596 m with a 19 m street facing faade on the Avenue Parmentier.The building has a current net floor area of 2 121 m, of which 1490m are distributed throughout the superstructure.Land register references : 11 BL 33

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    Sous-station Voltaire. paris 1114, avenue Parmentier

    Existing buildingsStanding 18m tall, the 19th century street facade of the building consists mainly of metal and glass and is representative of the industrial architecture of the early 20th century (protected by the local urban deve-lopment plan). It is characterised by the exclusive use of a weight-bearing metal structure defining 3 spans that are joined at their summits by semicircular arches with translucent openings.The interior space consists of two contractually differentiated spaces: the volumes handed back by the ERDF situated mainly in the superstructure, the electricity distribution installations that were maintained in a part of the basement.

    The interior volumes consist of:- A free ground floor space about 9m high under the first floor (the old machine room), occupying almost the whole ground floor area except for a mezzanine of about 235 m, covered by a 2nd mezzanine about 7m high used for storage and served by a bridge crane, - a full attic floor with small arched openings, its floor being situated at over 8m above the ground,- two basements partially occupied by electricity distribution installations.

    The electricity distribution elements maintained on the site consist of:- a public distribution point in the basement, - an electrical switching device that is still operating,- passages for HV cables serving the neighbourhood (tunnel toward the under-road network) in the second basement.

    These installations must be divided in terms of volume with access and maintenance easement to accom-modate the ERDF both for standard maintenance (pedestrian access) and for delivering and removing machines.The safety constraints linked to the site call for special attention particularly in terms of faade access, pas-sageways, fire stability of the metal structure and protecting the installations retained by ERDF.

    Current uses The surface volumes of the old electricity sub-station were handed back to the Ville de Paris in 2007 at the end of the ERDF concession. The building is currently occupied by the La Gnrale artists collective with an initial 3-year lease dating from July 2008 that is automatically renewable for up to 12 years.The lease is from now on for an indefinite period. The site can therefore be released at the commencement of works; at the end of a 6 months notice from the day of the notice issuance.

    Urban context The building is situated in a dense urban environment in the heart of the 11th arrondis-sement, on a major urban axis, the Avenue Parmentier.

    Regulatory provisionsApplicable local urban development plan Zoning : UG Height ceiling :31m Zonewithashortageofsocial housing Zonepromotingaresidential/work mix Specialprescriptions:Buildingpro tectedbylocalurbandevelopment heritageprotectionmeasures.

    Public Utility Easements HistoricMonumentprotectionzone ListedSitezone