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  • Info on the Program: Webinars Sourcing Guidebook Subscription Exams Q&A on the Program Q&A on Sourcing
  • MS in Math Software Engineer/Manager in SF Bay Area before switching to the dark side of Recruiting in 2003 Partner at Brain Gain Recruiting. Recruiting, Sourcing/Name Gen Blogger; Speaker; won SourceCon Contests Run the largest online community of sourcers Teach Sourcing: webinars; Certification Program (in 3rd year)
  • We call the discipline People Sourcing People Sourcing is finding information about professionals. Recruiters call it Sourcing, Candidate Sourcing, Talent Sourcing, Internet Recruiting, Searching, Social Recruiting; Sales people are not familiar with the term Sourcing and call it Name Generation or Lead Generation.
  • The People Sourcing Certification Program is the next-generation international online training and certification program that covers everything necessary to find information about professionals and serves as a benchmark for assessment of Sourcing skills.
  • A. Sourcing Webinars (Training Library) B. Sourcing Guidebook C. Sourcing Certification Exams
  • The Webinars and The Sourcing Guidebook are recommended for all Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Specialists, Staffing Managers, Sales, Business Development professionals, for beginner-to-intermediate Sourcers, and for advanced Sourcers who want to get a refresher The Certification Exams serve as a baseline in the assessment for the People Sourcing proficiency
  • We have a Library with twelve Sourcing Training pre-recorded webinars. Each webinar covers a specific topic in-depth and includes: a 90-min recording, the slides, and one month of unlimited online support on the material (indiv. webinar price: $99.00)
  • 1. Sourcing without LinkedIn (most popular in 2014) 2. Facebook and Twitter for Sourcing 3. How to Find and Attract Tech Talent 4. Boolean Search on LinkedIn 5. Boolean Strings Basics (must-have skills) 6. How to Extract Candidates and Leads from LinkedIn 7. Sourcing for Diversity 8. Productivity Tools and Techniques 9. An Introduction to Sourcing 10. Google Plus Sourcing 11. Powerful Sourcing With LinkedIn 12. Easy Sourcing with NO Boolean
  • Covers everything in Sourcing Can serve as a Sourcing reference Complete Exams preparation Format: interactive self-paced online study. Material includes text-based pages with screenshots; instructional videos; practice exercises; quizzes; and tip sheets
  • Guidebook is not the sum of the webinars. Guidebook covers everything necessary in sourcing and combining the tools vs. Webinars that each cover one specific topic in-depth Format: self-study material with text, screenshots, practice, quizzes, short videos vs. 90-min recording and slides
  • (Available on the site.) Sourcing-Guidebook-Outline.pdf
  • (Available on the site.)
  • What you get: Access to the material for one year; unlimited online support Monthly updates on everything new and changed One CPSP Exam attempt included Price: monthly subscription at $79 per month, renewed yearly; 12 month min. Group discounts are available
  • You will: be able to follow the best practices, increasing productivity and teamwork be able to source target profiles in a variety of industries and locations without a need to retrain discover hidden profiles that you couldnt before know how to pre-quality professionals for a call, to get on the phone only with the right people, to get additional information to make a phone call warm get ahead of the competition that is on the hunt for the same qualified professionals; and get ready to pass the Exams
  • New! Offered monthly Can be taken separately, without the Sourcing Guidebook purchase 60 questions, testing Sourcing knowledge Stand-alone price: $199 (two attempts are included)
  • Sample Test (Available on the site.) Questions are similar to those offered at the Exams.
  • Companies with certified sourcers and recruiters have reported faster time-to-fill, fuller pipelines For Teams: a shared framework, vocabulary, best practices in sourcing For Individuals: find better matches, faster; more submissions in less time leads to higher fill rates, and profit For everyone benchmark/baseline for sourcing knowledge and practical skills
  • Our team was raving about your program and how it compares to others. I feel that you pulled together and verified information that can be found in numerous places into one concept and it finally clicked for me. I would recommend that course to EVERY Recruiter using a computer.
  • 6/9/2014 I have been working in a family owned retained search firm for 17 years, and play a key sourcing & executive recruiting role there. Studying the diverse course material for the People Sourcing Certification Program was a great experience, and has considerably sharpened my sourcing skills. I took some AIRS training about 15 years ago, which introduced me to Boolean search and Internet sourcing techniques, and I have been practicing and expanding on those skills ever since. Working through each of the study modules in the CPSP course material has definitely launched me to the next level of understanding and confidence as I approach new sourcing challenges and search assignments. The online class material software they utilize allowed me to log in with my user name and password at my convenience - to work on my next training module. In my case, that was usually in the evenings, since I work full time. Dave Galley, Irina Shamaeva, and their associates have put together a great program. Whether you are new to sourcing and recruiting, or have been doing this for decades, I believe you will be very pleased with the value you receive (and the confidence you gain) from the time and money you have invested. I certainly am. Chris Sitter, Executive Recruiter Jordan-Sitter Associates San Antonio, Texas
  • The Sourcing Guidebook is available NOW! starting June 16, 2014 Exams are available monthly starting in July 2014
  • Contact me (Irina) at [email protected] 510-233-9493 (PDT) Customer Support Manager George Glikman [email protected] 510-384-8262 Site: