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Social media is often thought of as Facebook and Twitter but blogging is as much a part of social media, and some say more, than both Facebook and Twitter.

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  • 1. Blogging For Businesspresented by Sonix Socia MediaOctober 11, 2012

2. Blogging Definition and Stats Every blog is a website but not every website is a blog. The pure definition of a blog is: A Web site containing the writers or group of writers own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and oftenhaving images and links to other Web sites. In 2012 it has evolved into major publishing businesses such as Huffington Post thatwas sold recently for over $300 million. It is also used by companies to display their thought leadership and expertise. Blogs arenow considered an important part of a companies participation online and no longerthe preserve of the private personal blogger. 3. Definition and Stats (contd) The evolution of search engines has also made the creation of unique content in avariety of media vital, to improve brands and businesses online visibility to Google,Bing and Yahoo. The world of personal self expression is now only a part of what keeps bloggingvibrant and an important part of the rapidly growing web. 60% of businesses have a business or company blog. 35% actively blog one timer per month versus 65% who havent updated their blog inone year or more. 4. Blogging and Social Media Stats 72% Use Facebook50% Use Blogging59% Use Twitter33% Use YouTube 5. Hungry Girl - From Blog To Business 6. Hungry Girl - From Blog To Business (contd) 7. Skinny Bitch - Keeping Business Going With Blog 8. Skinny Bitch - Keeping Business Going With Blog (contd) 9. Skinny Bitch - Keeping Business Going With Blog (contd) 10. Cook Train Eat Race Blog 11. CTER - continued 12. Sonix Social Media Be sure to utilize the forums section of to ask questions andsee what your peers are thinking about when it comes to social media for business Jason Bahamundi 214-356-6656 [email protected] Chad Van Calster 920-482-2929 [email protected] 12