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  • 8/13/2019 Sona Koyo Case With Iso10015


    SONA KOYO Case with ISO10015+

    SONO KOYO is current ly the largest manufacturer of steer ing s ystem s forthe passenger car and ut i l i ty v ehicle market in Ind ia


    HRD found no tangible return on investment

    an uphill task in aligning its development efforts to meet current and futurecompetency challenges while creating their expansion plan that is

    designed to capitalize on people capabilities

    Actions Taken:

    HRD budget was enhanced with a new clause Investmentwith tangibleresultswhich lead to fully integrated people development system which

    will help to address the competency challenges

    Implementing ISO10015+

  • 8/13/2019 Sona Koyo Case With Iso10015


    Implementation of ISO10015+

    It has been Implemented on several stages

    Stage one (ORG Need):

    Aligned training needs input with what is relevant to business which lead toredefining the competency frame work of the Organization

    Stage two (Design and Plan):

    Planned delivery mechanism which lead to adult learning theory being

    applied in designing training programs to maximize learning impact

    Stage three (Support):

    Standardize Training provision to support training delivery and evaluation


    Stage four (Evaluate):

    Implemented Kirkpatricks model to evaluate the outcome of training on fourlevels ending with estimation of ROI using Philips model.

    Stage Five(Monitor):

    Developed an internal monitoring tool named Sona Training Management

    System which is a software customized specifically for the organization.

  • 8/13/2019 Sona Koyo Case With Iso10015


    Auditing ISO10015+Implementation: Internal Audit

    External Audit

    Cost of Training: 1.26% - 1.94% They reduced the cost through introduction of Train the Trainer program that

    utilized and capitalized on internal resources and expertise.

    Challenges Faced:

    Making training needs more business oriented that can be translated to business


    Train line managers to highlight training needs by identifying the

    performance/competence gaps

    Redesigned the training programs by removing non-essential components of the


    Training immediate supervisors and line managers in observation skills so that the

    post training data could be timely and to ensure data integrity.

  • 8/13/2019 Sona Koyo Case With Iso10015


    Recommendations after ISO10015+:

    Add few more models to the five stages of training to make the standard more

    user friendly

    Benefits of Implementing ISO10015+:

    Training and development programs more focused and directly linked to

    business needs and operations

    Gained efficiency by eliminating non essential components from past training


    Comparing pre- and post training result across the organization showed a

    decreased turnover percentage from 6.5% to 2.26% compared to 15% national

    average. Thus, increasing the organizationscompetitiveness.

    Recognition after ISO10015:

    Awarded 2 best employer awards by WHRD congress in 2 categories Best

    HR strategy in Line Businessand Innovative Retention Strategy

    Awarded National Training award by ISTD in 2007

    Awarded Golden Peacock national training award by institute of Directors

  • 8/13/2019 Sona Koyo Case With Iso10015


    Initiatives after ISO10015+:

    Established technical skill development center which run technical training

    programs to make young people job ready

    Training course in production line as well as in behavioral and leadership They still invest in HR programs to add value, enhance employee moral and

    improving manpower efficiency

    The company has completely automated the HR management processes

    and deployed the HR management system named SMART which includes

    (Payroll, time office, Self-services, training,..)

    They launched leadership development program called DOT Driver of

    Tomorrow for potential leaders

    Whats the main message from the article?

    Implementat ion o f an effect ive trainin g management sys tems al igned

    with ISO 10015+ is a learning pro cess that requires careful p lanning ,

    clearly def ined ob ject ives and to p and l ine management buy -in.

    Implementat ion of ISO10015+ can be an effect ive tool to enhance

    organizat ions compet i t iveness and ROI.