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  • Solar trees
  • Solartrees The Next Revolutionarily Very Big Thing
  • Agenda through the slides: Introduction To Solar trees Solar trees In Today's Life Advantages Of Solar trees Disadvantages Of Solar trees Future Of Solar trees and Solar energy
  • What Are Solar trees
  • A solar tree is a decorative means of producing solar energy and also electricity. It uses multiple number of solar panels which forms the shape of a tree. The panels are arranged in a tree fashion in a tall tower/pole. TREE stands for T= TREE GENERATING R=RENEWABLE E=ENERGY and E=ELECTRICITY What ARE SOLAR TREES?
  • Why Should We Think About Solar Trees
  • Growing population and energy demand. Living in a highly populated country like India. why solar tress?
  • AND MOREOVER, Due to less land requirement. Efficient energy generation. It can collect energy from wind. The factors could be:
  • so, In all these cases solar tree would be a revolutionary urban lighting concept that represents a perfect symbiosis between pioneering design and cutting-edge eco-compatible technolog Solar tree opens up new prospects for urban lighting in that it satisfies todays most pressing environment, social,cultural and aesthetis demands.
  • Applications Of Solar trees
  • It can be applied in street lightening system, industrial power supply etc. Putting solar powered LED light systems on trees would cut down on the carbon emissions. It is much better than the traditional solar PV system in area point of view and also more efficient. So this will be a very good option and should be implemented . Applications Of solar trees
  • SOLAR ENERGY is a form of renewable energy resource that is some measure competitive with fossil fuels. Solar energy is available in abundance and considered as the easiest and cleanest means of tapping the renewable energy. For direct conversion of solar radiation into usable form, the routes are: solar thermal, solar photovoltaic and solar architecture. However, the main problem associated with tapping solar energy is the requirement to install large solar collectors requires a very big space. To avoid this problem we can install a solar tree in spite of a no. of solar panels which require a very small space. Applications Of solar trees
  • Why wecalled it as Solar tree
  • As we know trees are present in nature and they can produce their own food material by the process called PHOTOSYNTHESIS. Here we are considering the example for understanding about the solar tree. This is a tree in which the stems connected acts as the branches of the tree and the solar panels are like the leaves. Green leaves are producing food materials for human beings likewise this leaves are producing energy for the society. So it is very appropriate to called it as a tree. WhY WE CALLED IT AS SOLAR TREE ?
  • How Does a Solar tree work
  • The Solar Tree panels charge batteries during the day. At dusk the Solar Tree automatically switches on its LEDs. The internal control can also regulate the amount of light produced depending on how much charge is left in the batteries. And moreover, the energy stored in the batteries can be used for other purposes also. Working of a solar tree
  • Advantages Of Solar trees
  • No air pollution. We wouldnt have to worry as much about future energy sources. Advantages
  • People in poor country would have access to electricity. People can save money. Land requirement is very less. Solar tree is the successful marriage of most advanced technology i.e., grabbing the electrical power or energy through a great ease. Advantages
  • Disadvantages Of Solar trees
  • Cost is high. May cause hazards to the birds and insects. Hazards to eyesight from solar reflectors. Disadvantages As we know nothing is perfect in the world, so is Solar tree. Here are some of its disadvantages:
  • Future Of Solar trees and Solar energy
  • Future Of solar trees and solar energy We charge our electrical vehicles and also enrich the environment with eco- friendly solar trees. Getting electrical power instantly
  • Future Of solar
  • To fulfill the increasing energy demand of the people and saving of land this project is very successful one. This can provide electricity without any power cut problem. The extra energy can be provided to the grid. conclusion
  • Thanks to all. To see the future of energy..
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