Software Adoption - How to get your employees to use your SaaS solution

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Transcript of Software Adoption - How to get your employees to use your SaaS solution

Webinar on Collaboration

How to get your employees to use your SaaS solutionsSoftware adoption

IndexThe problem of adoption3 recommendations for employee adoptionCase study: ITM Platform TeambotActivation of ITM Platform TeambotFunctionalities

The problem of adoption

General diagnosisThe problem of adopting Enterprise software:Users:Do not use prescribed solutionsUse alternative solutions (IT shadowing)

CTO user72% of CTOs consider adoption is the 1st success factor for the implementation of SaaS Sandhill

43% of CTOs recognize the threat IT Shadowing Forrester80% of users abandon enterprise mobile apps after a single use Boston InternationalSome statistics

General diagnosisAll friction creates disenchantment and excuses for abandonmentThe demise of software adoption

3 recommendations

Recommendation 1: User-centrism The theorem of user-centrismusers = customers

UX research = success

employees = usersArtist: Albert Ruiz Villar

Recommendation 1: User-Centrism To ensure the use of a solution, focus on end users:Who are they? How are they different from you and from each other?What do they need to do their work and what do they actually ask?What are their actual usage patterns and how do they differ from what the new way?Methodologies worth a shot:

Focus groupsEthnographyEX Journey mapping

The Employer eXperience Hypothesis (EXH)The productThe solutionThe behaviorThe benefitdescribe the SaaS solution of your choiceHow will the product be a fixdescribe the processdescribe the expected benefits

Recomendation 2: Simplicity

State your EXHTest with a small groupTrack and document friction: ObstaclesAdvantages Frustrations Focus on incremental improvementsGradually expand to the rest of the organizationSimplicity

The simplicity mantraNo solution will solve every problem. Simple solutions are easier to adopt and generate fewer problems in the long run.Recomendation 2: Simplicity

Recomendation 3Targeted Integration

Instead of forcing users to move to a new environment, adding new layers of complexity and friction:

Go to the environment where the user already is.

Precautions: Striking a balance between integration and simplicityDiscard the panacea of complete integrationRespect existing workflows

Case study:ITM Platform Teambot

ITM Platform TeambotProject and Portfolio Management

Team communication

Nicolo Franchi (NF) - I would not repeat the logo here, I would use some Bot icon insteadSlack for collaborationSearchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge

How is information organized?Teams>ChannelsDirect messages

Nicolo Franchi (NF) - Careful that this is a screenshot of our slack. No big deal but i would avoid showing what are our discussions, use globalcorp360 insteadSlack for collaborationSearchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge

Why does Slack stand out?Easy to useComfortableLess formal

High adoption rateLow dropout rateCentralized informationEffective communicationTangible

Slack for Project Management

Tips: Create one channel per projectCreate posts at the start of each projectPin important messagesAdd constraints to informal reportingSlacks Slack for Project management guide

Program and portfolio managementAgile and classic projectsResource managementCosts and RevenueRisk managementIntegrated with JIRA, Slack, Zappier

ITM Platform: functionalities

ITM Platform Teambot

Value to team members:

Recall tasks and projectsReport hoursStatusAdd comments

ITM Platform Teambot is the ITM Platform app on Slack

The Teambot EXHThe productThe solutionThe behaviorThe benefitITM Platform TeambotIncrease daily use of ITM Platform for Project reportingReporting actions from Slack no login!+ ROI for SaaS investments

Advantages of ITM Platform TeambotTrigger all user actions by simply typing the /itmplatform command family

BENEFITSVisibility of responsibilitiesSaving time and processesITM Platform projects are linked with SlackSynergies with other appsBalance between formal and informal reporting processes

Activation of ITM Platform Teambot

Connection process for non-customersCreate team on Slack.comGo to the Teambot page in the Slack directoryClick on visit siteSubscribe with ITM PlatformFollow the authorization process

Note:Emails on the Slack team must match with ITM Platform users.


1. Recall assignmentsClick for the animation

Nicolo Franchi (NF) - Test this with slideshare cause the very bottom of the slide may be cropped once uploaded2. Report task hours

Click for the animation

3. ProgressClick for the animation

4. Comunication

Click for the animation

5. Help & SupportHelpFunction: Command instructionsSyntax: /itmplatform help

SupportFunction: Send feedback to our teamSyntax: /itmplatform feedback

Send us your feedback and [email protected]

Marty [email protected]

Jaime [email protected]

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ReferencesArticles and presentationsEmployee Experience Journey Mapping Workshop Platform Teambot, or how to put users in focus reasons why you should use Slack in your office for Project Management Platform TeambotListing on the Slack app directory trial Instructions tutorial