Socio5 3 rizal’s boyhood years

Rizal’s Boyhood Years

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Rizal’s Boyhood Years

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Beautiful Memories Of His BirthplaceEast – Laguna de Bay,

and Talim island (distant). Sailboats could

be seen

South – Mt. Makilingresembles a sleeping


Home – their yard was planted with fruits and

flowers and various birds could be seen

Filled with stories about dwendes, ghosts, and aswangs througgh his


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Rizal Family

•Full of joy tempered with loveRizal Family

•Rizal described him as “model of fathers”

•Given his children an education commensurate with family’s small fortune

Francisco Mercado

•Described by Rizal as “cultured woman” of Manila

•She knew literature, spoke excellent Spanish, and a mathematician


•Paciano studied at Colegio de San Jose

•Sisters were educated at the Colegio de la Immaculada Concepcion

Paciano and sisters of Rizal

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Rizal Siblings•Bound by love & companionship•Love each other & behave well in front of others•Jose was called Ute & Muy. Outside, Pepe or Pepito•Sisters often joked about Jose’s large head•Jose considered Paciano as his 2nd


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Rizal’s First Sad Episode Of His Life•The death of his sister Concha at the age of three of a disease•He wept for tears of love and grief.

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Rizal’s tutors

First taught by his mother

Other tutors were Lucas Padua and Leon Monroy (taught Latin)

Developed a passion for poetry and anything new.

Learned also to draw and sketch

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The Story of the Moth

Young moth attracted to the flame

Thought it could conquer it

Pushed itself to the burning flame and got burned

Died a martyr in its own illusion

Left an imprint on Rizal’s mind that one’s life for an ideal is worthwhile

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Rizal’s uncles

• taught him to work hard, to think for himself and observe life keenly

Gregorio Alberto

• educated in Calcutta, India

• taught him to sketch, paint, and sculpture


• taught him swimming, fencing, wrestling, and other sportsManuel

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Other Characteristics and Activities of Rizal during Childhood

Made various statuettes made of clay and wax

Restored a religious banner

As an introvert, he spent time riding with his pony and his dog Usman was his companion

In his latter life, he developed an entertaining skills and sense of humor which attracted many women

Wrote the Sa Aking mga Kabata at the age of eight.

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Formal education•His last tutor, Leon Monroy died and his father decided that he should have his first formal education

•In 1870, his brother Paciano brought him when he was 9 years old to the school in Biñan managed by Maestro JustinianoAquino Cruz.

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Formal education•The teacher of Rizal:

•As his description, a tall, thin, long-necked man with a body of slightly bent forward

•A disciplinarian, used a short thin stick.

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Formal education•He was the object of bullying after he responded “a little, Sir,” after being asked by his teacher if he knew Spanish and Latin

•Had a brawl fight with Pedro, the schoolmaster’s son using his wrestling skills

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•Became an outstanding student surpassing his classmates in Spanish, Latin and other objects.

•Some of his classmates discredit him and many times he was punished for his alleged wrongdoings.

•Upon the suggestion of the schoolmaster, his father sent him to Manila to continue his studies.

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A taste of injustice• In June 1871, Doña Teodora was accused as an

accomplice of Jose Alberto of trying to poison the latter’s wife.• Jose Alberto found out that his wife was

committing adultery after his trip in Europe.• Rizal’s mother tried to mediate but the wife of

Jose connived with the alferez or the police chief of Calamba to have Don Jose and Doña Teodoraarrested• She was sent on foot to the provincial jail in Sta.

Cruz, more 50 kilometers away from Calamba• The case dragged for 2 years until it reached the

Supreme Court

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Other injustices Rizal Remembered

•Ordinary folks being whipped just for not saluting the civil guard

•The execution of the Padre Mariano Gomes, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora. They were implicated in the Cavite Mutiny of January 20, 1872.

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