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SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY By Sivaranjan Vemareddy (SEM Analyst)

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  • 1.SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGYBySivaranjan Vemareddy (SEM Analyst)

2. SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media is nothing but more public interaction or communication on a particular topic, brand or issue over social networking sites and social bookmarking sites. Social Networking Sites - Facebook, Twitter Social Bookmarking Sites - Digg, Delicious etc 3. SOCIAL MEDIA 4. SOCIAL NETWORKSFACEBOOKTWITTER 5. SOCIAL BOOKMARKSDIGG DELICIOUS 6. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETING(SMM)? 7. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Social media marketing is nothing but creating content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. This allows message to spread from user to user which in turn help to increase sales and brand popularity through social media sites. As Social Media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. Increased communication for organizations fosters brand awareness and often, improved customer service. With emergence of channels like Facebook, the barrier to entry in social media is greatly reduced. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING With increased usage of social media sites, the targeting of customers has become more easier for small, medium & large scale businesses. With this lot of social media sites are introducing paid advertisements on their site with less cost. For example Facebook Ads. This helps in direct targeting of customers for very low cost and high ROI(Return on Investment). 9. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING(SMM) 10. BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING(SMM) Customer Acquisition The main advantage of social media marketing is that you will reach customers and networks of people directly, which will not be possible in other marketing strategies. Brand Awareness Branding your business in the social media arena is much easier and faster to accomplish than in any other advertisingmedium, becauseof less competition. 11. Targeted Marketing Marketing efforts in thesocial media space are easily targeted, tracked, andquantifiable. Unlike any other marketing method,social media marketing is exact and can be trackedin real-time.Customer Retention Social media outlets arethe perfect places to communicate with yourcustomers about new products, special promotions,or merely to educate them on your business.Immediate Results An effective social mediaoptimization strategy will create almost immediateresults for your business, which can be quantifiedthrough increased site traffic, increased leadacquisition, and ultimately increased sales. 12. CUSTOMER AQUISITION 13. BRAND AWARENESS 14. TARGETED MARKETING 15. CUSTOMER RETENSION 16. IMMEDIATE RESULTS 17. FACEBOOK MARKETING Fan Page Creation & Custom Tabs: Business Page Description: 1. Fans Anyone can be a fan to your fanpage ifthey like your services & products 2.Public Anyone can see your fanpageIts about business 3.Company Overview Company DescriptionCompany News and Status Daily Basis Newsand Announcements 4.Website and Contact Info Extended ContactInformation 18. Press ReleasesPhotos & VideosStatus UpdatingSuggestionsDiscussionsPollsCustomer EngagementCustom Tabs: We create fanpage custom tabs in order topromote special initiatives about thebusiness or site.Some app ideas for custom tabs:Iframe tab etc 19. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: 20. FACE BOOK WELCOME TAB: 21. FACE BOOK APPLICATIONS Face Book Apps: Face apps are applications on facebook used to create different type of customs application to promote your business. Facebook Apps Example: Quiz: One of our choices to exploit the result of the fan pages is by using quizzes. The user will be asked to answer a number of questions. The results of these questions will be evaluated and come to a conclusion for the user. The user will be marked by a characterization. Depending on the users interests will be written in the right section of the page. 22. ADVANTAGES OF FACE BOOK APPS How facebook applications help? Branding Customer Engagement Drive Web Traffic Represents The Masses New Customer Acquisition Lead Generation Client Retention Feedback Mechanism Build Business Use Cases Access to Social World and its Internet Value 23. FACEBOOK APPS: QUIZ APP 24. Dead Lines :( 3 months 250+ fans) Fanpage and Tab creation: 15 working days Gathering Material 1 day Categorizing Material 2 days Categorizing Approval 1 day 15 days Page Design 5 days Design approval 1 day Custom Tab Creation & Approval 5 days Fanpage Promotion: 75 working days Moderation of all fanpage content and development of the actions required to maintain brand reputation. Update of content in all areas of facebook fanpage. 25. Easy and Instant Business Page Update:Company LogoCompany InformationImagesVideosEventsPublish PageKeep Customers Excited About Your Blog 26. REACTION IN CASE OF BAD COMMENTS: Apology and thank them for sharing information in a timely manner, we will check your facebook page in a timely manner and notifications like above. We attempt to fix the situation, or prevent the same situation from happening in the future. We will monitor the customers and keep in touch with the customers. 27. FACEBOOK PAID ADVERTISEMENT We will advertise the fan page with the paid advertising system in Facebook in order to promote your fan page to reach the targeted customers and increase the fan base. The Facebook paid advertisement can be done at very low cost and high ROI(Return On Investment). The detailed reporting of the campaign can be given by using facebook reporting tool. After 3 Months: Fanpage Maintenance: BasedonClient Request 28. FACE BOOK PAID ADVERTISEMENT 29. DIGG: (3 months 200+ DIGG Followers) Profile Creation and Promotion: Profile Creation: You can separately create digg profile or login with your face book account. Select the category Related to your business, products or services. Linking your website to digg profile. 30. Profile Promotion:Post articles from your blog or from other siteswhich are really exciting for the customers.Increasing the no of posting in order to make surethat you are an active user to increase yourfollowers.Post comments on other posts already posted inDIGG that are related to our services to getfollowers.Follow the users who are related to your services, sothat they will re-follow us, read our submitted postsand digg our articles or posts in this way we canincrease your popularity and web traffic throughdigg. 31. DIGG PROFILE