Social Media Strategy

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Social Media Strategy San Antonio Online Marketing Group 6-18-2013 presented by

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Presented by Jupiter Labs and The Social Being.

Transcript of Social Media Strategy

Page 1: Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

San Antonio Online Marketing Group


presented by

Page 2: Social Media Strategy

Social Media Revolution 2013

Page 3: Social Media Strategy


Planning your Strategy

Branding your Business


Planning your Content

Tips for Interaction and Engagement


Biggest Mistakes

Social Media Crisis Plan & Policies

Q & A

Page 4: Social Media Strategy

Strategic Planning Cycle

1. Assess Status Quo

2. Set Goals

3. Determine Budget/Time commitment

4. Create Strategy

5. Implement Strategy

6. Test and Monitor Strategy

7. Evaluate and adjust

8. Start at #1

Page 5: Social Media Strategy

Where is your Target Market?

Page 6: Social Media Strategy
Page 7: Social Media Strategy

Integration & Optimization

Integration of SMM &

traditional Marketing Lead Funnel Email/Calling List

Page 8: Social Media Strategy

Branding Your Business

Design Language Keywords/#Hashtags/SEO Coherent Presence

Picture by Brian Solis:

Page 9: Social Media Strategy

Planning your Content

Editorial Calender Make sharing other content a priority Share high quality content How often should you post?

Page 10: Social Media Strategy

Tips for Interaction and Engagement

Timing Content type (videos, pictures, quotes,

infographics, blog posts, links, etc) Answer FAQs Hot topics Incentives Content curation Call to action User involvement LISTEN & RESPOND

Page 11: Social Media Strategy

Monitoring (free or almost tools)

Google Analytics

Traffic, Leads, Conversion, Downloads, Comments/Interaction, Coupons/Contests

Facebook Insights




Page 12: Social Media Strategy

Biggest Mistakes

Page 13: Social Media Strategy

Social Media Crisis Plan

Define Crisis

Listen and monitor

Notification lines through chains of command

Acknowledge, be sorry and genuine

Respond with centralized information

Offer a plan of action that will prevent problem in the future

Know when to take it offline

Create an Army

Learn from it

Page 14: Social Media Strategy

Social Media Policies

Prepare for the unexpected

Create rules for the following:

- Employees usage of SM on the clock

- Employees usage of SM off the clock

- Employee-customer interaction representing the company, for example how to handle a customer complaint on Facebook

Page 15: Social Media Strategy

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