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Social Media Responded

Instagram New LookAnalysis Report By @vikashnsingh(11 May 2016 to 21 May 2016)

Social Media ActivityIn past 10 days overall total 427,739 number of content published, which include, 2,794 blog posts, 10,557 online news articles, 2,105 forum postings, and 412,183 tweets.

Sentiments of conversation -24% of positive, 23% of negative & 53% neutral Overall Sentiment

Overall Buzz Graph & Word CloudMost talked keywords was- Facebook, Twitter, Original etc.hyperlapse & icon generated max buzz

Twitter AnalysisTwitter Reach2 billionestimated impressionsfrom412,183Twitter mentions by377,175usersUSA was top country with 25.2% mentions. 61% of tweets sent were actually retweets

Twitter AnalysisThe following heat map shows where tweets around the globe originated from.

BlogsUSA was top country with 24.6% mentions. 62% Male & 38% female participation on blog.

News, Forums & Videos

In past 10 days 7,978 video was published.

Thanks You(C) vikashnsingh