Social Media for Non Profits - Tapping into the motivations of The People to change the world around...

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Got Social Media? presentation by Ed Schipul on non profit organizations using Social Media and the ways they utilize basic human motivations to reach out to online and offline communities.

Transcript of Social Media for Non Profits - Tapping into the motivations of The People to change the world around...

  • Social Media for Non Prots Tapping into the motivations of The People to change the world around us Ed Schipul Schipul - The Web Marketing Company //
  • How we got here? 1. Branding (pre Internet) 2. Web Design (Picasso) 3. Search Engine Optimization (trafc!) 4. Web Marketing (convert!) 5. Social Media (Community Brands)
  • Lets talk about... 1. Image vs. Direct Marketing 2. Building your brand 3. 3 Motivations of People (and how Social Media ties into each of them) 4. Non Prot Social Media in action
  • Image vs. Direct Marketing vs GoDaddy Visa vs.
  • Brand Building A decade in the making 10 years to build a brand Tell the Story Build with PR, Defend with Advertising Personal Brands?
  • Personal brands A new thing Let your people tell your Story through their Story Differentiate your organization =
  • #1 in Google! Erica OGrady :: A woman of many Erica photo thanks to ericskiff proles
  • Whats your Motivation?
  • 3 Motivations Material Social Ideological 1. Cash 1. Networking 1. Belief in a cause 2. Discounts 2. Socialization 2. Long-term political goal 3. Volunteers get free admission 3. Identity 3. Religious / spiritual 4. Linkbacks to your site 4. Certication / validation 4. Self-actualization 5. Promotion* 5. Professional / Development 5. Art 6. Sex 7. Relationships 8. Organized Religion 9. Status 10. Esteem 11. Some politics 12. Achievement 13. Self-esteem* 14. Promotion
  • 1. Material Pay this, get that. Done. Time-value of $$ Transparency matters! Keep it small and simple Photo credit: thegreentrilby/93788893/
  • 2. Social Incredibly complex Bunch of introverts All we need is love
  • 3. Ideological Time-triggered, not time bound Keep an eye on ethics Search engines powerful ideologue connectors Photo credit:
  • Making a Difference
  • Cambodia For Kids Cambodian culture education Fundraising for Cambodian families Technology training Cambodian Social Media community support
  • Material C4K hooks it up Virtual Facebook thank you gifts Reciprocating online donations UGC contest, winner gets $$ for fave charity
  • Social Props, love Cambodia Recognition Blog posts THANKS!! Tweets Congratulatory screenshots on Flickr Donor avatar posts on SM networks = Sharing the love!! (in public)
  • Ideological Cambodia 4 Kids Photo diaries bring faces and real human impact to campaigns Emotional power of Story resonates on C4K blog and other SM Blog: Pics:
  • The Frozen Pea Fund // Social Media support group for Susan Reynolds Breast Cancer fundraising Unique awareness campaign Twitter magic
  • Material Peas sir, I want some more Second Life pea-themed furniture for sale, benetting the Pea Fund Bloggers and designers Pea-themed+items+to+sell+or +donate create pea-themed Cafe Press items for sale
  • Social Peas-ed as punch 262 supporters switch to Twitter peavatars Frozen Pea Friday blog love Frappr Frozen Pea supporter mapping Frozen Pea Fund posts
  • Ideological Pink ribbons, close to home
  • International Rescue Committee Global emergency relief Refugee relocation Human rights activism Global/regional news
  • Material Gift for Good Shop fair trade and donate to IRC Support fair trade, local producers Outreach to mainstream shopping Blogs and networks
  • Social Friend your favorite cause! Strong outreach to large social networks Many badging opportunities to display issues of concern Send e-cards to friends Kite Runner Campaign
  • Ideological The story behind the crisis SM campaign focus on the Human Story (not just a news blurb) Appeal to globally minded - change now means political stability later US policy discussed frequently - action items included
  • The Dual Bottom Lines
  • Statistics make it easy Numbers are good Stats more available!
  • Numbers are boring, people are the real thing
  • Social bottom line Community growth Relationships Social results Surveys
  • Thank you! Ed Schipul, CEO Schipul - The Web Marketing Company 11757 Katy Freeway, Suite 930 Houston, TX 77079 USA v. (281) 497.6567 f. (281) 497.1083