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  • social media in higher education TreborScholz EugeneLangCollege lastupdate:March28,2009
  • media Trebor Scholz activist Internet Studies, Media Education, Art, Activism blogg writer er educa tor creat ive confe renci ng artist
  • Right now Student Twitter poetry slam competition (followed by booklet) In the classroom (Free software, Seesmic, Slideshare, SMC, blogs, wikis, video essays Zoho, Screenow, podcasts, video casts, live streaming) Guest speakers via Skype or Seesmic LibraryThing: Cataloguing party with students. Reference personal library of faculty online Social media dash board to bring together social web presence of college in one place Ofcial Flickr stream and dedicated YouTube channel (photo gallery of all people at Lang) Live stream and archive large university lectures Twitter for administrative purposes: Twtpoll (quick feedback from students) Twitter account to tweet all Lang events (calendar as twitter stream) Students connect through Twitter, Flickr, Netvibes (i.e., freshmen with seniors, alumni with current students) Mid-term Faculty and students micro-blog create directory and feature on website Long-term Open Access: Invite faculty to make their syllabi and all of their research available to the public
  • What can we do right now?
  • social media? publish share discuss microblog livestream livecast blogs explore virtual worlds use social networking services and social games graphic created with
  • Through social media we can make our classes more relevant to the interests of students by engaging with their everyday fascinations and obsessions.
  • Seesmic Podcast Twitter Games Tweetworks Virtual Worlds Yammer Delicious Flickr content in many places Facebook How ndable is our content? YouTube Does it reside in places where students gather? web page culture Blogs Social bookmarking Wikis
  • Linking everyday vernacular to academic scholarship
  • Poetry Twitter Slam a socially networked student competition publish booklet of entries on winner of the twitter poetry slam competition
  • In the classroom Learning to work as peers in public Educating authors for the networked age
  • video essays
  • UC Irvine course about YouTube on YouTube Liz Losh (UC Irvine) editing, very engaged and engaging, dialogical writing situation Fostering practices aimed at public writing and semiotic mobility and thus encouraging sensitivity to new questions about authorship and audience -Liz Losh
  • 22 Short Films about Grammar
  • tool to share and collaboratively build syllabi
  • Profcast to record lecture slides with audio (video casts) ScreenFlow to record computer screen (segments of DVDs, screen interaction)
  • Open Ofce Hours on Facebook Instructors set aside a few hours each week for students to drop by for conversation. These conversations can cover anything from a review of course content to the latest research ndings or career advice.
  • video discussion of readings and hosting of guest speakers with Seesmic
  • Cataloguing Book cataloguing parties in facultys houses
  • Social networking sites for groups with Ning
  • several tools in one interface
  • Pro: Con: Threaded private Twitter conversation too many casual replies- Messages limited to 140 characters misunderstanding of discussion as instant messaging
  • credit: Reading and sharing a large number of articles in preparation for class (thanks to Michael Welsh)
  • students submit summaries of a large number of articles through Zoho: the class ends up getting an overview of a large number of texts
  • faculty and student research blogs
  • Multi-user Virtual Environment for Learning GamesandvirtualworldsasgatewaystoparEcipaEonliteracythatfostercollaboraEveproblemsolving Gamescanalsobeusedbyinstructorstounderstandwhatit'sliketobeanoviceinadeep,complexsystemofunfamiliar signsandsigniers.AliceRobison
  • Using Google Earth, students discover where in the world the greatest road trip stories of all time took place.
  • OpenOfce.orgis a GIMP is the GNU Image Instructors Resources Tweetdeck takes an multiplatform and multilingual Manipulation Program. It is a abundance of information from ofce suite and an open- freely distributed piece of Twitter i.e twitter feeds, and