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Creating content for your Festival or Event can be a daunting task. In this presentation, Susan McNaughton of Susan McNaughton Social Media shares some ideas which may spark more ideas for your Festival or Events committee to create a content planning calendar and share the workload with the team.

Transcript of Social media for festivals great ideas for creating content

  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR FESTIVALSGreat ideas for creating content for yourFestival or Event
  • 2. NEW FESTIVAL YEAR 1 Behind the scenes whos involved, why, whats their interest ask questions shoot video? Countdown to the Festival whats happening this week etc Whos coming to the Festival mention the names, suppliers, producers, businesses etc whos going to be involved Photographs showing stalls set up at other festivals Telephone interviews write articles Find inspiration from magazines
  • 3. SOLVE PEOPLES PROBLEMS How to get there? When is it on? What happens if the weathers bad? Where should I park? Accommodation nearby? Where to eat in the area? What do I need to bring? Timings for special items e.g. demonstrations, workshops Ask people what they need to know via Twitter and Facebook then answer questions
  • 4. ASK YOUR PARTICIPANTS Why did they choose your event? What events have they attended recently? Where are they going next? What made them start up their business? What new products do they have? What do they do with their products? Whos their best customer and why? Why do they like attending events? Whats their biggest business challenge? How does their product help their customers?
  • 5. ASK YOUR VISITORS Recommendations from happy visitors can be used to publicise next years event Criticisms from unhappy visitors can be used to make next years event better Give someone the responsibility of interviewing visitors Create videos where you talk to your visitors Take photographs of happy visitors Make sure you have permission from them to use data/ pics/ comments collected
  • 6. LISTEN TO OTHERS & SHARE CONTENT Set up lists of people who write well about your subject Use Google Reader to follow blogs or websites (being closed create lists? Evernote?) Use Google Alerts to find content using key words Create interest lists on Facebook and look at them for content others are sharing Create lists on Twitter and go there first for RTs or to interact Comment on articles and use a link to your Events site to draw people to read what youre writing Remember to be helpful when doing this, otherwise your comments may not pass moderation
  • 7. GET OUT AND ABOUT Attend trade shows, exhibitions, networking events Take photographs Ask questions of people you meet Write about what youve seen, learnt, discussed Record audio clips with your smart phone Take a video recorder/ smartphone
  • 8. STAY INDOORS & USE YOUR LISTS Whats stopping you from getting out and about today? Could be lots of others are indoors because of this too. A couple of examples follow: Ask a question Share some useful information
  • 9. QUESTIONS Single update via FB auto-feed to A simple question can work Twitter creates conversations
  • 13. SAVE INTERACTIONS AND RE-USE Handy tools: Google Chrome Browser + Add-on Awesome Screen Shot can screen print and annotate with arrows, text, comments Make sure you use the blur tool to blank out names of individuals who may not want to be shown Google Chrome Browser + Add-on Hootlet for Hootsuite for creating Tweets from browsing Save articles you find for later: Evernote Web clipper for Google Chrome can also send interesting things by email use to change photographs add text, make Facebook banners
  • 14. A NOTEBOOK? All the digital ways of organising your content can leave you baffled you could just try writing things in a notebook! But remember to take the ideas and add to a plan at some point
  • 15. KEEP PLANNING, AND REFINING THE PLAN Work out how to get more from a single piece of content by sharing it in different ways E.g. A recipe could form the basis of an article Could be a video Could be a series of photographs or a finished dish Photo album on Facebook Instagram pic Board on Pinterest Share in groups on Flickr Link to Facebook Series of Tweets
  • 16. GET BUSY, GET SOCIAL Twitter!/SusanMcNaughton Facebook: Web: LinkedIn: