Social Media Day (Healthcare Edition)

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Transcript of Social Media Day (Healthcare Edition)

  • May 24, 2014 Healthcare DIGITAL MARKETING WORKSHOP (Saturday) | Solitaire, Crowne Plaza, Rohini
  • ABOUT BUZZOOKA Pioneers in Social Media Education The Only Company in India Where Client Servicing Co-Exist with Training Winners of Business & Service Excellence Award & Nominated in Pearson Global Awards Accredited by Google & Facebook as Premier Agency Have Delivered more than 2000 hours of Social Media Training across India
  • SCHEDULE Wave 1: Introduction to social media (Understanding the medium | How to prepare the Game plan) Wave 2: The mighty Facebook (How to prepare a strategy | How to execute it) Wave 3: Twitter: The 140 character Magic (How to use twitter to get the buzz right) Wave 4: LinkedIn Wave 5: Google: The Mother of All Digital Marketing Channels Wave 6: YOUTUBE- Googles Blue eyed boy | Google (Videos & Beyond) Wave 7: E-mail Marketing (Turn your data into potential Customers) Wave 8: Mobile marketing (Digital marketing 3..0 | The next big thing) Wave 9: Conclusion (Activity Winner Announcement | Feedback | Certicate Distribution)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA You still think its a FAD ?
  • WEB 1.0: HOW IT FUNCTIONED Publishers Publishers Publishers Publishers Websites Organized Content Users Users Users Users
  • WEB 2.0: HOW IT FUNCTIONS Publishers Publishers Publishers Publishers Websites Organized Content Users Users Users Users Social Media Platforms Users Users Users Users Users Users Websites User Generated Pages & Content Social Tools Viral Eect
  • FACEBOOK 93,000,000 USERS (93 Million)
  • TWITTER 33,000,000 USERS (33 Million)
  • LinkedIn 22,000,000 USERS (22 Million)
  • Pinterest 7,000,000 USERS (7 Million)
  • CONVENTIONAL VS DIGITAL Digital media has outscored every other marketing medium in terms of ROI
  • WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT User Oriented Dialogue not monologue Measurability Hostility Always alive
  • Healthcare and Social media- Statistics
  • INDUSTRY RELATED STATISTICS 81% of Healthcare brands are expecting to increase their investment in social media over next 3 months
  • Mentions of Healthcare related keywords happen every Day INDUSTRY RELATED STATISTICS 22,000,000
  • of the participants discussed Health even during Elections through Twitter INDUSTRY RELATED STATISTICS 45%
  • 465 m Seles triggered with Healthcare related Hashtags so far INDUSTRY RELATED STATISTICS
  • 91% of global Internet users research products on Healthcare online INDUSTRY RELATED STATISTICS
  • MAX HEALTHCARE Social Media Presence: 1,30,194 fans on Facebook 2,300 followers with 2,300 tweets onTwitter 100 video uploads on Youtube 190 pins and 10 boards on Pinterest
  • MAX HEALTHCARE Customer Engagement Strategies: Pink Connect A Breast cancer initiative Enlighten An interactive forum for obesity and bariatric treatment Bundle of joy An interactive forum about parenting
  • Social Media Presence : 20,08,996 fans onFacebook. 27,900 followers with 19,000 tweets onTwitter More than150 video uploads onYoutube, which includes FirstAid Patient Testimonials Chairman Speak Apollo Hospitals Initiatives APOLLO HOSPITALS
  • Customer engagement strategies: Facebook contests with chances to win vouchers and exiting merchandise TheHealth Quiz(launched on 31st August 2012) Celebrating 5 lakh fans campaign on Facebook APOLLO HOSPITALS
  • FORTIS HEALTHCARE Social Media Presence: 1,43,000 fans on Facebook 3,930 followers with 3,903 tweets onTwitter More than 250 video uploads on Youtube
  • FORTIS HEALTHCARE Customer Engagement Strategies: Facebook application to x an appointment with a doctor anywhere in India Daily medical tips Fortis Balloon Pop challenge on its Facebook page Posts of cartoons depicting human body facts in Twitter
  • FB MARKETING TIPS & TRICKS Step 1: Listen Top 7 (seven) tips and tricks
  • FB MARKETING TIPS & TRICKS STEP 2: DEFINE GOALS Top 7 (seven) tips and tricks
  • FB MARKETING TIPS & TRICKS Step 3: Target your audience Top 7 (seven) tips and tricks
  • FB MARKETING TIPS & TRICKS Step 4: Know Your Tools Top 7 (seven) tips and tricks
  • FB MARKETING TIPS & TRICKS Step 5: Choose your Tonality Top 7 (seven) tips and tricks
  • FB MARKETING TIPS & TRICKS Step 6: Identify Key Influences Top 7 (seven) tips and tricks
  • FB MARKETING TIPS & TRICKS Step 7: Monitor your stats & Keep updating the strategy Top 7 (seven) tips and tricks
  • HEALTH & FACEBOOK Health Quiz: Launched on 31st August 2012. Objective: To bolster thehealth awarenessof users and to engage them with Apollo
  • HEART & FACEBOOK Marathon on World Heart Day: The campaign was initiated on World Heart Day Objective To increase awareness towards the prevention of heart diseases and awareness of its contributing risk factors A part of Apollos Billion Hearts Beating National campaign Results : More than 3,000 likes on the Facebook page in just 2 weeks 400 Online Registrations via Facebook
  • THE BOUNCE BACK STORY Max India Meri Bounce Back Story Objective: To increase brand awareness, connect with the audience and create engagement Write-a-story contest on Facebook Allows user to share their success stories in like and the best story chosen by users will be the winner. Daily prizes like Ipod shuffle, designer bags, guitar A grand prize of a weekend spa getaway tickets for two at Ananda Spa in the Himalayas Results: Increased brand awareness and customer engagement.
  • MYTHBUSTING 1.Is Twitter even important to my business?
  • MYTHBUSTING 2. Is my ideal customer even on Twitter?
  • MYTHBUSTING 3. Can you actually sell yourself on Twitter?
  • MYTHBUSTING 4. How do I get more followers?
  • MYTHBUSTING 5. How do I nd TARGETED people to follow?
  • MYTHBUSTING 6. How often should I tweet?
  • MYTHBUSTING 7. Should I connect my Facebook and Twitter account?
  • MYTHBUSTING 8. Who should I follow back?
  • MYTHBUSTING 9. How do I get more retweets?
  • HEALTH IN 140 CHARACTERS Customer Engagement in Twitter:
  • LinkedIn You cannot miss this!
  • Google: It all started here!