Social Media Cram Session

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Social Media Cram Session with DJ Chuang

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a short presentation by and, cf.

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  • 1.Social Media Cram Sessionwith DJ Chuang

2. top social networks Facebook Tumblr /WordPress Twitter Pinterest YouTube Google+ Instagram 3. monthly unique visitors (in millions) 2012YouTube800 Facebook750WordPress329 Twitter 250LinkedIn 110 Google+65 Tumblr 33 Pinterest 17.8 10.2 Instagram 4. what is social media all about ? 5. what is social media all about ? people sharing content: text, image, video having conversations 6. [twi%er] #nwlc12 [txt] 949-243-7260where do you start ? where the people are how you communicate best? own, dont rent = web presence aresh where the sh sh where the sh are = be social 7. where do you start ? go where the people are in your church outside your church:in your community & in the world 8. how much time ? average Facebook user = 17.94 minutes/day average YouTube user = 9.58 minutes/day average visit on Twitter = 5.83 minutes/day average time on Pinterest = 14.2 minutes 9. how much time ? everyone has 24 hours a day we make time for whats important how will you manage it? where willyou use it? 10. the clock is ticking95% of all activity on a Facebook post in 22 hours92% of RTs and 97% of @ mentions on Twitterin the rst hour 11. what do you say ? quotes links to articles, photos, audios, videos sermon manuscripts & audios reply to @ mentions, thank for RTs search for #hashtag to joinconversations on Twitter 12. creating & curating content focus on a few topics at least 1x per week invite comments share your new post let your passion come through GO 13. connectDJ Chuang [email] [email protected][phone] 949-243-7260[twi%er]