Social Intrapreneurs : Driving Change from Within

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Social Intrapreneurs: Driving Change from Within
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Heather Dietz is an expert in social intrapreneurship for Imaginals. She has worked with companies such as Nike. Her presentation, given at the Intrapreneurship Conference 2012 (Paris, Dec 13), mention, a.o., the Ashoka Changemakers project.

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Social Intrapreneurs: Driving Change from Within

Companies are being forced to evolve faster than ever before...

Yet, many are struggling. Even leaders are scratching their heads...

Social intrapreneur, n. 1 Someone who worksinside major corporations or organizationsto develop and promote practical solutions tosocial or environmental challenges whereprogress is currently stalled by market failures.2 Someone who applies the principles of socialentrepreneurship inside a major organization.3 One characterized by an insider-outsidermindset and approach.

Social intrapreneurs are key actors in the race to deliver game-changing innovation.

Chances are, you recognise some of these secret change agents...Social Intrapreneur | On-top-of-my-day-jobberPassionately adding to their daily challenges for the good of the worldSocial Intrapreneur | Secret change agentWorking tirelessly outside of the spotlight for a better worldSocial Intrapreneur | Super-connectorBuilding relationships for world changing impact

Lets take a look at a few social intrapreneurs...Susie LonieVodafone, M-PesaBob AnnibaleCitibank, MicrofinanceSam McCrackenNike, N7

We have made a short film to help tell the story...

Beyond money, intrapreneurs need time, talent and inspiration. They also need a supportive ecosystem...



Who should enter?

Any social intrapreneur is eligible to enter the competition. Entries will be judged based on the level of innovation, the degree of social or environmental impact and the financial sustainability of the project.

What are the benefits?

Pro-bono consulting support from Accenture

An invitation to attend the Skoll World Forum

Press coverage (if desired)

Intrapreneurs Toolkit

Curated network of talented change-makers

What are the key deadlines?

Final entries are due 15th January, 2013. Winners will be announced in April 2013.

Get more info from the competition homepage!

Join the League of Intrapreneurs on Twitter: @SocintLeague!

Follow the hashtag #socint

Would you like to know more?


Heather [email protected]

The term Social Intrapreneur first entered the lexicon with a research report published in 2008. This Field Guide identified individuals inside business developing scalable solutions to some of the worlds most intractable problems from health, to education, to the environment.

Long-term economic stagnation is creating risk of a lost generation. Future growth predicated on natural resource depletion.We have to take carbon emissions to zero in next 16 years to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Its time for a radical rethink on how business - and fundamentally our economy - operates to ensure companies, customers and communities can survive and thrive in a world of increasing constraints.

Radical innovation is needed. Social intrapreneurs, like social entrepreneurs, are motivated to change the status quo. Looking over the horizon, they see opportunity in the face of great challenge.

Social Intrapreneurs are a lot like social entrepreneurs using entrepreneurial methods to develop practical solutions to social and environmental challenges.

They see a suboptimal status quo and work to deliver new products, services and business models that will deliver system-wide shifts.

Operating inside an organizational ecosystem (corporate, government etc.), Social Intrapreneurs leverage assets such as brand, people and technology.

Perhaps, most importantly, theyre modeling behaviors such as systems- thinking, collaboration, and prototyping that will be key to delivering game-changing innovation. Vodafone: M-Pesa - Susie Lonie and Nick Hughes developed Vodafones M-Pesa initiative, a mobile payment offering targeting low-income customers in Kenya. In just 5 years, M-Pesa has reached 17 million subscribers. Nick and Susie not only pioneered a specific innovation, but also helped Vodafone to re-frame its role as a platform solution to broader societal issues such as access to finance and health care.

Bob was inspired by the idea of the bottom of the pyramid. He looked at the triangle, turned it upside down and said This isnt the bottom of anything; its the majority of the market. From that insight, he set about to extend Citibanks finance products to very low-income customers. He found ways to adapt Citibanks approach to reach individuals who couldnt meet traditional requirements, such as collateral criteria or who had low or no literacy.

Sam McCracken is the GM of Nikes Native American business. Sam a member of the Sioux tribe was working in the companys warehouse when he realized he had the ability to solve a problem in his community: rising obesity and diabetes. Sam found a way to leverage Nikes brand to drive athletic participation among Native American communities first by providing access to discounted product and then by developing appropriate and affordable products. Start with a SOCIETAL NEED not the message or marginAsk, am I solving a real problem?

Contextualize your actions through your VALUESAsk, am I making a difference?

Take pride in QUESTIONING business as usual conventionsAsk, can this constraint become and opportunity?

COLLABORATE and SHARE your ideas across networks and silosAsk, who can help me to evolve my idea and bring it to life?DO IT to prove itAsk, how can I test my idea quickly and learn?

Look over the HORIZONAsk, how can I play a role in shaping the future?

Work to ALIGN societal need with organizational objectivesAsk, how can I create alignment between my organization and my community?

Tell STORIESAsk, how can I inspire through good storytelling?

In essence, how might we create a movement of social intrapreneurship?The League of Intrapreneurs is a movement to identify, support and build a global network of social intrapreneurs who are well equipped to deliver sustainable innovation and social impact.

The League of Intrapreneurs Competition is using Ashoka Changemakers platform to identify, connect and celebrate leading social intrapreneurs.

League of Intrapreneurs (15 members) to be announced Feb 2013The top 15 competition entrants will form the inaugural League of Intrapreneurs, becoming part of an elite global network of changemakers. These entrants will also receive media and press recognition and will be featured in the publication of a globally distributed intrapreneur toolkit.

Winners (4 winners) to be announced April 2013Of the League, the top 4 winners will be profiled in Fast Companys blog, Co.EXIST and will receive consulting support from Accenture Development Partnerships to further their work. Three (3) of these winners will be chosen via a shortlisting process and judging panel, while one (1) Peoples Choice winner will be chosen by online voting.