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Social Business in the enterprise, How to work with social technology internally and externally, Ingredients, Recipes, and case examples. It's part of a bigger handbook used for acceleration of the social business journey with Grundfos. More stories and background can be found at

Transcript of Social Business CookBook - Ingredients, Recipes, and Cases - Easy Guide

  • Social Business Cooking at Grundfos How to get a faster and higher return on our projects and collective know-how.
  • What is Global Working Culture and Social Business? Global Working Culture and Social Business are all about getting more out of the work we already do. It is about executing faster and better than we do today. It is about taking full advantage of our collective know-how. It is about engaging with the world around us to move ourselves and our business forward. Internal and external social business are two equally important must-win battles for Grundfos. During 2013 we have identified some of the key recipes and ingredients of how a successful and highly effective global working and social business culture in Grundfos could look like. We have not invented it. We have simply looked at what was already going on, added new technology or methods, and in some cases guidance, coaching and sparring. Y to arrive with their digitally native habits, or should we launch more structured change and development programs across Grundfos? What do you think? We hope to inspire some action. Thank you to all the contributors, believers, and participants we have been lucky to work with so far. The success stories are all yours! Big questions we try to answer: Where do we focus and how do we scale? Enjoy the read. we ready to change? Can we Are change? Thomas Asger Hansen Head of Global Working Culture and Social Business How much should we push top down? Should we just wait for Generation 3 Christian Carlsson Social Business Lead Consultant
  • Can be scaled by designing a fully connected Grundfos according to the purpose and principles promoted in this whitepaper Will drive change and results! Can be scaled by applying recipes and skills described in this whitepaper. PURPOSE To drive business growth, innovation, and strategy execution, by making it normal to engage openly in the globally connected Grundfos internally and externally with a sincere intent of leveraging opportunities and ideas, collaborating effectively, or reducing inefficiencies. SERENDIPITOUS* PROGRAMMED RESULTS COST EFFICIENCY PRODUCTIVITY REVENUE COMMUNICATION COST RETURN ON EFFORT (ROE) HIGHER GLOBAL SALES EFFECTIVENESS FASTER PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CYCLES BETTER CUSTOMER RETENSION SHORTER CUSTOMER SUPPORT CYCLES MEETING COST IMPROVED MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS TRAVELLING COST CONNECTIVENESS RETURN ON EXPERTISE (ROX) DECISION MAKING QUALITY ENGAGEMENT LEVEL BUSINESS PROCESS QUALITY ENGAGEMENT QUALITY Connectiveness is the foundational goal it can be understood as a means and enabler for the three core goal categories. * efinition in the glossary on page 7. D 4
  • Identifying sales opportunities Reducing non-productive meeting time by 10-20% BY APPLYING SOCIAL MEDIA AND FORUM ANALYSES > 40% reduction of emails for collaboration and project development BY USING VIRTUAL & SOCIAL COLLABORATION PLATFORMS Understanding market sentiments Better Sales Intelligence & Excellence than any of our competitors Global events with extraordinary results at 50% of planned costs Campaigns planned and launched better and more cost effective than ever before BY REVERSE MENTORING AND SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT Industry Thought Leaders* Better Sales Intelligence & Excellence than any of our competitors SAVINGS BY USING COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT & VIRTUAL LEADERSHIP $15,000, $20,000, ... and more BY CONNECTING PEOPLE IN ONE SINGLE NETWORK 3 X SPEED Process Implementation & Process Improvement Increase Return-onExpertise by activating our collective know-how Better Product Development * efinition in the glossary on page 7. D 5
  • Cases & Recipes PAGE 8-15 Ingredients PAGE 16-23 6
  • Glossary COOKING UP A COLLABORATIVE CULTURE To nurture a high-performing collaboration and social business culture, there are a few basic concept ingredients and definitions we all need to know and use on a daily basis; CONNECTIVENESS Connectiveness is a designed word. It means to embrace the best of connectivity and connectedness. The technical ingredient is one big network with rich profiles of all employees. The cultural ingredient is a high social business maturity. It means that people want to connect and share, know what to share or how to refer to the right person. CULTURE The collective set of artefacts, behaviours, values, and assumptions which define how things are done. EFFECTIVENESS The capability of producing a desired result: Realised Output / Target Output PRODUCTIVITY An economic measure of output per unit of input: Output / Input EFFICIENCY Performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort: Consumed Input / Target Input INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADER Person who is recognised as an authority in a specialised field, and whose expertise is sought. SERENDIPITY Serendipity means a fortuitous happenstance or pleasant surprise. It was first coined by Horace Walpole in 1754. In a letter he wrote to a friend Walpole explained an unexpected discovery he had made by reference to a Persian fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip. The princes, he told his correspondent, were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of. In its modern vernacular, serendipity is commonly associated with luck, neglecting the sagacity that infer some conditions more conducive to accidental discovery than othersl ONLINE COMMUNITY A number of connected people with a shared purpose or domain culture, who have a sense of community. SOCIAL BUSINESS DESIGN Strategic application of social computing and leadership to enterprise challenges. ONLINE NETWORK A number of people formally connected through a relationship or a belonging. WORKING OUT LOUD The concept of continuously narrating, and/or executing, work openly. FORMULA FOR CALCULATING THE POTENTIAL CORPORATE ANNUAL SAVING (Avg. Active Usebase) x (Avg. Skill Rate) x (Avg. Historic Annual Serendipitous Saving) 7
  • Fast forward to resolution GLOBAL COMMUNITY CASE CONNECTIVENESS RECIPE & INGREDIENTS Spend a few minutes to prepare your inquiry Ask a specific question - make it clear what challenge you are planning to solve and your timelines Post question in the Global Grundfos Community When people give their input ask follow up questions Follow up with your newly discovered experts Feedback how this helped you overcome your challenge COST EFFICIENCY PRODUCTIVITY AN EFFECTIVE GLOBAL GRUNDFOS COMMUNITY ENABLES USE OF OUR COLLECTIVE EXPERTISE AND BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE. Understanding regulations is very important for the Grundfos business. It is important for R&D, Supply Chain Management, Purchase, and Sales. But how do you gain insights in order to respond rapidly?The challenge becomes even more difficult when you are a new employee in Grundfos. Magdalena, Business Consultant and Global Graduate has just over 1 years of seniority in Grundfos. She was in need of input on export challenges around the world in anticipation of a meeting with the American-Danish Trade Council. She posted to Yammer to utilise the Global Communitys experience and quickly gathered examples and experts to strengthen her case. RESULTS Global reach of challenge and request after less than 5 minutes effort Input from multiple people with cross organisational expertise and job roles in less than 24 hours Total Problem Solving Time (TPST) estimated to 18 minutes Approval Engineer 2 minutes NORMAL Open, 1 thread, Searchable, TPST = 18 min Senior Project Manager 2 minutes NEW NORMAL Closed, Many emails, Unsearchable, TPST = ? REVENUE Manager 2+2 minutes Product Engineer 2 minutes Business Consultant 5+3 minutes 8
  • Clear question asking for information on certain business practices to gather evidence Bring others into the conversation who you think can answer CONNECTIVENESS COST EFFICIENCY PRODUCTIVITY REVENUE Brings examples in from the organisation that are relevant and impactful The expert is pulled into the discussion One idea and contribution spurs other ideas and contributions 9
  • Service Product Handbook S ONLY INTERNAL UionE- Feb. 2013 1. vers 10529_Service_Handbook.indd 1 03-02-2013 23:16:20 Working with a tool like Yammer, made us able to avoid the normal Stop-Go-Stop-Go workflow you often experience in Grundfos project work. Sometimes it seems like people think of physical meetings as a kind of mental stage-gates: We cant work until weve had a meeting about this. Kirsten Jakobsen, Rotation Employee, GMA, California 10
  • Internal Launch of Service Product Catalogue GLOBAL COMMUNITY CASE CONNECTIVENESS RECIPE & INGREDIENTS Be clear on the purpose and success criteria for your project Understand that you have to be effective together without meeting and travelling Make a private working group on Yammer (allowing asynchronous 24/7 working) Agree on wanting to succeed doing virtual team-work Teach each other how to Work Out Loud Become Digitally Literate Bring in the entire task and problem solving to the group dont do parts on email Use digital questionnaire and gamification to prime awareness and involvement Execute by combining local physical mini-events with digital support CHALLENGE: Plan and execute a proper launch event with a formal budget of 850 . A team of 4 people located in different parts of Grundfos was given the task COST EFFICIENCY PRODUCTIVITY 1 months before the target launch date. They managed with success because of their approach, their willingness