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  • 1. How does your media product represent a particular social group?
    My media product represents a particular social group by focusing on the two main characters on screen. The psychiatrist is represented as smart, well educated and supportive whereas the client is represented as vulnerable and insecure this is because she has these visions which brings back her tragic past that she can't even remember properly. Mise-en-scene also represents what social groups the characters belong to for e.g. use of costume. The physiatrist was dress smart whereas the client was dress casual e.g. hood.
    In our opening film we had two characters coming from different social backgrounds. This can be shown by their use of costume this was because the client was wearing a hood and jeans which signifies shes a teenager. The fact that the client looks up to the physiatrist it highlights that she feels vulnerable.
  • 2. Lighting Difference
    Low key lighting was used in our film faced in the characters face which suggests that she's powerless its often used to create a strong effect on the character.
    This image signifies that she feels insecure With her unusual visions. The low key lighting is used to represent her evilness she did this was because she previously had visions that she committed murder and couldnt remember whether she did it or not. This connotes that she's evil this is because she feels guilty and insecure about whether she committed murder or not.
    High key lighting is also used in our film which often uses a very bright colour it signifies that the character is in the lead and in power.