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  • 1. Soccer Shop

2. Soccer Shop The Soccer Shop Provide Only Soccer related thing. It is locate El Monte There will be soccer cleats, ball, jersey, shorts, soccer, glove, and more accessories 3. Soccer Shop Mission StatementMission Statement The Soccer Shop is a store that only sells soccer equipment and soccer related. The Soccer Shop is here because there is no other is Belton specific for Soccer We do this because we have passion for soccer 4. Soccer Shop Mission StatementVision Statment We will be expanding the location if successful. We plan on a getting a bigger staff, and a bigger inventory. 5. Soccer Shop Mission StatementSoccer Shop Flyer Come on in to the soccer shop You will find anything you need for soccer From Soccer Cleats ranging from $30-$100 Soccer Shins Guards and Soccer ball 6. Soccer Shop Mission Statement 7. Soccer Shop Mission Statement 8. Soccer Shop Mission Statement 9. Thank You Soccer Shop