Soccer drills for u10

soccer drills for u10

Transcript of Soccer drills for u10

soccer drills for u10

Two main modalities of intervention are proposed to the coachIt housed the situationIt imposes the situation

• It housed the situation

• It housed the situation in the course of which, the young player is going to be continually confronted with a reading, to an analysis of the game prior to performing the choice the more relevant concerning the gesture to achieve, the movement to perform, etc.

To do this, it will "play" on the following parameters:

• The aim of the game

• Keep the flask

• Immobilize the flask in a predefined area

• Mark in one or more "small (s) "function (s)

• Mark in a "real" goal with goalkeeper

• Etc.

The playground

• Its geometrical shape (square, rectangle etc.)

• Its surface and implicitly the density of player...

• The definition of specific area(s)

• Protected

• Prohibited

• Mandatory

soccer drills for u10