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  • 8/8/2019 So, You Think You Can Cook?


    Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 1

  • 8/8/2019 So, You Think You Can Cook?


    So, You Think You Can Cook?2 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 3

    So, You Think You Can Cook?Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine


    Recipes5 Breakfast & Snacks | Djeuners & collations9 Pains | Bread16 Fruits & Vegetables | Fruits & lgumes27 Sauces & trempettes | Sauces & Dips31 Main Courses | Plats de rsistance35 Dsserts | Desserts40 Cleaning Products | Produits mnagres

    Food or Thought3 Eating Unprocessed Food Or, As Your

    Grandparents Called It, Food9 Staff of Life: Peter Reinhart on Bread16 Squeezed: The Secrets of the Orange

    Juice Industry19 Pucker Up! Get Your Digestive Juices Flowing!24 Disturbing Facts About Dolphin-Safe Tuna44 All the water that will ever be is, right now

    ContributorsJennifer Keeling, Josie Baker, Emily Elliott

    Eating Unprocessed Food Or,As Your Grandparents

    Called It, Food.

    This cookbook is the result of a years worth of cookingin the Wellington Katimavik house. All the recipes have

    been tested and become favourites of at least a few ofthe more than 60 participants who lived at 45 Mill Road overthe last year. Most of the recipes are intended for 4-6 people,

    but can be easily doubled or tripled, in case youre throwing adinner party (or hosting a group reunion.)

    When I started as a Project Leader, I wanted participants tolearn to cook as much food from scratch as possible, whichis why so many processed foods were not allowed on ourshopping lists. I felt this was important for several reasons:

    Cost. Its usually cheaper to make foods that contain1.only a few basic ingredients like bread, mayonnaise,hummus and spaghetti sauce than to buy them.

    Taste. Whether its the freshness of the ingredients, the2.lack of unpronouncable addititves or the fact that it wasmade (with love!) by actual human hands and not a seriesof automated crushers and stirring vats, home-made foodgenerally tastes better.

    Empowerment. Cooking at home means we know and can3.control exactly what were putting into our bodies. Yourhomemade bread contains our, sugar, salt and yeast.

    Whats in the stuff in theplastic bag with a shelf-life of over a week? It has

    become so easy to buypre-fab foods that wevestopped learning howto prepare them ourselves, giving up control of how wenourish ourselves to big business. Knowing how to cookmeans were not slaves to the food processing companies.

    Fun. Cooking is fun! Cmon, they dont call it the Joy of4.Cooking for nothing!

    Food made with love byactual human handsgenerally tastes better.

  • 8/8/2019 So, You Think You Can Cook?


  • 8/8/2019 So, You Think You Can Cook?


    So, You Think You Can Cook?6 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 7

    too cold, it starts to hibernate. Preheat the oven to thelowest temperature, then turn it off and put the pot inside

    with the oven light on. The heat from the bulb will keepthe yogurt warm. Do not stir!

    After 8-10 hours, the yogurt will have reached your5.desired acidity (the lactose in the milk is being turnedinto lactic acid, so the longer you leave it, the more acidicit will be). Stir it and store it in the fridge. I usually drainsome of the liquid off the top before stirring to make ita little thicker. If you want super-thick yogurt (like fortzatziki), line a colander with a clean tea towel and drain

    your yogurt in it. Keep the liquid, which is basicallybuttermilk, for your next batch of bran mufns.

    Make sure you keep a couple tablespoons of yogurt to starter for your next batch.

    Everyones Fave Cornmeal Mufns

    Ingredients:1 c. our

    1 c. cornmeal3/4 tsp. salt4 tsp. baking powder

    Directions:Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl.1.

    Stir wet ingredients together, then add to dry. Mix until2.just combined. Do not overmix, or your mufns will be

    chewy instead of soft and crumbly! (This is true for allbaked goods except bread, which should be chewy.)

    Bake at 425 F for 20 minutes. Try to let them cool before3.devouring (with butter and honey or, if you want to be areal Acadian, molasses!).

    Makes one dozen.

    1/4 c. sugar2 beaten eggs1 c. milk1/4 c. vegetable oil

    Metaphorical Bran Mufns

    Ingredients:3 tbsp. baking soda2 c. bran2 c. boiling water1 c. vegetable oil3 c. white sugar4 eggs

    Directions:To make buttermilk: stir 2 tbsp. lemon juice into 1 litre of1.

    milk, and let sit 1 hour. Or, use buttermilk from your lastbatch of yogurt.

    Stir boiling water into baking soda and 2 c. bran.2.

    Mix oil, sugar and eggs together.3.

    Combine bran mixture with egg mixture, then stir in all4.remaining ingredients except bran akes. Try not to over-


    Fold bran akes (or additional bran) into mixture. Batter5.will be thin but will thicken up in the fridge.

    Bake at 400 F for 20 minutes. Makes 5 dozen, but batter6.keeps in fridge for up to a week.

    2 tsp. salt2 c. raisins1 litre buttermilk5 c. our

    4 c. bran akes (or

    2 c. bran)

    The secret message communicated to most young peopletoday... is that they are not needed, that society will runitself quite nicely until they at some distant point inthe future take over the reigns. Yet the fact is thatsociety is not running itself nicely... [we] need all theenergy, brains, imagination and talent that young peoplecan bring to bear down on our difculties. For society to

    attempt to solve its desperate problems without the fullparticipation of even very young people is imbecile.

    Alvin Tofer

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?8 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 9

    Gran-hola, Como Estas?

    This is a great granola recipe. Its easy, its nut free,and it smells delicious when its cooking (which willconvince everyone to eat it!) Its also very high in

    vegetarian protein. Its based on a recipe from the internet,and I rst made it for a community kitchen I coordinated in

    Montreal. Now its a staple in my Katimavik house.

    Josie Baker(Charlottetown PE)


    8 cups rolled oats2 cups pumpkin seeds1 cup sesame seeds4 cup toasted sunower seeds

    2 cups coconut (unsweetened)1 cup cooking oil (not olive)2 cups honey

    Directions:Mix the oat, nuts and grains in1.a large roasting pan.

    Add oil and honey and toss until evenly coated.2.

    Bake at 315F for 40 minutes, turning with a spatula3.every ten minutes or so. You want everything to be aneven golden brown. After its cooked, add raisins anddried fruit. Feel free to add nuts instead of seeds. Enjoy!

    Food for Thought:

    The committee that revamped the latest version ofCanadas Food Guide was made up of 12 people, includingindustry representatives from the the Vegetable OilIndustry Council, the BC Dairy Foundation and the Foodand Consumer Product Manufacturers of Canada, whichrepresents some of the biggest food processing companiesin the country.


    From starch guts to the Sta o Lie

    Master breadmaker Peter Reinhart from his 2007 TED talk( on what makes bread so special:

    Lets look at the 12 stages in the journey of wheat.

    We start with the rst stage, and everyone who

    works in the culinary world knows that the rst

    stage of cooking is mise en place, which is just a French wayof saying, get organized. Everything in its place. First stage.

    Stage two is mixing. We take the ingredients and we mixthem. Theres no gluten in our, only the potential for gluten,

    so in the mixing process we have to develop the gluten,activate the yeast, and distribute all the ingredients evenly.

    Then we get into fermentation, the third stage, which is reallywhere the avor develops. The yeast comes alive and starts

    eating the sugars, creating carbon dioxide and alcohol essentially its burping and sweating, which is what bread is.Its yeast burps and sweat. This is later transformed, which is

    what makes bread so special: it is a transformational food.

    After its fermented and its started to develop avor and

    character, we divide it into smaller units, and then we takethose units and we shape them. Thats called rounding.

    And theres a short rest period. It can be for a few seconds, orfor 20 or 30 minutes. We call that resting or benching. Then

    we go into nal shaping, panning putting the shaped loaf

    on a pan. This takes a second, but its a distinctive stage.

    And then, stage nine. The fermentation that started at stagethree is continuing through all these stages, developing

  • 8/8/2019 So, You Think You Can Cook?


    So, You Think You Can Cook?10 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 11

    avour. The nal fermentation takes place in stage nine. We

    call it proong, to prove the dough is alive. We get the dough

    to the nal shape, and then it goes into the oven stage 10.

    Three transformations take place in the oven. The sugars inthe dough caramelize in the crust to give us that beautiful

    brown crust. Inside, the proteins gluten coagulate. Whenit gets to about 160 C, the proteins all line up and theycreate the gluten structure what ultimately we will call thecrumb of the bread. And the starches, when they reach about180 C degrees, gelatinize.

    And gelatinization is yet another oven transformation.

    Coagulation, caramelization and gelatinization when thestarch is thick and they absorb all the moisture thats aroundthem, they swell and burst and spill their guts into the bread.So basically now were eating yeast sweats, burps and starchguts. Transformed in stage 10 in the oven, because what wentinto the oven as dough comes out in stage 11 as bread.

    Stage 11 we call cooling because we never really eat thebread right away, theres a little carry-over baking. Theproteins have to set up, strengthen and rm up.

    And then we have stage 12, which the textbooks callpackaging, but my students call eating.

    I want to go back now and revisit these steps from the

    standpoint of transformation, because I believe that all thingscan be understood on four levels: the literal, the metaphoric,the political or ethical and, ultimately, the mystical level. Itshard to get to those levels unless you go through the literal.But lets look at these stages again from the standpoint ofconnections to a deeper level in my quest to answer thequestion, What is it about bread thats so special?

    Bread begins as wheat. But whats wheat? Wheat is a grass.And, like all grasses, it puts out seeds. And we harvestthose seeds, the wheat kernels. Now, harvesting is just aeuphemism for killing, right? In harvesting it, we kill it.

    Wheat is alive, and as we harvest it, it gives up its seeds.With seeds we have the potential for future life. We can plant

    those in the ground. But most of those seeds get crushed andturned into our. And at that point, the wheat has suffered

    the ultimate indignity. Its not only been killed, but its beendenied any potential for creating future life.

    So the rst transformation is alive to dead. Weve now got

    our. And what do we do? In stage two, we add water and

    salt to it, mix it together, and we create clay. We infuse thatclay with an ingredient that we call leaven. In this case, its

    yeast, but yeast is leaven. What does leaven mean? Leavenmeans to enliven to vivify, to bring to life. By the way,

    whats the Hebrew word for clay? Adam. You see, the baker

    in this moment has become, in a sense, the god of his dough,which is now alive. And we know its alive because in stagethree, it grows. Growth is the proof of life.

    While its growing, all these literal transformations aretaking place. Yeast is eating sugar and turning it into carbondioxide and alcohol. Personality and character is beingdeveloped in this dough under the watchful gaze of the baker.

    And the bakers choices all along the way determine theoutcome of the product. Thats the art of baking.

    At stage 10, we take it to the oven. Its still dough. Nobodyeats dough its not the staff of life, right? Bread is the staffof life. But dough is what were working with, and we takethat dough into the oven. As soon as the interior temperature

    of that dough reaches 140 C, it passes the thermal deathpoint. All life ceases there. The yeast, whose mission it has

    been up till now to raise the dough, to enliven it, has to giveup its life in order to complete its mission. What goes in isdough, what comes out is bread or it goes in alive, comesout dead. Third transformation. First transformation, alive todead. Second transformation, dead brought back to life. Thirdtransformation, alive to dead but dough to bread.

    And its what comes out of the oven that is what we call thestaff of life. This is the product that everyone in the worldeats, that is so difcult to give up. Its so deeply embedded in

    our psyches that bread is used as a symbol for life. Its usedas a symbol for transformation.

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?12 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 13

    Pain de bl entier acile

    Ingrdients:2 1/2 t. deau chaude1 c/soupe cassonade1 c/soupe levure sche active1 c/soupe sel3 t. farine de bl entier3 t. farine blanche

    Directions:Verser leau chaude dans un grand bol. Ajouter la1.

    cassonade et saupoudrer la levure sur la surface de leau.

    Aprs quelques minutes, quand la levure remonte a la2.surface en faisant des bulles, y incorporer la moiti de lafarine et bien ptrir, jusqu ce que la pte devinne molleet extensible (environ 10 minutes) .

    Ajouter le sel et le reste de la farine, tasse par tasse en3.mlangeant bien. Travailler la pte dans le bol jusqu cequelle cesse dtre collante, aprs quoi on la retoune surune table enfarine.

    Ptrir la pte sur la couche de farine, en poussant et4.pliant jusqu ce que la pte soit lisse et lastique autoucher. La remettre alors dans le bol et couvrir jusqu cequelle double de volume.

    Graisser deux moules pain. Diviser la pte en aplatir les deux moitis, leur faconnant une formeoblongue de la longueur des moules. Glisser les michesdans les moules et pousser sur le pourtour des cots, defacon ne pas emprisonner dair.

    Couvrir les moules et laisser la pte encore jusqu ce6.quelle double de volume.

    Chauffer le four a 375 F quand la pte achve de lever.7.Mettre au four pour environ 40 minutes. Retirer desmoules et laisser refroidir sur une grille avant de servir.

    Pita Bread

    Ingredients:1 c. warm water1 1/2 tsp. yeast1 tbsp. sugar or honey

    Directions:Place the water in a medium-sized bowl and stir in sugar1.or honey and salt. Sprinkle in the yeast and let stand forve minutes until foamy.

    Add our one cup at a time, mixing enthusiastically.2.Knead the dough in the bowl for a few minutes, adding upto 1/2 cup more our as needed.

    When dough is smooth, oil the bowl and top of the dough,3.cover with a clean, wet tea towel and let rise in a warmplace until the dough has doubled, about an hour.

    Punch down the dough and transfer to a clean, oured4.surface. Knead it for about 5 minutes, then divide into6 or 12 equal pieces (depending on the size of pitas you


    Knead each piece for a few minutes, then roll into a thicker than 1/8 of an inch. Let the circles rest for 30minutes.

    Preheat oven to 500 F. Brush baking tray with oil6.and dust with cornmeal. Place circles on tray withoutoverlapping, and bake for 4-6 minutes, until puffed up and

    just lightly browned.

    Remove from the oven and wrap pitas with a damp tea7.towel for 15 minutes to keep them supple. To make crispy,pitas, bake for around 10 minutes and cool on a rack.

    All sorrows are less with bread. Miguel de Cervantes

    1 tsp. salt3 1/2 c. our

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?14 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 15

    Pizza Dough

    Ingredients:1 c. warm water1 tsp. yeast1/2 tsp. sugar1/2 tsp. salt

    Directions:Combine yeast, salt, sugar and water in a bowl and let1.stand in a warm place for 10 minutes, until foamy.

    Sift our into another bowl and make a well in the centre.2.Add the yeast mixture and mix to a dough.

    Knead the dough on a lightly oured surface for3.5 minutes, until dough is smooth and elastic. Let thedough rest for 5-10 minutes before proceding.

    For thick-crust pizza, roll dough out to a 35 cm round. For4.thin-crust pizza, divide dough in half and roll out eachhalf to a 35 cm round.

    Brush a 30 cm pizza tray with oil and sprinkle with5.semolina or cornmeal (this helps keep the crust fromsticking to the pan and gives it a nice nish).

    Place dought onto tray and tuck edges under to form a6.rim. Top with your favourite toppings and cook for15-20 minutes in a hot (400 F) oven.

    2 1/2 c. our

    2 tbsp. olive oil2 tbsp. semolina orcorn meal

    Chili Bread (a.k.a. Letover Bread)

    This is another great recipe for a Katimavik house. Ioriginally made it on a dare during orientation week.

    We had a giant pot of leftover chili that wasnt goingto be eaten, and I suggested it could be made into bread. Theincredulous response was all the motivation I needed!

    Really, this bread can be made with any vegetarian leftoversthat can be smoothly processed in a blender. Ive also madegreat bread with an unpopular carrot currysoup!

    Josie Baker(Charlottetown PE)

    Ingredients:2 tbsp. yeast2 tbsp. sugarour

    Directions:Put the chili through the blender until its smooth. You1.may need to add some water, and thats just ne.

    Take a couple cups of blended leftovers out and heat until2.just warm; add a couple tablespoons of sugar and yeast.Let sit until the yeast has started growing into a sponge.

    Add the sponge back to the chili, and start mixing our in,3.two cups at a time, until its thick enough to knead.

    Continue kneading until you have a soft dough. Let rise4.until you know its crazy alive like double its bulk.

    Divide into loaves and put it into pans, and let rise again.5.Dont skimp on the rising, cause you want this to work,and if it doesnt everyone will think it was a dumb idea.

    When its nice and risen put it in a 350F oven for like hour or so until done! Voila! Chili bread!

    leftover chili(or soup, curry,oatmeal, whatever)

    Listen to me: Television is not the truth! Television isa God-damned amusement park! Television is a circus,a carnival, a travelling troupe of acrobats, storytellers,dancers, singers, jugglers, side-show freaks, lion tamers,and football players. Were in the boredom-killing

    business! So if you want the truth... Go to God! Go to yourgurus! Go to yourselves! Because thats the only place

    youre ever going to nd any real truth.

    Network (1976)

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?16 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 17

    Fruits &Vegetables

    Squeezed: OJs dirty little secrets

    From the Smithsonians Food & Think blog, posted in April2010 by Amanda Bensen.

    There are some food truths we

    hold to be self-evident, and oneof them is that orange juice

    is inherently good. Its packed withvitamin C; its what your mom tellsyou to drink when you feel a coldcoming on; it looks like sunshine in aglass. Plus, its delicious.

    Those things are true, but AlissaHamiltons book Squeezed: What

    You Dont Know About Orange Juicereveals some other truths.

    Things werent always this way. The ubiquitous presenceof pasteurized orange juice in chilled cartons, all tasting

    basically the same, dates back only to the 1960s. Thats whenthe FDA began regulating and standardizing OJ, and decided

    what consumers did and didnt need to know about it.

    As a result, despite what advertisers claim, most orange juiceis neither fresh nor natural (not in the way most of us woulddene those terms). Think about it; how could it be truly

    fresh year-round, when oranges are a seasonal product?Sure, it may be not from concentrate, but raw juice isoften heated, stripped of its volatile compounds and avor-

    rich oils, and stored for as long as a year before it reachesthe consumer. Something called the avor pack is used to

    return most of the natural aroma and taste to the product,Hamilton explains:

    The avor is sourced from all parts of oranges everywhere

    Typically, the orange oils and essences that juiceconcentrators collect during evaporation are sold to avor

    manufacturers, who then recongure these by-products

    into avor packs for reintroduction into orange juice.

    Often, those by-products come from other countries and maycontain unknown pesticide residues, but the producers donthave to disclose that.

    And as one citrus avor researcher told Hamilton, replicating

    natures complexity is extremely difcult: Right now the

    formula for fresh [orange] avors is just about as elusive as

    the formula for Coke.

    In other words, thats why it tastes so much better when youactually take a bunch of fresh oranges and squeeze them


    Hamilton is careful to explain that shes not against orangejuice, shes against deceptive marketing and believesconsumers have a right to know what theyre buying:

    The history of processed orange juice and its marketinghighlights the fact that as a society we tend not to care toomuch about deceptiveadvertising unless theproduct being pushed is

    measurably harmful Asthe gap in both geographicand mental miles betweenconsumer and store bought food has widened, the roleof product promotion as a source of product informationhas grown.

    The bigger problem isnt juice, but rather food ignorance.Deceptive, misleading or overly simplistic messages from

    both government and industry in recent decades havecontributed to the average consumers obliviousness to

    where and how that individuals food is produced, Hamiltonconcludes, which could have serious consequences for theirown health, the environment and the economy.

    Despite what advertisersclaim, most orange juice isneither resh nor natural.

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?18 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 19

    Sesame Garlic Broccoli

    Ingredients:2 tsp. sesame seeds2 heads of broccoli2 cloves fresh garlic, nely chopped

    3 tsp. sesame oil1 tbsp. chili sauce (our your favourite hot sauce)3 tsp. light soy sauce

    Directions:Preheat oven to 350 F. Spread sesame seeds in a single1.

    layer on a cookie sheet. Bake in the oven for 10 minutesuntil fragrant and golden. When done, remove seeds frompan to stop cooking.

    Cut the broccoli into bite-sized orets.2.

    Mix the garlic, sesame oil, chili sauce and soy sauce.3.

    Steam the broccoli until it turns bright green and reaches4.desired tenderness.

    Place broccoli in serving bowl, drizzle sauce over top and5.mix thoroughly. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.

    Dont throw away your broccoli stems! Cut off the bottominch or so, which is tough and brous, and peel off the outer

    skin with a vegetable peeler or paring knife. Split and quarterstems lengthwise; the inner part is tender and a little sweet.Cook as usual, or use as veggie sticks.

    I think 50% of cooking is technique, and a lot of peopledont learn the technique and rely on recipes as a crutch.Throw yourself into the kitchen. Learn about ingredients,not just knowing that fennel is green with white bulbs,

    but fennel tastes like licorice and goes well with otheravours like citrus and beef.

    Marc Matsumoto (

    Sour oods can improvecirculation and withclarity o mind and whocant use that?

    Pucker Up! Get YourDigestive Juices Flowing!

    Not long ago, I came across a neat article about sourand tart foods and how they play a crucial role assolvents in our digestive system. Solvents help to

    break down rich and fatty foods. The more broken down thefoods we eat are, the easier it is for our body to absorb andto use the nutrients. Sour foods can also improve circulationand, according to traditional Chinese medicine, clarity ofmind and who cant use that?

    According to the principles of Ayurveda (the science of lifethat has been practised inIndia for over 5000 years),foods are divided intosix avours: sweet, sour,

    astringent, bitter, pungent,and salty. Each taste offersdifferent health benets

    and, depending on our individual constitutions, each personrequires more or less of these tastes.

    The sour taste comes from a variety of acids that naturallyoccur in some foods. The Latin word for acid, acidu,literally translates to sour. The most familiar acid is citric

    acid, found in lemons and limes, but other types includeascorbic acid (vitamin C), lactic acid (found in souredmilk products) and malic acid (found in apples and wine).

    Ascorbic acid comes from the Latin a (no) and scorbutus(scurvy) and is an essential nutrient to combat scurvy.

    Scientists believe thathumans used to produceour own ascorbic acid, butthat weve lost this abilityand must now ingest it.This is another reason to

    eat a wide variety of avours and colours. Adding sour foods

    to our diets is vital and super easy!

    Start the day with a squeezeo lemon in water to jump-

    start your metabolism.

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?20 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 21

    Try this:Use a lemon or lime with oil for a salad dressing.Include a side dish of yogurt with meals.

    Add a piece of uncoloured cheese to breakfast.Snack sour on fruits like tamarinds, green grapes andapples at break times.Start the day with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice in aglass of water to help rev up your digestive system and

    jump start your metabolism (Ayurvedic tradition callsthis ignition of digestion agni, the digestive re).

    Suggested sour foods:

    lemons and limescheesetamarinds

    Read on for the fun part: the recipes!Jennifer Keeling

    (Halifax NS)

    Nutty Quinoa Medley

    Ingredients:1 cup cooked quinoa1 tbsp raisins1 tbsp hulled pumpkin seeds1 tbsp sunower seeds

    7 10 chopped pecans7 10 almonds4 8 dried apricots, quartered


    Boil 2 cups of water.1.

    Add quinoa and lime juice to the water. After 57 minutes,2.stir in the rest of the ingredients (except mint). For addedsweetness, mix in 1 tbsp of pure maple syrup.

    Sprinkle dried mint on top and serve.3.

    Spicy Guacamole!

    Ingredients:2 ripe avocados1 tomato, nely diced

    2 cloves garlic, minced1 tsp turmeric tsp chili powder lime, juiced

    Directions:Mash the avocados in a bowl.1.

    Add all other ingredients and mix well.2.

    Serve with your choice of crackers, chips, pita, whatever!3.

    Cooking is my vehicle for offering love to those close tome. This is something small, yet it is something big. Foodprepared with good intent and love is truly nourishing and

    better tasting; it can give joy to those who consume it, andhelp create an atmosphere of harmony.

    I enjoy and value every single step throughout the act ofcooking. I work with the food as much as possible. Themore I handle it, the more opportunity I have to put myown energy into it.

    Cooking with love begins from the ground up with thepeople who grow or raise our food. The nal piece of the

    puzzle is the act of eating with gratitude. Eating is a sacredact of communion. With the earth, with ourselves, ourfamilies and our friends, and with the energy injected intothe food, from its inception to our plates.

    Tibrata GilliesHead Chef, Pan Chancho Bakery, Kingston ON

    1 tsp cinnamon1 tbsp dried mint lime, juiced

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  • 8/8/2019 So, You Think You Can Cook?


    So, You Think You Can Cook?24 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 25

    Disturbing Facts AboutDolphin-Sae Tuna

    Everyones heard ofdolphin-safe tuna.Most of us look for

    it when we reach for acan at the grocery store.But what does it reallymean?

    The chunk light tunawe commonly nd on

    grocery store shelvesis generally skipjack,

    bigeye, yellown, or any combination thereof. Most are

    caught with purse seines in the Eastern Tropical Pacic

    Ocean (ETP). Basically, after a large group of tuna is found,a wide purse seine net is closed around them and around

    whatever else is in the water with them. Its a standardtechnique, and a relatively cheap way to catch a lot of sh.

    Whats controversial is how the tuna are found. There arethree ways to do this:

    1. Get lucky and stumble across a group of free-swimming

    tuna visible from the surface.

    2. In the ETP, follow dolphins. Dolphins have long been knownto swim above schools of tuna in this part of the ocean.

    3. Attract tuna using oating objects known as Fish

    Aggregating Devices (FADs).

    Since method #1 requires a lot of luck, for a long time method# 2 was the most common way of nding tuna. Unfortunately,

    dolphins would also be trapped in the nets, and up to 500 000dolphins were killed per year throughout the 60s and 70s.

    As public concern about the dolphin bycatch grew, theInter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) began

    Im just not sure we can be friends anymore...

    The problem with FADs isthey dont just attract tuna they attract everything.

    tackling the problem by educating shermen and developing

    techniques and equipment for releasing the dolphins. By1994, the kill had dropped to fewer than 4000 dolphins per

    year. Around the same time, under pressure from a varietyof environmental groups, the US government banned theimport and sale of dolphin-associated tuna. As the largestmarket for canned tuna, the USs regulations for dolphin-safe tuna had an immediate effect on tuna eets world-wide.

    Tuna shermen soon switched over to method #3 of

    attracting tuna and began using oating objects, or FADs.

    This method now accounts for 70% of the global tuna catch.

    No one knows why sh ock to oating objects, but they do.

    If you put a log in the middle of the ocean, within hours itwill be surrounded by sh. The FADs used by tuna eets are

    equiped with sonar and video that allow boats to detect howmany sh are near the objects. Once there are enough, the

    nets come and scoop them all up.

    The problem with this method is that FADs dont just attracttuna they attract everything, including turtles, sharks,

    birds, billsh, dolphins and lots of other sh that arent tuna.

    Researchers have compared bycatch rates for dolphin-associated and FAD-associated sets of yellown tuna. Broken

    down, each dolphin saved by using the FAD method costs 382

    mahi-mahi, 188 wahoo, 82yellowtail and other largesh, 27 sharks and rays, 1

    billsh, almost 1200 other

    small sh, and over

    25 000 undersize tuna.(This is because while adult tuna associate with dolphins,FADs generally attract immature tuna. As a result, up to20% of the actual tuna catch is discarded because it is belowminimum market size).

    Even Greenpeace, one of the main environmental groupsbehind the push for dolphin-safe tuna in the 90s, noted in2008 that dolphin-safe labels may be convincing consumers

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?26 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 27

    Moosewood Mayo

    Ingredients:1 large egg3 tbsp. cider vinegar1/2 tsp. salt

    1/2 tsp. dry mustard1 c. vegetable oil

    Directions:Place the1. rst four ingredients in a blender, along with2 tbsp. of the oil, and blend for a few seconds. Dont add allthe oil yet!

    Keep the blender running as you drizzle the remaining oil2.slowly, in a thin stream. This is key; if you add the oil tooquickly the mayonnaise will break.

    If you accidentally break yourmayo by adding the oil tooquickly, no worries, just startagain. Pour the mixture backinto your measuring cup, leaving

    just a couple tablespoons in thebottom of the blender. Breakanother egg into the blender,

    blend for a few seconds, thenstart over by drizzling theremaining oil mixutre in evenmore slowly than before. Thistime it should work!

    Once all the oil is incorporated, turn off the blender and3.scrape the mayo into a container. Cover and refrigerate.

    Sauces &Trempettes

    that whats in the can is eco-friendly in general. Yet theselabels only cover the bycatch of dolphins, not that of otherspecies, the sustainability of the shing method, nor the

    status of the sh stocks. In fact, without any international

    standards, many dolphin-safe labels dont even mean that nodolphins were killed during the hunt; they simply mean thatthe the tuna werent found by following dolphins.

    Some conservation groups, including Greenpeace, are now soconcerned about both the amount of bycatch (much of whichis juvenile tuna) in the tuna shery and the global overshing

    of tuna that they are calling for an end to all use of FADs in

    the tuna shery, and a return to traditional pole-and-linemethods (which have virtually no bycatch).

    So, should we just stop eating tuna? Yet another additionto the list of bad foods? Its a tough call. If alternativesexist, what does boycotting a product achieve? By rejectinga product, you lose your leveraging power. By not buying

    anything, are you reallyvoting with your dollar?If, on the other hand, youaccept a product withconditions by, say, onlychoosing pole-and-line

    caught tuna, choosing to eat only from well-managed stocks,and spreading the word to grocery stores, restaurants and

    governments you are supporting positive change in themarketplace.

    A good place to start looking for sustainable seafoodinformation is SeaChoice (, a Canadiansustainable seafood program. SeaChoices downloadableSeafood Guide and Sushi Guide wallet cards and iPhone appscan help us make decisions about which sh to avoid and

    which are the best choices when buying seafood.

    Theres also the Marine Stewardship Council, or MSC(, which certies sustainable sheriesglobally. Though hard to nd, the MSC logo on a menu or

    packaging is a good bet the sh was sustainably caught.

    By not buying anything,are you really voting with

    your dollar?

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?28 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 29

    Get Him to the Greek Tzatziki!

    Ingredients:3 c. yogurt1 medium cucumber1/4 c. olive oil

    juice of 1 lemon3 cloves garlic, pressed or very nely minced

    salthandful of fresh mint leaves


    Line a colander with a clean tea towel and place a pie1.plate under it. Pour the yogurt into the colander and letsit for a couple of hours, until one to one-and-a-half cupsof water have drained out and the yogurt is thick, almostlike cream cheese. (Save the yogurt water and use inplace of buttermilk in your next batch of bran mufns.)

    Peel the cucumber and cut lengthwise. Scoop out the2.seeds and discard. Grate the cucumber esh into a bowl

    and toss with a liberal amount of salt. Let sit for at least15 minutes. The salt will draw off some of the water inthe cucumber.

    Place the thickened yogurt in a bowl. Stir in the olive oil,3.lemon juice and garlic. Chop the mint leaves and stir intothe yogurt.

    When the cucumber has sat for 15 minutes or more, take4.a handful of it and make a st to squeeze out the water,

    then add to the yogurt mixture. Continue until all thecucumber has been added to the yogurt. Stir well andtaste to check seasonings. Add more salt or lemon juice ifdesired (the cucumber is salty so you may not need to addany more salt).

    Let sit a few hours before serving to let the mint and5.garlic avours infuse.

    Hummus Do You Love Me?

    Ingredients:2 c. cooked chick peas1/4 c. olive oil2 tbsp. tahini (sesameseed butter)

    juice of most of a lemon

    Directions:Throw everything in the blender and add about 1/2 cup1.

    water to the mixture. Pulse together until everything is

    smooth. You may need to add more water or oil to get thehummus to blend smoothly.

    All measurements are approximate, so adjust salt, lemon2.and spices to your taste.

    Whenever cooking with chick peas or other dried beans,make sure you soak them the night before! And remember,dried chick peas must be simmered for a couple of hours

    before being ready to use in most recipes. Fortunately, youcan cook lots of chick peas ahead of time and keep themin the freezer for when youll need them. They make greatprotein additions to soups and salads, too!

    1 tsp. salt2 cloves garlic, crushed1/2 tsp. ground cumin1/2 tsp. ground coriandercayenne pepper (to taste)

    Mise en place is a French culinary term that meanseverything in its place. It is the primary organizationalprinciple in cooking. Before anyone can bake a loafof bread, for instance, it is necessary to gather theingredients, properly weigh them, and only then prepareto start. We teach that the ultimate success of onesdish is determined during the mise en place phase. Miseen place is both the simplest of concepts and the mostdifcult to teach. Some students never get it: everything

    in its placebefore you cook; and make sure you havegathered the right ingredients. To do this you have toknow what you want to make.

    Peter Reinhart, Bread Upon the Waters

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?30 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 31

    Vinaigrette pour salade de chou

    Ingrdients:3/4 t. huile de canola1/4 t. vinaigre de cidre1 ou 2 c/th sucre ou miel1/2 c./th cannellesel et poivreautres pices votre got

    Mlanger tout et incorporer avec la salade. Bon appetit!

    Tomato Jam

    Ingredients:3/4 kg. ripe tomatoes,coarsely chopped1 c. sugar2 tbsp. lime juice(= approx. 1 juicy lime)1 tbsp. grated ginger1 tsp. ground cumin

    Directions:Combine all ingredients in a heavy saucepan. Bring to a1.

    boil over medium heat, stirring often.

    Reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally until2.mixutre has consistency of thick jam, about an hour and15 minutes. Taste and adjust seasonings.

    Cool and refrigerate. Will keep in the fridge for two weeks.3.

    1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon1/8 tsp. ground cloves1 tsp. salt1 jalapeno or other pepper,minced, or red pepperakes or cayenne to taste

    Hunger is the best sauce in the world. Cervantes

    I feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cookcan play each time with a variation.

    Madam Benoit

    Main Courses

    Basic Vegetable Stock

    When making soups and sauces, most recipes call for

    vegetable, chicken or beef stock. Its easy to makeyour own. For a meat stock, simply add chicken, beef

    or pork bones to this basic recipe and cook a little longer.

    Ingredients:2 onions, chopped2-3 stalks celery,including leaves2-3 carrots, peeledand chopped1 tbsp. vegetable oilor butter4-6 cups water

    Directions:In a large pot, heat the oil or butter. Saute the onions,1.celery, carrots and other vegetables until onions are soft.

    Add the water, salt and pepper.2.

    Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer an hour Adjust seasonings to taste.

    Drain off liquid and discard vegetables. This is your4.vegetable stock. If making a vegetable soup, you dontneed to drain the stock at all, just add the rest of your

    vegetables to your pot.

    *Keep in mind the recipe you will use your stock for whenchoosing vegetables. Strong-avoured vegetables like broccoli

    and cabbage are okay in a vegetable soup, but may not beideal if youll be using your stock in a delicate sauce.

    any other vegetable youlike* (sweet potato,tomato, parsnip,cauliower, peas,

    corn, etc.)1 tsp. salt1 tsp. pepper1 bay leaf

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?32 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 33


    Ingredients:1 tbsp. butter2 c. minced onions1/2 tsp. salt1 tsp. basil1 tsp. oregano2 1/2 lbs. fresh spinach,stemmed and chopped5 cloves garlic, minced3 tbsp. our

    Directions:Heat the butter in a large frying pan. Add onions, salt,1.pepper and herbs. Saut for 5 minutes, until onion is soft.

    Add spinach, turn up the heat, and stir occasionally until2.spinach wilts (about 5-8 minutes). Stir in the garlic.Sprinkle in the our. Stir and cook over medium heat

    2-3 more minutes. Remove from heat.

    Stir the eggs into the cottage cheese, then add to the3.spinach mixture. Stir in the feta and pine nuts. Taste tocorrect seasonings, adding lots of black pepper.

    Take phyllo out of packaging and cover with a damp keep from drying out.

    Lay one sheet of phyllo on the table. Use a pastry brush or5.paint brush to coat it completely with olive oil. Be gentle!

    Cut the long side of the sheet into three strips. Place6.a tablespoon of lling at the bottom of each strip. Fold

    the bottom corner over the lling into a triangle, like a

    turnover, and continue folding a triangle shape all theway to the top off the strip. Place spanakopitas on agreased cookie sheet.

    Bake in a 375 oven for 20 minutes, until golden brown.7.

    2 c. crumbled fetacheese1 c. cottage cheese2 eggs, beaten1 c. toasted, crushedpine nuts

    black pepper, to taste1 lb phyllo pastry,thoroughly defrosted

    1/2 c. olive oil

    Easy-on-ya Lasagne

    This slow-cooker lasagne is just as tasty as the baked

    version, but is a lot less work. Remember to keepa lid on it! When using a slow-cooker, stirring is

    not necessary, and lifting the lid increases cooking timessubstantially.

    Ingredients:8 dried lasagne noodles,

    broken into bite-sized pieces1 1/2 lbs lean ground beef(or 1 c. dried TVP)2 onions, nely chopped

    3 cloves garlic, minced2 large cans diced tomatoes1 small can tomato paste3 c. roughly chopped spinach

    Directions:Cook noodles in boiling water for 5-7 minutes, until1.softened but slightly undercooked. Drain and rinse.

    In a large frying pan, cook ground beef, onion and garlic2.until beef is no longer pink. If using TVP instead of beef,saut onion and garlic with a little vegetable oil, then stirin TVP and 1 cup of water. Transfer beef/TVP mixture toslow-cooker.

    Add tomatoes, tomato paste, spinach, sugar, herbs,3.salt and pepper to slow-cooker. Stir in cottage cheese,mozzarella and noodles until well combined.

    Cover and cook on Low for 6-8 hours or on High for 3-44.hours, until hot and bubbling.

    Before serving, sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Cover and5.cook on High for 10 minutes, until cheese has melted. Toserve, lift the stoneware pot out of the slow-cooker andtransfer directly to the table. Enjoy with friends!

    3 tsp. sugar1 tsp. dried parsley1/2 tsp. dried basil1/2 tsp. dried oregano

    3/4 tsp. black pepper1 tsp. salt500 ml. cottage cheese2 c. grated mozzarella1/2 c. grated parmesan

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?34 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 35

    Easy Eggless Ice Cream

    Ingredients:2 c. milk2 c. whippng cream

    Directions:Stir all ingredients together until sugar is dissolved.1.

    Place in ice cream maker for approximately 30 minutes.2.

    After half an hour, transfer ice cream into an airtight3.container and store in freezer for 1-2 hours until rm.

    Low-Fat Frozen Yogurt

    Ingredients:4 c. plain yogurt1 c. white sugar1/4 tsp. salt2 tsp. vanilla

    Directions:Stir all ingredients together until sugar is dissolved.1.

    Place in ice cream maker for approximately 30 minutes.2.

    After half an hour, transfer yogurt into an airtight3.container and store in freezer for 1-2 hours until rm.

    Add jam, stewed fruits or chocolate sauce to the contents ofthe ice cream maker just a few seconds before removing frommachine for a avour swirl!

    1 c. white sugar1/4 tsp. salt2 tsp. vanilla


    7 Words and 7 Rules orHealthy Eating

    Everything food writer Michael Pollan says hes learnedabout food and health can be summed up in seven

    words: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

    Probably the rst two words are most important. Eat food

    means to eat real food and to avoid what Pollan calls ediblefood-like substances. Heres how:

    Dont eat anything your great-grandmother wouldnt1. recognize as food. When you pick up that box of portableyogurt tubes, or eat something with 15 ingredients youcant pronounce, ask yourself, What are those thingsdoing there? Pollan says.

    Dont eat anything with more than ve ingredients, or any2.ingredients you cant pronounce.

    Stay out of the middle of the supermarket: shop on the3.perimeter of the store. Real food tends to be on the outeredge of the store nearer to the loading docks.

    Dont eat anything that wont eventually rot. There are4.exceptions honey but as a rule, things like Twinkies

    that never go bad arent food.

    Its not just what you eat but how you eat. Always leave5.the table a little hungry, Pollan says. Many cultureshave rules that you stop eating before you are full. InJapan, they say eat until you are four-fths full. In

    Germany they say, Tie off the sack before its full.

    Families traditionally ate together, around a table and not6.a TV, at regular meal times. Its a good tradition. Enjoymeals with the people you love. Remember when eating

    between meals felt wrong? Pollan asks.

    Dont buy food where you buy your gasoline. In the US,7.20% of food is eaten in the car.

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?36 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 37

    Nats World-FamousOatmeal-Chocolate Chip Wookies

    Ingredients:1 c. butter1 c. white sugar1 c. brown sugar2 eggs1 tsp. vanilla


    Beat together butter and sugars1. with a hand mixer.

    Add eggs and vanilla and beat2.some more.

    Mix dry ingredients in a second3.bowl, then add to egg mixture.

    Drop cookies onto a greased cookie4.sheet and bake at 350 F for 10minutes. Makes three dozen.

    1 tsp. baking soda1/2 tsp. baking powder2 c. rolled oats2 c. our

    1 1/2 c. chocolate chips

    Egg Substitutions

    You may want to sub eggs out of a recipe for severalreasons (dietary needs, allergies, or youre just out). Thereare no substitutes for real eggs in an omelette, but thereare several ways to replace eggs when baking:

    1 egg = 1/2 ripe banana, mashed1/4 cup of apple sauce1/4 cup of soft tofu, blended with the liquidingredients from the recipe2 tablespoons water + 2 teaspoons cornstarch1 tablespoon ground axseed + 3 tablespoons

    of water

    equivalent of 2 eggs1/2 c. vegetable oil1 c. soy milk (or milk)2 tsp. vanilla extract

    1 c. boiling water

    Best Chocolate Cake Ever!

    From the Otesha Book, this is the tastiest and easiestchocolate cake ever. And its vegan! Of course, it can

    be easily be converted back to a non-vegan version andthe results are just as delicious.

    Ingredients:2 c. sugar3/4 c. cocoa powder1 3/4 c. our

    1 1/2 tsp. baking powder1 1/2 tsp. baking soda1 tsp. salt

    Directions:Heat the oven to 350 F. Grease and our two 9-inch1.round baking pans or one 9x13 rectangular pan.

    Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl.2.

    Combine all wet ingredients except boiling water, and dry. Whisk until well combined.

    Stir in boiling water (batter will be thin).4.

    Pour into pans and bake for 30-35 minutes (round pans)5.or 35-40 minutes (rectangular pan).

    For an easy cake-topper, sprinkle chocolate chips over yourcake as soon as it comes out of the oven. After a minute ortwo, use a knife to spread the melted chips over the top of thecake, and hey presto: icing!

    If you think youre too small to be effective, you havenever been in bed with a mosquito.

    Betty Reese

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?38 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 39

    5-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

    Ingredients:4 tbsp. our

    4 tbsp. sugar2 tbsp. cocoa1 tsp. baking powder1/2 tsp. coffee powder(optional)

    Directions:Combine all dry ingredients in a large mug. Mix wet1.

    ingredients separately, then add to dry and combine well.

    Pour half the mixture into a second mug. Make sure mugs2.are only half full (not half empty).

    Microwave one mug at a time for one minute on Medium3.heat, then let cool a few seconds. Microwave for another30 seconds on Medium. Mixture will look a little molten,

    but will continue cooking on residual heat.

    Allow to cool a little before digging in!4.

    3 tbsp. oil3 tbsp. milk1 egg2-3 tbsp. chocolate chips(optional)

    Banana Bread

    When you have over-ripe bananas that nobody wantsto eat, put them in the freezer until youve collectedenough for banana bread. When youre ready to use

    them, leave them in a bowl on the counter until they soften,snip off one of the ends and squeeze the bananas out of theirpeels.

    Ingredients:2 large bananas, mashed1/3 c. vegetable oil2 eggs2/3 c. sugar1 3/4 c. our

    2 tsp. baking powder1/4 tsp. baking soda1/2 c. chopped nuts or dates1-2 tbsp. brown sugar(optional)

    Directions:Heat the oven to 350 F and1.grease a bread pan.

    Combine all dry a large bowl.

    Combine all wet ingredients, then add to dry. Add nuts or3.dates. Stir until just combined. Batter will be thick.

    Pour into bread pan. If desired, sprinkle brown sugar over4.the top of the loaf. Bake until a toothpick inserted into themiddle of the loaf comes out clean, approximately 1 hour.

    Whether you think you can or cant, youre right.

    Henry Ford

    Shopping Tips for Small Budgets

    Check your inventory to see what you already have,and build some meals around these ingredients.Make a meal plan, then make a shopping list based on

    your meal plan and stick to it!Dont shop on an empty stomach.Shop the outer perimeter of the grocery store. This is

    where all the raw foods are. The aisles contain mainlyprocessed (and more expensive) foods.Dont buy pre-made foods (salad dressing, ready-to-eat meals, cookies). Processed foods are much moreexpensive than making your own from scratch.Buy in bulk when possible.

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?40 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 41


    Chemical-Free House-Cleaning

    Despite what chemical manufacturers might have us

    believe, white vinegar, baking soda, lemons and oliveoil are all we really need to keep our wood oors sleek,

    stainless steel shiny, and bathrooms germ-free. Besides beingchemical-free, the added bonus is that these products costonly a fraction of the price of commercial cleaners.

    Natural Products

    White VinegarA natural disinfectant and stain remover, vinegar alsoreduces mineral and lime deposits. Its a dilute acid anda good substitute for ammonia-based cleaners. Use white

    vinegar instead of other vinegars like cider or wine vinegar:its cheaper, and other vinegars have stronger odours that

    will linger in the house.

    Sodium Bicarbonate (a.k.a Baking Soda)

    Baking soda is a miracle cleaner. When mixed with waterit forms a slightly alkaline liquid that cuts through greaseand dirt on almost any surface. Used straight-up its slightlyabrasive and can scrub away stains. Vinegar and baking sodacan be mixed together for maximum cleaning strength. In apinch, baking powder works just as well its mostly bakingsoda anyway.

    Eucalyptus and Tea Tree OilsThese oils are natural disinfectants. You can always add afew drops to any water being used for washing dishes, oors,

    bathrooms or any other part of the house. Wiping countertops and cutting boards with a few drops on a damp cloth is agreat way to disinfect after cooking.

    Olive OilA great alternative furniture polish. Dont worry about usingextra-virgin; the cheapest will do.

    LemonsThe citric acid in lemon juice makes it perfect for bleaching,disinfecting, deodorising and cutting grease.

    What to Clean and How to Clean it

    General SurfacesDamp dusting is great for general cleaning and picks upscattered dust around the house. For best results, soak yourdusting rag in equal parts water and vinegar. Add a few dropsof eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil to leave the house smellingextra clean.

    FloorsMop vinyl, linoleum or ceramic tiled oors with a cup of

    vinegar diluted in three litres of hot water.

    CarpetsFor pet odours and stains in carpets, mix equal parts vinegarand water. Apply to affected areas and blot with a towel untilmoisture is absorbed. Repeat as necessary.

    WoodMix one part olive oil with one part lemon juice. Rub ontofurniture and wood oors, or apply with a spray bottle, then

    polish with a dry cloth.

    GlassFor streak-free windows, clean with white vinegar and polish

    with dry, crumpled newspapers for sparkling results.

    Stainless SteelClean and shine any stainless steel surface with a paste of

    baking soda and water. Apply with a damp cloth, leave forabout ve minutes, then wipe clean.

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    So, You Think You Can Cook?42 Aventures dans la Katima-cuisine 43

    Green and Clean!

    For people who struggle with eczema, making yourown cleaning products and reducing the amount ofchemicals that touch your skin is one of the most

    effective ways to prevent the problem. Its also better for theenvironment and cheaper than commercial products!

    Emily Elliott(Elliot Lake ON)

    Laundry Detergent

    Ingredients:1 c. soap akes

    6 c. water

    Directions:Over medium heat, mix soap akes in a pan with water1.until it all dissolves, roughly 35 minutes.

    Stir in the washing soda and borax. Mix until everything2.thickens (three minutes or so), and remove from heat.

    Put 1 litre of hot water in a large bucket, then add the3.soap mixture. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil as anatural disinfectant. Mix well and store.

    Body Wash

    Ingredients:2 c. soap akes

    2 litres water

    Directions:Mix ingredients together in a large pot. Set over low heat,1.stirring occasionally until the soap has dissolved.

    Transfer to a jar and cover tightly. For a thinner gel,2.double the water. Add essential oils or extra ingredientslike honey or vanilla for a personally scented body wash.

    1/2 c. washing soda1/2 c. borax

    2 tbsp. glycerin2 tbsp. coconut oil or aloe

    vera for extra moisturizing

    Microwave OvensClean with equal parts vinegar and water. To remove odours,microwave lemon slices in a bowl of water and microwave onHigh for a few minutes, then wipe the oven clean.

    OvensMake a paste of baking soda and water and wipe onto oven

    walls and oor. Re-moisten with a spray bottle as the baking

    soda dries. Go ahead and bake a cake the heat will improvethe baking sodas cleaning power. When the ovens cold, wipeclean. Use vinegar to remove the last traces of baking soda.

    Baths, Shower Doors, Sinks, Tiles and GroutTackle soap scum with a paste of two parts baking soda toone part vinegar. Apply with a damp cloth. Leave for 10minutes before scrubbing.

    Mildew and MoldBanish black spots with equal parts vinegar and baking soda.

    Apply and leave for one or two hours, then wipe clean. Forserious mildew and mold problems, repeat as necessary.

    ToiletTo keep toilets clean and fresh, sprinkle a cup or so of bakingsoda into the bowl. Leave several hours before scrubbingclean. Use vinegar to clean toilet seat and tank.

    Drain CleanerPour a quarter cup of baking soda into the drain, followed bya cup of vinegar. Leave half an hour or longer if possible, thenchase with a kettle-full of boiling water.

    Air FreshenerBaking soda eliminates odours. Mix eight tablespoons

    with three drops of your favourite essential oil. Place in adecorative bowl or vase.

    Dab some essential oil on an incandescent light bulb. Whenswitched on, the heat from the bulb will diffuse the fragrance.

    Baking soda in the bottom of ashtrays absorbs smoke smells.

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    All the water that will ever be is, right now


    alf way through the UNs Water for Life decade (2005-2015) seems like a good time to review some worldwater stats, courtesy of the UN. (Weve mostly seen

    them before, we just prefer to live like we havent.)

    Only 1% of the total water onearth is available for humanuse.

    About 70% of all availablefreshwater is used foragriculture.

    Water use increased six-foldduring the 20th century,more than twice the rate ofpopulation growth.

    Water consumption inindustrialized countriesruns as high as 380 litres/capita/day in the US, while

    in developing countries20-30 litres/capita/day isconsidered enough to meet

    basic human needs.At any one time, half ofthe worlds hospital beds

    are occupied by patientssuffering from water-bornediseases.By 2025, it is estimatedthat about two thirdsof the worlds population

    will face moderate to severewater stress.

    Suggested reading: Journalist Marq de Villiers report on thepolitics of water and the looming global water crisis inWater:The Fate of Our Most Precious Resource. Probably evenmore relevant today than when it was published in 2001.