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Transcript of Snap - Failte Ireland, Digital Conference on Mobile Tourism

1. Tourism In A SoLoMo World Digital Conference 2. Why Are We Here? 3. SoLoMo Social MobileLocal The combination of Social + Local/Location + Mobile Marketing Sweet Spot 4. Mobile-centric version of the addition of local entries to search engine results. SoLoMo emerged as a result of the growth of smartphones and the greater local precision they provide. So MOBILE is the key! Think SoLoMO! 5. Smart Phones Are Already The Dominant Platform & Will Only Become Larger Source: IDC. Mar. 2013 Why Are We Here? 6. On average 30% of visits to websites are by users on mobile devices Why Are We Here? Website visits on mobile devices growing exponentially Consumer-oriented sectors are as high as 50% Source: Snap. Nov. 2014 7. Mobile web traffic growing exponentially Source: Statista. Jan. 2014 Why Are We Here? 8. Web Browsing On Mobile For Home AND OutdoorsSource: Forrester. Jun. 2013 Why Are We Here? 9. Mobile web searches growing fast Source: Statista. Jan. 2014 Why Are We Here? 10. 43% of all Google Searches Are Local Local Searches Drive Higher Engagement Throughout The Purchase Process Its no longer just last mile engagement! Source: Google/Ipsos. May. 2014 Why Are We Here? 11. SHOCK NEWS!!! SHOCK NEWS!!! SHOCK NEWS!!! SHOCK NEWS!!! Mobile search accelerates at the weekends and in the evenings People use their mobile devices to search when they are away from their PC! Source: Google. June. 2011 N.B. the scales of the two lines are different and so volumes of searches are not proportional in this graph. They are aligned simply to highlight the differing trends between them Why Are We Here? 12. Main Drivers For Mobile Usage Source: IDC March 2013 Why Are We Here? 13. Mobile Visitors Have High Expectations No Mobile Website = Bad Customer Service Source: Google. Sept. 2012 30% / 61% = 18% Of All Visitors Why Are We Here? 14. What Is Mobile Marketing? 15. Responsive Design Mobile First Apps SMS Mobile Ads QR Codes Mobile Content Click-To- Call/Email Places/ Location Analytics Check-ins/ Sharing 16. You Need To Think Mobile In EVERYTHING You Do! But Remember, Successful SoLoMO Means... 17. The 5 Top SoLoMO Techniques 18. Oh Wait... First Strategy! 19. Mobile Marketing Strategy Sometimes just diving in is a good idea...but not for long-term marketing Follow The 4 Key Implementation Steps Step 1 - Define Your Goals Attract New Customers Generate Repeat Business Increase Sales Drive Website Traffic Drive Foot Traffic Increase Engagement With Competitions, Coupons, Downloads Generate Event Registrations More Likes, Fans, Followers, Advocates Promote Your Services/Knowledge/Appeal Step 2 - Determine What Activities/Channels Will Help Achieve Those Goals Step 3 - Implement the plan Step 4 - Analyse and adjust 20. Source: November. 2014 21. So Now... The 5 Top SoLoMO Techniques 22. 1. Mobile/Responsive Website 23. YOUR WEBSITE... IS BEING VISITED... BY USERS... ON SMARTPHONES RIGHT NOW! OOPS?? 24. Youre Wasting Your Money! If you spend time and money on social and location marketing with no mobile site... 25. Not Mobile Optimised Mobile/Responsive Website 26. Mobile Optimised Mobile/Responsive Website 27. Mobile/Responsive Website Having a website that is optimised for mobile visitors is your #1 Priority When was the last time you checked your website on all major devices? Did you review the UI and flow throughout the site? Are you displaying the key CTAs? Do you have a Click-To-Call prominently displayed? Is the experience broken? i.e. Mobile homepage, non-mobile booking page. If your site is not mobile-friendly then DO SOMETHING NOW! Analyze your traffic through analytics and review mobile specific visitor data 28. You Have Two Options Mobile-Specific Design for Smartphone and Tablet separately A more dedicated experience for visitors Faster load time Higher initial cost Easier to maintain independently of desktop site Harder to maintain entire web suite Responsive/Adaptive Easier to maintain entire web suite One-Size fits all Generic Experience Typically slower to load Lower initial cost Harder to maintain independently of desktop site 29. 2. SMS 30. SMS (The Twitter For Everyone) If you havent considered SMS, YOU SHOULD! Open Rates of >95% (compared to average 25% with email) Conversion Rates are up to 8X higher than email Texts are read within 4 15 minutes SMS messages are trusted (