Smoke 1 The Interface

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Smoke I Tour of the Interface

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An introduction to Autodesk Smoke as taught by Professor Sam Edall using clips from FCP7 Quest media files. This first lecture shows the Media Hub and Timeline interface.

Transcript of Smoke 1 The Interface

  • Smoke ITour of the Interface
  • Getting Smoke Installed Setting up Smoke with a stand-alone license Click here to open YouTube video
  • Tour of the InterfaceVideo Tour of the interface Click here to openYouTube video
  • Firing Up Smoke Student version When Smoke starts awelcome screen thatsays this is a studentversion of Smoke Lucky you, youdont have to buyit! Just click Continue
  • Title Screen On the bottom Set who the user is You! Set your storagevolume Set what project youare working one orcreate a new one
  • Title Screen To the left Access to the SmokeLearning Channel onYouTube Thats where thesevideos come from Smoke forum forquestions and answers Smoke on Facebook
  • Getting Started Set whos projectyou will work on Under User chooseNew
  • Getting Started In the name boxenter your name Under Keyboardshortcuts chooseFCP7 Leave the othersettings the sameand chooseCreate
  • Getting Started In the welcomescreen underProject -- Click New
  • Getting Started In the Create NewProject screen byName Lets name this projectBC 420 Practice Click on the ConfigTemplate pop-up Choose 1920 x 1080 This sets the recordingformat for your project
  • Getting Started Click the Createbutton in the bottomright Then click Start onthe Welcome screen Thats how we makeor load projects whenSmoke starts
  • Getting Started
  • Different Tabs forDifferent Jobs On the bottom MediaHub Where your media iskept Conform Troubleshoot importedtimelines and to relinksegments Timeline Where you do yourediting Tools Special effectsSelectTimeline
  • Panels The workspace iswhere youaccomplish all ofyour project tasks. Three main panels: The Media panel The Viewing panel The Editing panel
  • Media Panel Where you manage themedia in your currentproject. Any media listed in theMedia panel is savedinside the project.
  • Media Panel Libraries All media and folders reside in a Library. You can create as many Libraries as youwant, enabling you to better organize yourproject media. Folders Create folders to organize your media. You can create as many folders as youwant. Folders can be expanded and collapsed inthe Media panel.
  • Media Panel Source Clips: A source clip has only one video segment. It contains no edits and all its audio segmentshave the same tape name, source timecodeand duration as the video. Sequences: A sequence is the same as in FCP7 or a projectin FCPX. It contains multiple clips. Effect Clips: An effect clip is a metadata-only clip. You can use this type of clip to copy timelineeffects from one clip to another.
  • Media Panel Load in somecontent Right click or controlclick on the DefaultLibrary and chooseNew > Folder Name the new folderVideo
  • Media Panel Two more times Make two morefolders by rightclicking on thedefault library andname the 2 newsfolders Music andSound Effects Good idea to put yourstuff into separatefolders so you canfind it easier later
  • Viewer Panel Load them up Click on the Bookmarksbutton and select UserHome Double-click on theDocuments folder toopen it Double-click on the BC420 folder to open thatfolder Double-click on theSmoke Content folderto open it
  • Viewer Panel Save that directory While the SmokeContent folder isopen, click on theBookmark buttonagain. This time select AddBookmark
  • Viewer Panel Load them up Double-click on the Quest Clips folder to open themin the Media Hub
  • Viewer Panel Checking out yourstuff Different views Thumbnails only Thumbnails with apreview screen List view only List view with apreview screen
  • Viewer Panel Move your cursorleft and right insidethe lower third of aclip to scrubthrough thethumbnail Double-click the clipto open the viewerand load the clip
  • Viewer Panel Check them out Change the view to Thumbnail with Preview Select the Began clip and use the playback controls tocheck it out
  • Viewer Panel Scrubbing yourfootage Go to beginning Go to In point Back 1 frame Play/pause Forward 1 frame Go to Out point Go to end
  • Viewer Panel Get around Select a clip and usethe controls to scrubthough a clip Pause playback, thenput your cursor in thevideo clip and drag leftand right to scrubthough your clip
  • Media Panel &Viewer Panel Load up your mediapanel Select the video folderin the media panel Select any clip in themedia hub, then pressCommand A to selectall of the clips
  • Media Panel &Viewer Panel Load up your mediapanel By the Media Hubbutton in the lower leftclick the Import button Open your Video folder You should see allthe clips now inside
  • Getting Around Backing up Use the directory treeon top of the mediahub Click on the folderyou wish to look at Press the Up button toback up to its parentdirectory
  • Media Panel &Viewer Panel Load up the music Click on the SmokeContent folder to stepback to the parentdirectory Then double-click on theMusic folder to open itscontents
  • Media Panel &Viewer Panel Load up the music Make sure theMusic folder in theMedia Panel isselected Select all threemusic clips Press the Importbutton
  • Media Panel &Viewer Panel Load up the SFX Use this same procedure to load the sound effectsclips into the Sound Effects folder in the MediaPanel
  • Timeline Click on theTimeline tab on thebottom to switch tothe timeline view. Click on the ViewerMode box andselect Player
  • Timeline Double-click on theimmersed clip inthe Video folder toload it into theviewer.
  • The Viewing Panel About the Viewing Panel The Viewing panel givesyou different visualrepresentations of the clipsin the Media panel. From the View modebox, you can select fromthe following views: Thumbnail Player Source Sequence Triptych Player
  • The Viewing Panel Thumbnail View Displays the clips withinthe selected Media panelfolder as thumbnails. Player View Displays and plays backthe selected clip in aplayer.
  • Viewing Pane Click on theView buttonand change theview toThumbnail (ifnecessary). Click on theThumbnail Taskmenu andchoose Arrange> Fit All This will show
  • Viewing Pane Now you can see all the clips inside the Videofolder.
  • Viewing Pane Click on the View button and change the viewfrom Thumbnail to Player.
  • Viewing Pane Click on the View button and change the viewfrom Thumbnail to Player. Select the immersed clip
  • Getting Around While immersed isstill selected, changethe view to TriptychPlayer See the same clip inthree players Default view Media start Middle of clip Media end
  • HomeworkAssignment: Using the Grab application take asnapshot of the media panel Make sure you have theMusic, Sound Effects, and Videofolders open to show the contents Save the image and post toWestern Online in the Smoke Idropbox folder.
  • Smoke ITour of the Interface