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1. Smile Makeovers for over 50s 2. 073869 4555 Getting older can mean a lot of problems Discoloured, yellowing teeth Missing teeth Crooked teeth These happen because: You made the wrong choices (like smoking) You havent visited the dentist enough Because you havent upheld your dental hygiene 3. 073869 4555 Why do teeth get crooked when you get older? This can happen for a number of reasons: You have lost a tooth and havent replaced it You stopped wearing your retainer a long, long time ago You do not eat the right foods to stimulate jawbone density Theyve moved because of muscular reasons 4. 073869 4555 One of the most common concerns for people over 50 is thinning lips and a narrowing chin. How to improve your smile over 50 How to treat this: Ensure youre eating some crunchy food every day If you notice crookedness or overbites etc. make sure you visit the dentist Wear your retainers as prescribed (this WILL make a difference) Replace missing teeth or have the appropriate restorations fitted 5. 073869 4555 Asmile can transform your appearance when you need it most in life Many people over 50 are reinventing themselves due to divorce or a change in career path. Lots of people choose to makeover their appearance at this time either through cosmetics or a smile makeover. You may be surprised at the difference a smile can make. 6. 073869 4555 Common restorations and treatments for over 50s Disease and restorative Gum disease treatment Dental implants Crowns and Bridges Root canal therapy Cosmetic Veneers Teeth whitening Injectables 7. Call Today 073869 4555 Visit 54 North Road, Brighton, QLD, 4017 Another quality presentation, brought to you by Australian Ph: 1300 615 330 U.S Ph: 888 261 6692