SMB "How to Hire a Social Media or Community Manager"

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Brian Parks, VP of Community Development at, shares best practices for defining, finding, and hiring social media and community managers. Originally presented at Social Media Breakfast Austin #39.

Transcript of SMB "How to Hire a Social Media or Community Manager"

  • How to hire a Social Media / Community Manager
  • Speed vs. Quality vs. Cost Lots of data bad hires hurt Brand Ambassador Who by Smart & Street Scorecards Purposeful interviews Science instead of voodoo Hiring is hard
  • What kind of CM? Content Membership Curating social media pages Association model Posting content Moderator/discussion leader Encouraging comments and responding Suggesting topics Editorial experience Defining behaviors Brand voice Defending boundaries VS
  • Peer-to-Peer Spectrum Publish Content Only Content + Comments Content + Peer-to-Peer Community Primarily Community Driven 100% Peer- to-Peer
  • How we do it
  • Culture First Science not voodoo Trust gut on negatives, but not skills Radical Transparency Cant teach values Core Hiring Principles
  • The Essentials: Moderator Experience Relationship Person Context/Empathy Industry Knowledge Process-driven Membership Director
  • Writing Skills articulate with personality Context/Empathy Passionate about what you do Journalism backgrounds Gravitas vs. Peppiness Introduce Slowly Service-oriented Things to consider
  • Questions? Need more info? Were happy to help. Email: [email protected] Phone: 512-651-4800 Online: & Want to Learn More About Joining our team?