Smart VTiger Duplicate Merging module is to monitor, find and merge multiple instances of duplicate...

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Transcript of Smart VTiger Duplicate Merging module is to monitor, find and merge multiple instances of duplicate...

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    Version 1.2.0

    Platform: VTiger 6

    Smart Vtiger duplicate merge module is used to monitor and merge multiple instance. This document consist of description, feature, installation procedure and change log of our plugin.

  • Description

    Smart VTiger Duplicate Merge module is to monitor, find and merge multiple instances of duplicate records automatically via cron at regular interval of time based on the input fields and mapping saved by the user. This module will clean up your existing data, keeps it clean and intact records periodically.

    More Information

    Smart VTiger Duplicate Merge Module is to automatically find and merge thousands of multiple record duplicates to a selected primary record in your VTiger CRM. The smart VTiger duplicate module allows you to search even thousands of VTiger duplicates record. And also smart VTiger duplicate merging save so much of time and manual works in number of simple clicks. There is no need to search and merge for each and every duplicate record; instead it will automatically merge even the missing fields of every record using a very smart rule.

    1. One time easy setup saved as profile for each enabled module

    2. Choose the fields to matched at smart duplicate search

    3. Options to edit profiles whenever required

    4. Map the fields to be merged by smart merge module

    5. Option to create different profile for each module

    6. Can enable required and disable unwanted modules

    7. Smart log features logs each and every action that takes place with view filters

    8. Runs via cron in background at regular interval e.g. once a day

    9. Enable, disable and change frequency of Cron

    User has to ensure that Cron is configured inorder to successfully run the Smart Duplicate Merge Module. Smart Duplicate Merge Module mostly covers all the modules in VTiger CRM. This module highly recommended for those have many duplicate records and those who use third party connectors which lead to duplicate instances.

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    DescriptionPlugin Details****************

    Author : SmackcodersAuthor URL : Smackcoders Siteversion : 1.2.0

    Product URL

    Smart VT duplicate Merger

    Wiki Page Link

    Smart vt duplicate merger wiki page



    - Initial Stable release

    - Tested with vtiger 5.4.0 for compatibility


    - Add delete conflict option

    - Not using vtiger cron. User need to add new cron

    - Fixed some bugs.


    1.0.0 Initial release of plugin.

  • Features

    Enable or disable selected modules

    Inactive modules that not needed to Smart merged

    Select input fields to match the records for duplication

    Mapping option to control hoe the fields are merged

    Include or exclude fields that to merged in Mapping

    Fields that are not mapped are unaltered or monitored

    Log is recorded for each and every action

    Filters to short out the log result

    Enable, disable, change frequency and manage the cron task

    Supported VTiger CRM Modules

    1. Contacts

    2. Leads

    3. Organization

    4. Opportunities

    5. Products

    6. Services

    7. Trouble Tickets

    8. Service Contracts

    9. Vendors

    10. Assets

    11. Projects

    12. Project Milestones

    13. Project Tasks

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  • Installation

    Take necessary backup before proceed with installation.

    1. Go to CRM Settings >> Studio >> Module Manager

    2. Click Install from File to import.

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  • 3. Select file and click Import button.

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  • 4. Click Finish.

    5. Now the module is available under All >> Tools Menu.

    6. Upload and extract in your VTiger CRM Root directory.

    7. Now goto All >> Tools >> Smart Duplicate Merge module.

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  • 8. For the first time click the Install link to complete the installation.

    9. Now the module is installed successfully

    Page 7

  • 10. You can create profile and do mapping for the required modules

    There is a paid installation / configuration support. If not purchased along with product you can contact us for Installation Support.

    Configure Smart Duplicate Merge Setup

    Go to All >> Tools >> Smart Duplicate Merger

    Module Home Page looks like below snap

    Page 8

  • Active/Inactive module

    In default all modules are enabled

    Disable the modules to be excluded by Smart Duplicate Merge

    If you want to delete conflicts while merging, enable Delete Conflict field.

    If you want to select Assigned To as match field (to delete duplicates) in contacts, leads etc, enable Check Assigned To field.

    Step 1 : Edit Profile and input fields for duplicate search

    Click profile icon for a particular module to create input fields

    Profile options are shown in the right column

    Select the input fields and click the top double arrow button to move to the right box

    Use Ctrl and Shift for multi select

    Also you can select and remove using bottom arrow button from right box

    Page 9

  • Smart duplicate search will find only based on these input search fields

    You can add, edit and alter at anytime to modify the smart search rule

    Once added click next button to map fields need to be merged

    Step 2 : Field Mapping and Profile Saving

    Now you can see the field mapping options for step 2

    Select the required fields and move to the right box

    Only fields selected here are mapped by VTiger Smart Merge module

    Selected fields from duplicate instances are mapped and values are matched to a primary record by a simple smart rule

    First record is considered as primary and others are secondary records

    If any empty fields are found in selected primary record, it is replaced by the mapped field values from duplicated entries automatically

    Page 10

  • You can select map all important and essential fields that are required

    Note that to many fields selected for mapping will slow down the entire process

    It depends on server performance, hosting and data size.

    Step 3 : To Setup Cron

    For cron setup add the following entry in your crontab

    * * * * wget -o /dev/null -q -O /dev/null http://localhost/vtigercrm-social/SmartDuplicateMergerCron.php 2>&1

    Ensure that localhost/vtigercrm is changed to your vitger crm URL

    Page 11

  • Important Note:

    1. Ensure that VTiger Cron is configured properly to Smart Duplicate Merger and scheduler work as expected.

    2. Module will consider only a record with same assigned user as duplicate

    3. If two duplicates are find out, then first record acts as a primary record. Remaining records are considered as secondary. If the primary record has no values in a field and the secondary record has value in it, then secondary record value will be merged with the primary record field value. If there is no match found, then it is considered as conflict (User can find the conflicts in log) else record will be merged and deleted.

    Smart Duplicate Merge Log

    Goto Logs menu

    This will show you the Smart Duplicate Merge logs based on match field and merge option of each modules

    Use search, custom view filters and pagination to short out the available log.

    Page 12

  • After generated the logs, Goto your VTiger Modules such as contacts, products etc.

    Page 13

  • It shows all records with merged content and without any conflicts.

    Page 14