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1001loops is a brand new website for musicians designed to download free music loops and samples in MP3 format and allowing buying loops and packages in ACID WAV format with a royalty free license. A new engineered search engine allow to search loops by their properties (root key, style, tempo, instrument, main chord …) and simplifies the musician’s work by helping him to quickly find the most adapted sample for his work. The site design is minimal, simple, without ads and with a really efficient search experience. Try it and share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ … Contact us at :

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  • 1. www.1001loops.comCopyright 1001loops 2012
  • 2. 1001LOOPS
  • 3. Loop = a finite element of soundrepeated by technical means by :Machines (hardware)orComputers (software) Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 4. On 1001loops you can : Download loops & sample free of charge in MP3 format withCreative Commons license.AND / OR Buy the same loops in ACID WAV format with Royalty Freelicense. Each loop in 1001loops can be purchased individually orin thematic Packs, (e.g. Thor, Valkyrie, Odin , each packcontaining 400+ loops). Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 5. Inside the LoopA loop is a short sequence of sound that can be repeated(looped) in order to create a theme, a melody, a rhythm thecombination of different loops on different tracks creates themusic. In addition, voice, samples or effects can enrich themelody created.Loops are easy to manipulate for musicians and non-musicians. Itallows creating and editing high quality music very quickly. Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 6. Loops formats proposed on 1001loopsIn 1001loops, loops are proposed in ACID WAV format. This very popularformat, compatible with a lot of music sequencers and software, allowsperforming real time pitch shifting and time stretching. This is made possibleby giving the file additional information such as absolute root key and roottempo, this operation, called acidizing represents the added value of theWAV files proposed on 1001loops.The MP3 format (proposed for free on 1001loops) doesnt have these pitchshifting and time stretching features but 1001loops search system provideinformation on root key, tempo, chord, style in order for the musician tofind loops that are compatible each other. Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 7. 1001loops = Free loopsAll high quality MP3 loops and samples proposed here are free ofcharge and available for download immediately without anysubscription or advertising support. Here, is really a free place,made by and for musicians.We only make money by selling loops & samples in other formats(Royalty Free ACID WAV). On each loop page you will find a linkto download the MP3 for free or to purchase the loop with aRoyalty Free license. You will also be able to download thematicPacks. Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 8. 1001loops = Quality loopsSound - our handmade sounds are forged in our studio, using the best instrumentsand technical means.Ergonomics - a unique smart faceted search system makes a loop search experiencenever seen before. Musicians will find their loops more comfortably and fast. Thepossibility to search loops by their properties: instrument, style, root key, recordedtempo, chord harmonic, is revolutionary.Compatibility - Free 192 Kbps MP3 and availability of every loop in Acidized WAVmakes our loops compliant with all machines, sequencers and samplers on the market.Minimalist and clean - to focus on our main purpose: the Sound. No ads, no popupand no text pollution. Download your first loop in less than 10 seconds.Up to date - frequent additions of new loops, with a last loops section to quicklyaccess new content.Trendy - A blog section will inform you about loops, samples and news of theelectronic music world. Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 9. Revolutionary loops search engineThe embedded searchengine system allow tosearch loops by theirproperties :InstrumentStyleTempoRoot keyChordThe faceted systemdoes a dynamic-crosssearch and helpmusician to find themost adapted loop. Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 10. Loops download has never been so simple The ultra simple and niceinterface allow to :Listen to the loopDownload the free loop inMP3Add the royalty free loop inACID WAV in your cart for 0,1Link to the packagecontaining this loop and a lotof other.Share the loop on Facebook,Twitter, Google, Tumblr Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 12. The THOR loops packageContains 421 Acid Loops (Wav)- Drum :22- Effects : 5- Keyboard : 73- Pad : 4- Percussion : 8- Piano : 60- Reed and pipes : 1- Synth bass : 59- Synth lead : 189 Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 13. The ODIN loops packageContains 395 Acid Loops (Wav)- Drum : 33- Elec guitar : 24- Keyboard : 111- Pad : 17- Percussion : 1- Piano : 6- Synth bass : 2- Synth lead : 201 Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 14. The FREYJA loops packageContains 442 Acid Loops (Wav)- Drum : 127- Effects : 3- Organ : 12- Percussion : 6- Piano : 5- Strings : 13- Synth bass : 62- Synth combination : 100- Synth lead : 114 Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 15. The SIGYN loops packageContains 509 Acid Loops (Wav)- Drum : 329- Effects : 2- Pad : 49- Piano : 13- Synth bass : 2- Synth combination : 76- Synth lead : 38 Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 16. The VALKYRIE loops packageContains 429 Acid Loops (Wav)- Drum : 41- Effects : 2- Organ : 26- Piano : 52- Synth bass : 174- Synth lead : 134 Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 17. Interested ?Want to become partner ?Want to propose your loops on 1001loops ?Want to invest ?Want to have a diner or drink a pint of beer with us ? Copyright 1001loops 2012
  • 18. 1001loops is free, try it and share onFacebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr See you soon Copyright 1001loops 2012