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  • 1. A New Research& Consulting Company
    growth sparked by
    growth sparked by

2. Contents
Company Overview
The DEFINITIVE Difference
What We Do
Next Steps
Key Staff
2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
3. Company Overview
4. Capabilities. Global, full-service custom research capabilities with extended range of advanced quantitative and qualitative approaches.
Industry Focus. Expertise and focus on Information Technology, Telecom, Healthcare, Pharma, Energy, Retail, CPG (FMCG), Financial Services & Media.
Executive Team. Industry-leading experts with vast array of experience, all of whom have previously worked together.
Company Overview
Offices. Portland, OR and Seattle, WA.
Clients & Coverage. Worldwide.
2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
5. Company Overview
History of success with worldwide leaders. Our key executives have serviced and developed relationships with numerous worldwide industry leaders.
2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
6. 6
Company Overview
Custom, global capabilities able to meet any complexity and scope of business question
what we do
Custom Research Solutions

  • Quantitative: surveys, online, phone, in-person

7. Qualitative: focus groups, in-depth interviews, observations 8. Advanced Analytics: modeling and predictive techniques 9. Cross-Tab: Leading KPO provider in market research 10. Polimetrix / YouGov: Exclusive access to U.S. & international panels and survey platformGlobal Operational Infrastructure

  • Multiple resources

11. Best in-class quantitative and qualitative research partners 12. Highly scalable 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
13. 7
Company Overview
current status
on track to become Top 100 research firm by end of first year
Open. Incorporated 8/24/09; opened offices in Portland (One World Trade Center) and Seattle (Comcast Spotlight Building) on 9/1/09.
Staffed. Grown to 18 professional researchers, many of whom you already know.
Engaged. Assisting with major efforts from Fortune 500 clients we have worked with prior, as well as from new clients.
Profitable. Met revenue and profit targets for first quarter and have strong order book for 2010.
Scalable. Have been able to execute large, international projects on tight timelines with the excellent support from our operations partners.
Envisioning. Preparing syndicated research programs and white papers focusing on topics such as social media and new energy technologies.
We Are:
2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
14. The Definitive Difference
15. 9
The DEFINITIVEDifference
Research Reports
What would happen if research could directly lead to growth?
Research is critically important but often doesnt deliver
Millions spent with mixed, sometimes inaccurate/irrelevant results
Projects bleed into one another producing report after report
Data comes and goes but rarely provides clear actions for bottom line results
2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
16. 10
The DEFINITIVEDifference
What if the right mix of people and domains were configured together,in just the right fashion, so that something new emerges?
Move beyond data to insights in terms of dollars /market share
Identify the impact of alternative actions on business financials
Deliver tools for planning and making decisions, both strategic and tactical
2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
17. 11
The DEFINITIVEDifference
Example 1: How much will the Brazilian mobile phone market be worth to us as a newcomer?
We found:
Market Research would say:
Our survey said that 27% of Brazilians plan to buy a mobile phone in the next year
Potential annual revenue: >$750M
Strategy A: Maximize profit to $200M; achieve 12% market share
Strategy B: Maximize market share to 25%; achieve $90M in profit
Business Intelligence would say:
Customer profitability in developing countries is half that of developed countries
Business Strategywould say:
Brazil will become the leading cell phone user in Latin America by 2012 .9 probability
Integrated Insights That Drive Decision-Making
2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
18. 12
The DEFINITIVEDifference
Example 2: Should I introduce Product A or Product B?
Users of competitive brands prefer Product A over Product B, but neither would increase share by more than 2%
Product A tests better than Product B
Existing users also prefer Product A but less than 5% would purchase again or upgrade unless price is severely dropped, hurting revenue
DI RECOMMENDATION:Consider a new alternative
2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
19. The DEFINITIVEDifference
Results That Lead To Verifiable Payoff
Direct impact on profit and share
Insights in the language of business metrics
Business Experience
Our people have been both line executives and researchers
Weve solved problems for world class companies for years
Involved Senior Team
No bait and switch
Partners/Directors lead the work from beginning to end
Service Beyond Report
We stay with you until the problem is solved
The report does not define our relationship
Real world problem solvers and experts in:
Market segmentation, buyer behavior, purchase drivers, media mix, marketing mix
2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
20. What We Do
21. 15
What We Do
toughest and most fundamental business questions
sweet spot
How do we determine what the market wants and keep up with market changes and dynamics better than our competitors?
Market Structure
What product development, portfolio, pricing and channel strategies will maximize market share, revenue and profit?
Offer Optimization
How do we enhance customer satisfaction and experience to increase loyalty and fend off competitive threats?
Customer Experience
How do we identify and use market and customer differences in ways that optimize development and marketing efforts?
Market Composition
What compelling message do we need to deliver to stand above the noise and drive customer action?
Communications & Media
How do we leverage customer data to identify the most lucrative customers, and find more like them?
Database Analytics
2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
22. 16
What We Do
Were agnostic about which techniques to use, as long as theyre the right ones
Marketplace Research
Buyer Behavior & Purchase Drivers
Market Forecasting
Market Segmentation
Competitive Landscape
Product Research
Concept Testing / Refinement
Development / Optimization
Market Simulation / Sizing
Pricing Impacts
Just a few examples:
Customer Analytics
Customer Profitability Analysis
Customer Attrition Analysis
Response Modeling
Customer Segmentation
Experience & Messaging Research
Customer Experience Assessment
Satisfaction / Loyalty Drivers
Transaction / Service Delivery
Positioning / Messaging
2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
23. 17
What We Do
Ability to reach the toughest audiences.
Business to Business
LOB / Business Decision-Makers
IT / Technical Decision-Makers
End Users
SOHO / Small / Medium / Large Enterprise
Early Adopters
Specialty Patient Populations
Channels / Resellers
Emerging Markets
Medical Providers
2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
24. 18
What We Do
Expertise in a wide range of IT-related audiences and content areas
IT Audience Expertise
IT Content Experience

  • CIOs

25. IT decision-makers 26. Security decision-makers/CSOs 27. Developers 28. Technical decision-makers 29. Data warehouse managers 30. Data center managers 31. Database administrators 32. LOB / Line of business managers 33. Channels / VARs 34. SOHO / Small/ Medium / Enterprise 35. Computer end users / owner s/ buyers 36. Hobbyists (music, photo, video, etc.)Server-Related & Cloud Computing

  • Infrastructure SW

37. Virtualization 38. Hosted services 39. Biz Continuity / DR 40. Managed Services 41. SecurityMobility & Productivity

  • Productivity SW

42. Mobile Phones 43. Search Other

  • Developer tools

44. Support services 45. Compliance 46. Digital Media 47. Mapping SWCommunications

  • Unified comm

48. Collaboration 49. Telephony 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
50. What We Do
Use simulator dashboard to specify your offering, your price, and the competitive set:
advanced tools
Market Simulators let you build different offerings and instantly estimate market response
Instantly see a variety of useful metrics
2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
51. What We Do
Online dashboard allows you to pick the view of results you want to see:
advanced tools
Online reporting tools provide quick/easy access to results and are extremely useful for phasedor multi-country