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  1. 1. Skillsets and Mindset: Keys to Success in Rapidly Changing Times Healthcare Communicators of Oregon Lee Aase (@LeeAase) Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network November 3, 2017
  2. 2. Three Years Ago Next Tuesday
  3. 3. Whats coming in the next 45 minutes Must-have digital skills and ways of thinking that will ensure your effectiveness, relevance and leadership 7 Principles to apply in a future we can't predict (and how they have factored in our Mayo Clinic journey) 14 books (and one podcast) that will prepare you for success Recent Mayo Clinic innovations and opportunities
  4. 4. Or stated poetically Ill share the trends that Ive observed, and books that I have read or heard at least two times, but generally more. Ill link you to the Audible store. While the future I cannot foretell these principles will serve you well.
  5. 5. Principle 1: Extrapolation is the best starting point for prediction
  6. 6. Once Upon a Time, Three Networks Dominated the Media Landscape in the United States
  7. 7. Every day, these guys would define the news
  8. 8. ... while local affiliates and newspapers sold scarce audience access at monopoly prices
  9. 9. Then one day Ted Turner launched the cable TV revolution...
  10. 10. And one of these guys invented the Internet...
  11. 11. The means of news production and distribution were democratized...
  12. 12. Twin revolutions fragmented audiences, causing major economic upheaval Hundreds of cable channels, exponential growth in Web sites Mass media came under economic pressure leading to Demise of TV doctor Papercuts
  13. 13. Until finally, the Big 3 TV share of audience crashed... Big Three Others
  14. 14. Facebook went public at 20x the value of The Wall Street Journal WSJ (2007) ABC (1995) Facebook (2012)
  15. 15. and has more than quadrupled since 2012 WSJ (2007) ABC (1995) Facebook (2012) Facebook (2017)
  16. 16. Market Capitalization Perspective Facebook Walmart
  17. 17. Learning the Laws: Moores and Metcalfes
  18. 18. Eye (or Ear) Openers to Digital Opportunities
  19. 19. Principle 2: Improbable and unpredictable events will have outsized influence in your life
  20. 20. (In 1905) McClures Magazinerecounted the story of that country doctor and his brother, and of St. Marys Hospital, which handled more surgical cases annually than any other hospital in the United States, more than even the great Johns Hopkins. (The Doctors Mayo, Helen Clapesattle, p. 289)
  21. 21. Which of these did YOU predict?
  22. 22. Understanding Disruptive Innovation High-end products add features most customers cant use Incumbents cede low end to not good enough entrants Low end, competing with non- consumption, gradually improves High end fails suddenly as upstarts become more than good enough
  23. 23. Principle 3: Mindset Matters More than Skill Sets
  24. 24. Skill Sets Speaking - Vocabulary secondary to basic grammar Digital Production - shooting, editing and streaming video, and photography/images Writing - represents you when youre not present Use Active Voice! Avoid cliches like the plague!
  25. 25. The Two Basic Mindsets Fixed: Performance reveals my ability and IQ. Others recognize these traits in me and value my accomplishments. (Im smart!) Growth: I can change abilities significantly. If I cant do something now, I probably just havent worked hard enough at it yet. (I can learn!) Your presence today is a step toward adopting or reinforcing a more growth-oriented mindset.
  26. 26. The Growth Mindset of Mayo Clinics First Social Networkers
  27. 27. Dr. William J. Mayos Travels By the end of the 1920s Dr. Will could say he had studied surgery in every town in America and Canada of one hundred thousand population or more, and had crossed the Atlantic thirty times. (The Doctors Mayo, Helen Clapesattle, p. 405)
  28. 28. Countries Dr. Will Mayo Visited
  29. 29. Countries Dr. Will Mayo Visited Austria Denmark Ireland Scotland Australia England Italy Sweden Argentina Fiji Mexico Switzerland Belgium Finland New Zealand Uruguay Canada France Norway Chile Germany Peru Cuba Holland Russia
  30. 30. The Surgeons Club
  31. 31. Principle 4: The Growth Mindset Creates Optionality
  32. 32. My Personal Preparation and Positioning Buying an Apple IIe in 1986 and a Mac SE/30 in 1989, and 4th Dimension database software on clearance CompuServe and AOL, and telecommuting via fax (1994) Buying miniDV digital video camera Lines from Lee blog in 2006 (eventually became Social Media University, Global (SMUG) Becoming a monthly Audible subscriber
  33. 33. Proceed Until Apprehended!
  34. 34. Managing Media Mania w/Conjoined Twins Collect. Process. Review. Do. The Creative Catalyst of Inbox Zero The Two-Minute Rule Is this actionable? Do-Delegate-Defer-Delete Whats the next action?
  35. 35. GTD in Teams
  36. 36. Optionality via Free Platforms, Low-Cost Tools 2007 - Facebook 2008 YouTube Flip Cameras Twitter Blogs
  37. 37. A Series of Improbable Events Carlsen Twins Separation and Star Tribune relationship Coffee with Maura and May Following me for a day, including Tweetcamp CNN story on Henry Ford Hospital Twitter surgery A call from ABC News Medical Unit
  38. 38. Principle 5: Think Analogically Novelty is overrated and can be a hindrance. When promoting initiatives, emphasize similarity with the familiar and continuity with the past.
  39. 39. and is part of the DNA of healthcare! Social Networking is part of Mayo Clinics DNA
  40. 40. The Surgeons Club for Social Media in Healthcare
  41. 41. FREE Basic membership:
  42. 42. #MCSMN: A Catalyst for Health Care Social Media Guidelines Best Practices Platforms Training Consultation
  43. 43. The Mayo Clinic Social Media Network The Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (#MCSMN) exists to improve health globally by accelerating effective application of social media tools throughout Mayo Clinic and spurring broader and deeper engagement in social media by hospitals, medical professionals and patients. Our Mission: Lead the social media revolution in health care, contributing to health and well being for people everywhere. Makes resources developed for Mayo Clinic staff available to peers, and generates revenue to support mission.
  44. 44. Principle 6: Develop a Barbell risk profile
  45. 45. Principle 7: Pursue Personal Growth
  46. 46. 2016 MFMER | 3507910- Whats New Since 2014?
  47. 47. Facebook Live
  48. 48. 2016 MFMER | 3507910- Developing Deeper Relationships
  49. 49. Applying MCSMN Platform with Other Audiences Mayo Clinic News Network - Journalists Mayo Clinic Connect - Patients/Consumers #WeAreMayoClinic - Employees, Families, Volunteers
  50. 50. 78 @colleen_young
  51. 51. 79
  52. 52. 80
  53. 53. 81More about Connect Moderators and Volunteer Mentors Mayo Clinic Connect Mentors
  54. 54. 2016 MFMER | 3507910- Including Mayo Clinic Provider Expertise
  55. 55. 83 Pages
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  57. 57. 85
  58. 58. 2016 MFMER | 3507910- Meeting Practice & Business Needs
  59. 59. 1.Extrapolation is the best starting point for prediction. 2.Improbable and unpredictable events will have outsized influence in your life. 3.Mindset Matters more than Skill Sets. 4.The Growth Mindset Creates Optionality 5.Think Analogically 6.Develop a Barbell Risk Profile 7.Pursue Personal Growth Tweetable Truths on Skill Sets and Mindset
  60. 60. Lets Keep Talking! Lee Aase (@LeeAase) Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (#MCSMN)