Sketching User Experience—Video Sketching

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Sketching User Experience Justin Lee
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Transcript of Sketching User Experience—Video Sketching

  • 1. Sketching User ExperienceJustin Lee

2. Asus ID Team Innovation LabUI[email protected] 3. My career graphic designer web designer ash deseloper=designer+developer design researcher user experience designer innovation researcher user experience design director 4. Bill BuxtonPrincipal ResearcherMicrosoft Research 5. The Dynamics of the Design Funnel Sketch idea PrototypeUsabilityReference: Sketching User Experiences (Bill Buxton, 2007) 6. The Sketch to Prototype ContinuumReference: Sketching User Experiences (Bill Buxton, 2007) 7. From Sketching to Prototyping Sketching Prototyping Design as Branching Prototyping as IterativeExploration and ComparisonIncremental RenementReference: Sketching User Experiences (Bill Buxton, 2007) 8. Dont forget state transitionReference: Street Fighter movie storyboard (2008) 9. Finite State MachineState Transition(Finite State Machine) 10. Combine wireframes, states and transitions wireframe statetransitionReference: Sketching User Experiences (Bill Buxton, 2007) 11. Sketch Tips:Create Video Sketch with Low-tech 12. Create the Shot video andremove unwanted transition 13. Design should be an Iterative Processidea ideaideaReference: Sketching User Experiences (Bill Buxton, 2007) 14. The Benet of Video Sketching1. Easy to Communication.2. No programming or video edition skill needed.3. High-speed production. 15. Reference Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design Bill Buxton (2007) 16. Thank You!