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Sitecore Modules. Can BIG become BIGGER ?. SPEAKER Kris Verheire. Sitecore Modules - Agenda. What is the idea behind modules in Sitecore? Where can modules be found or researched? Some of the arguments with regards to the different approaches to modules. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Sitecore Modules

Sitecore Modules

Sitecore ModulesCan BIG become BIGGER ?

SPEAKERKris Verheire

Sitecore Modules - AgendaWhat is the idea behind modules in Sitecore?Where can modules be found or researched?Some of the arguments with regards to the different approaches to modules.A selection of the most prominent modulesFuture of modules / Sitecore strategyQ&A

What is the idea behind modules?

Drupal and modules ? A lot of modules but very hard to find the correct ones4What is the idea behind modules?Modules on Sitecore are developed as catalysts for your solutionCan provide substantial aid for developmentSpeed up content editing processSimplify analytics and/or marketing tasks

Sitecore has not been developing new functional modules but rather places its focus on their Core product (CMS+ DMS).Custom developed modules can freely be contributed to the Sitecore Marketplace as proof of implementation prowess, or to speed up general Sitecore development.

Custom development allows to reflect on specific functionalities that can prove to be very valuable5What is the idea behind modules?Sitecore has a strong focusCMS (Content, Search, Editing, Publishing, Versions, Languages, )DMS (Analytics, Profiling, Personalization, MV-testing, )Configurable and expandable (Events, Pipelines, )

Additional functional requirements are often Business specific (Event overview, calendar functionality)Integration specific (CRM/ERP integrations, legacy system integrations)Recurring web 2.0 features (Blog, Forum, Online forms, Poll, Chat)

Where can we find Modules

Where can we find ModulesSitecore MarketplaceSitecore Developer NetworkCustom/Internal developmentSitecore Marketplace

Sitecore Marketplace

Platform provided by SitecoreEveryone can make contributionsHelps structure and categorize available modulesContains modules contributed by Sitecore as well

Sitecore MarketplaceProsExtensive, 350+ modules listedFree of chargeWell structured & easy to searchModules can beRecommendedRatedReviewedCommented on

ConsModule are often discardedNo clear indication whether or not modules are version independentNo Sitecore strategySupport of discarded modules?Adopt good approachesAdvise on top modules

Sitecore Developer Network

Sitecore Developer Network

Modules built by SitecoreBest-practice modules, fully supported by SitecoreActive products that integrate perfectly into the CMS

Sitecore Developer NetworkModules kept up to date across all versionsGood support and informationSeamlessly integrated with DMSWell documented with clear release notes and updates

Limited amount of modulesSlow adoption of end-user feature requirementsOne-time fee and/or subscription based modules, not always freeNo system that allows for rating or commenting on a module

ProsConsCustom/Internal development

Custom/Internal developmentModules built internally by either the company or implementation partnerOften very customer or project specificDanger for one-shot modulesNo updatesNo further module evolutionFixed within time and budget of project

Custom/Internal developmentModules implementation fits the needs perfectlyModules can be combined into a re-usable library of building blocksStrong in-house knowledge, easy to modifyIf reusable, strong ROI

Price heavy depending on complexityOverhead of managing and updating the moduleModules are often one-shot, no re-use possible.

ProsConsSome eye-catching modules

Top marketplace modulesSitecore Instance ManagerSitecore CourierSitecore Unicorn

SBOS AcceleratorsExperience Explorer

Log Analyzer


Advanced System Reporter

Module: Sitecore Instance Manager (SIM)Allows for fast installation & management of Sitecore instancesComes with an API and plugin engine

Made by SitecoreMeant for Sitecore developersUp-to-date module usable from Sitecore 6.x and up

Module: CourierUsed for creation of Sitecore Update PackagesCompares serialization folders Folders created using the Serialization API

Shared SourceMeant for Sitecore developers

Module: UnicornAutomatic serialization of Sitecore itemsUses the Sitecore Serialization APIAllows for source control on specific items

Shared SourceMeant for Sitecore developers

Module: Sitecore Log Analyzer (SCLA)Helps analyze and explore large log filesInsight into website uptime and downtime

Made by SitecoreMeant for Sitecore administrators and developers

Module: WeBlogAllows for quick & non-obtrusive Blog creationFeature-rich blog modulePage-editor supportedComments with workflowsSocial sharing

Shared SourceMeant for marketers and developers

Module: Advanced System Reporter (ASR)Expands on the available reports in Sitecore

Shared SourceMeant for Sitecore administrators and developers

Module: SBOS AcceleratorsSitecore DMS enhancement setPersonalization trackerActual conversions reportHistorical conditional renderingCampaign tracking on AliasesMeasurement types for multivariate testing

Made by SitecoreMeant for marketers and developers

Module: Experience ExplorerAllows for simulation of the DMS systemEnables marketers to test online marketing strategyPart of Sitecore for versions 7.2 and up.

Made by SitecoreMeant for marketers and developers

Future of modules / Sitecore strategy

Future of marketplaceSitecore input received by

Pieter Brinckman Technical Marketing Manager - [email protected] Overby Shared Source Coordinator [email protected]

Future of marketplaceThe Sitecore Marketplace is a first effort.A dedicated development team is working on multiple outgoing sites for the development community ->

Future of marketplaceThe Sitecore Marketplace is a first effort.A dedicated development team is working on multiple outgoing sites for the development community -> specification for the Marketplace update are based on the community feedback and Sitecore MVPs.Code sharing is key to success for both Sitecore and their partners.

Intent is set on Marketplace growth and enhancementSitecore StrategyWill shared modules ever serve as the basis for new functionalities or modules ?

Sitecore is well aware of the existing modulesThere is however, never any intent of copying ideasCommunity movements serve as a source of inspiration howeverSitecore reaches out to contributorsThrough meetings Sitecore can discuss ideas and help on the module

Sitecore StrategyWill shared modules ever be merged into the Sitecore product ?

NoMerging could create a conflict of interest and remove the community powerFurthermore, modules could forkMultiple similar modulesHarder load on communityLess clarity on module choicesHard to extend and enhance the module

Code ownership is kept in mind. We want to motivate to create modules Sitecore StrategyAre new SDN modules in the pipeline ?

YesUpcoming next releases will give more insightA number of valuable and cool announcements will be made during the Sitecore Symposium in Barcelona 15-17 September Q&AContact: [email protected]:

Contact SUG-BELUX directly: [email protected]: