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Sita School Update. Manish R Babladi Asha -SV March 28, 2012. Background . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sita School Update

Sita School UpdateManish R BabladiAsha-SVMarch 28, 2012Background Sita School started in 1975 at Dasarahalli (Bangalore district) to address the problem of many local children not going to school and dropping out of school for lack of money or flexibility in mainstream schools to accommodate children with special needsAt Sita School, children can enter at any level and are encouraged to learn at own pace without exam pressure with emphasis of practical work, observation, and experimentationIn addition to learning mainstream education like math, science, social studies, children also learn clay work, tailoring, needlework, printing, first aid, food, health, gardening etc.School tries to focus on childs imagination by cultivating in them a sense of wonder, appreciation of surroundings, health, nature respect for one another and environmentThus, preparing many children either to enter mainstream education at high school stage or enabling them acquire skills to improve quality of life as they growLink:

BackgroundTotal number of children: 36Two 2 to 3 years Around fifteen below 10 yearsAround fifteen ~10 yearsOne kid ~13 years

Children come in at 8AM and start with cleaning, community work, games etc before class startPrayer at 9:30AMClasses from 9:45AM to 3:30PMElder kids stay until 5PM for quite readingAll kids get ragi malt drink at 11AM, lunch break at 1PM and snack at 3:30PMComputer sessions are held on Mondays and Tuesdays

Recent Update (Oct 2011 Jan 2012)Diwali was celebrated in Nov 2011. Children prepared lanterns and built a fort. Drama was held

Christmas celebrated in Dec 2011. Children prepared crafts, clay animals and crib with bricks, straw, bamboo and coconut leaves. Drama was held in which all children participated

Children were presented geography of Karnatake state and interactive sessions were held by Jane and Kamala. For e.g., slides of Malnad was shown and asked Which things are grown in the hills or Why cant tea be grown in Silvepura etc. etc.

Recent Update (Oct 2011 Jan 2012)Friday free choice activities. Very popular among children.Few children spent time learning relationship between electricity and magnetism Few children used waste lying around to make homesFew children made jewelry and beadsComputer classes. Children learnt about animating a Chinese story by creating painting and voice and combining them using computer Moe a volunteer from Japan is teaching children some origami. She has been working for last 5 years teaching adults with learning disabilities in UKLink:

2011-2012 Budget

2011-2012 Budget

BudgetAsha-Blore disbursed Rs 2,85,800 as first installment and Rs 1,24,200 as second installment recently

Asha-SV needs to disburse Rs 1,61,600 (80% of Rs 2,02,000)