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Social Innovation Program

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Social Innovation Program

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“My experience at the Social Innovations Program has been invaluable. I gained lifelong friendships and hands-on business and consulting skills...this is an amazing opportunity to network with professors, CEOs and community organizers” - Khadijah Hall (’11)

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“...the team from SIP were a wonderful asset for ACTS [of Prince William County]...They listened to our needs and suggestions and created a plan that stretched our imagination, but is very practical and within our means... This professional effort by the SIP team on our behalf saved us countless headaches and work hours” - Frances Harris, ACTS Executive Director

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“The diversity and community of students was amazing. I met people in fields from Nursing to Interior Design who wanted to use their skills to make a difference. During the team training portion, I was energized by the fact we were helping real organizations solve real problems” - Amber Thichangthong (’11)

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We look forward to seeing you this summer!