Single artwork back cover artwork and single advert

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Single artwork back cover artwork and Single advert analysis Amani Nyeila How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
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  • 1. How effective is thecombination of your mainproduct and ancillarytexts?Amani Nyeila

2. The final products... 3. Cover analysis & ExamplesTo make the image ofsarz more aestheticallyinteresting I put acartoon affect on him. This a portrait affect I put on London scenery. Sarz is proud to be from London so I incorporated it into the art work.The SARZ Igave wings toSnapback caps, a Indicating there willshow him ascommon accessorybe swearingan artist is fly amongst rappers . throughout themeaning good.mixtape. 4. Back Cover & ExamplesThe back cover I have not made over intricate. This isbecause I noticed thatgenerally it is on image or justa background so you focus onthe track list. The image of Sarz has been added for an aesthetic addition.I included contact details and ways to reach out to As Sarz becomes a bigger artistthe artist. This is becausehe ay be signed so the record he is unsigned and label graphic may too be onsomeone who could the back. As you can see in my influence his career mayexamples these signed artistshave stumbled across theall have that.tape. 5. Magazine Advert & Examples I added facebook &twitter symbols to indicate to the viewer there are various ways to find out about the mixtape. Another convention I found, which is putting an image behind the letters adding an interesting affect. Adding the artwork is also conventional. It allows the audience to see it prior to purchasing. Having the release date is vitally important. 6. Inside cover and Examples This is the final piece of art work that I constructed. This is the inside cover where the cd will lay. Here I have found an example of an artist called Rick Rosss inside cover and cd. 7. Combination of Ancillary TextsTogether my group and I used parts ofall of our designs and decided on thefinal artwork pieces. We made surethat similar themes were usedthroughout so that when they are puttogether it would easily blend.