Simplifying EHR documentation The tricks of trade for your practice

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Simplifying EHR documentation The tricks of trade for your practice

Transcript of Simplifying EHR documentation The tricks of trade for your practice

  • Simplifying EHR documentation The tricks of trade for your practice CureMD Healthcare
  • EHR Documentation Heres what you need to do to simplify and expedite EHR documentation at your practice Training Just as a heart surgeon has been trained to perform a coronary artery bypass, and a gynecologist a caesarian section, your staff must be trained on how to document information using the EHR Arrange training sittings, demos and information sessions with EHR vendors and healthcare professionals to acquaint all relevant employees (including you) with the new system
  • EHR Documentation Leader of the pack Once the relevant personnel have a basic know how of documenting EHR, select someone to head, a physician champion for example, to keep tabs on EHR documentation proceedings This way the proceedings will work in a more systematic way, causing the efficiency of the practice as a whole to significantly rise
  • EHR Documentation Getting rid of paper Once these basic mechanisms are in order, the process of digitalizing the old records must begin By doing so, you will become more accustomed to the EHR templates, forms and entering clinical data such as patient allergy information, demographics etc To lessen the burden, you can distribute the task to several staff members via secure logins resultantly saving time Now when you have to document entries for new patients youll already be experienced in documenting EHR data Moreover, as basic information and demographics for the older patients will already be online, you wont have to re- enter information
  • EHR Documentation Pre-entry, scribes and voice recognition software Pre-entry You could get your receptionist, nurse or assistant to enter the patients initial information including basic information and what theyre feeling before you walk in for the diagnosis This way, youll have all the information you need on a screen in front of you and you can proceed to the actual diagnosis within minutes, if not immediately You yourself could focus on patient notes rather than the mundane task of patient data entry
  • EHR Documentation Scribes For physicians who feel that EHR decreases their focus on the patients, there has been an increased usage of scribes who document for the physicians in addition to briefing them on patient history for recurring patients Moreover, a scribe could also help identify an error or a shortcoming that you might have overlooked Although with the convenience scribes offer comes the added cost of hiring them. Moreover, patient comfort levels could fall with another person in the room
  • EHR Documentation Voice recognition software With benefits similar to scribes in the form of increased patient focus and an added advantage of allowing instant review of the case, such software can be purchased and integrated with the HER Many efficient and accurate transcription devices have been introduced in the market with an average speed of 160 words per minute and accuracy in the 98% to 99% range
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