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Short ver. report by Andreas Halonen 2009info@bloodmoon.seIntroductionThis report will inform you about Silent hill homecoming for Playstation 3 and a bit of game history. I have always been intrigued by the little town of Silent hill and the people that live in it or just pass through it. There is so much evil that fits inside this small ghost town. I love the environments, sound and atmosphere the game offers you while playing and lingers with you when you turn off the game. Silent hill follows you where ever you go and that makes the game experience so much more alive.

I have decided to try and give the perspective of a long time game player and a Silent hill fan. I myself have mostly played Silent hill one and two before playing Homecoming that is the fifth in the original series. I hope you will be interested to try the game after you read this report.

Silent Hill in the beginningThe story of Silent hill began in 1999 when the first game was released called Silent hill for Playstation one. Konami presented it like a survival horror game and Silent hills followers grew with every title released. The most popular titles are Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3 the odd one out is Silent hill 4 The Room that wasnt the same success as the first three and made the series lose some fans.

Silent hill The gameAll Silent hill games take place in several realities one more normal with a thick mist covering town and one dark and deranged the city and places are the same but still they look very different the dark side of Silent hill is filled with blood and gore and mutant monsters. Our hero Alex and his brother Josh that your searching for.

The peopleIn all the games you meet people from town or members of the police force. Homecoming is no different here you meet old childhood friends, people from Shepherds Glenn and your mother who still lives in town. In homecoming you can for the first time in the series, you may select responses when engaging in dialogue with other characters that Alex encounters in the game, which in turn may affect how you will see the plot unfold. Here is a childhood friend and a villager living in Shepherds Glenn.

PuzzlesA big part of Silent Hill is small puzzles or quests to be able to get forward in the game you have to solve them. Often you really have to bend your mind to be able to crack the puzzle and get past the problem.

Here are two pictures of what the puzzles might look like.

The game playIn homecoming you use a new fight system with fast and weak attack, strong and slow attack and dodge this allows the game play to become more versatile and gives the player an opportunity to fight in a more advanced way with different styles and combinations. At the same time the developers made the monster in Silent hill more aggressive to even out the balance while fighting. In earlier Silent hill games monster had a more pattern like movement so you could easily predict and what the monster would do after a while of playing.Here is a picture with our hero character Alex fighting an evil nurse.

The environmentWhen exploring Silent hill or Shepherds Glenn you will experience a few different areas most of the time you will run around on the city streets and inside schools and hospitals. The way the town looks depends if you are in the normal realm or the darker one this varies from time to time. Of course you will be presented graveyards, shops, junkyards and other houses. When you are in town and try to leave the town you will see that it wont let you leave and you will find that the street ends in a ravine.Here a picture of a typical street

The monstersIn the game you will encounter a lot of different creatures and mutant people few things that has followed Silent hill though out the years thats the Nurses and fleshy feral dogs. In homecoming you will encounter both these and Lurkers and much more. Monsters can hide in houses, water, small holes and almost everywhere so you are always hunted, and remember your radio so you know when something is coming for you in the dark and misty town. Here are pictures of a fleshy feral dog and a Lurker.

The musicMusic and sound has always been a large part of Silent hill and a part that makes the game play even scarier, since the sound is so well designed and placed just right to make your spine chill when you least expect it. Akira Yamaoka returned from the past Konami team for the Silent hill series to be the game's producer for homecoming, as well as to create both music and sound effects for the game. Akira Yamaoka has been the music designer though out all the different Silent hill games. Akira has been the primary contact between Double Helix in USA and the Konami studios in Japan with the collaboration that took place making Silent hill homecoming. This is the first time Konami has joined forces with a western company and makes a great fusion for future collaborations.

The Bogey man of Silent hillEvery story needs a character thats in the center of attention and Pyramid head is the one in this series. Hes very evil and he is the one who brings the darkness to Silent hill and Shepherds Glenn you can often hear him in the darkness dragging his huge knife against the floor. Pyramid Head is one of the few monsters thats portrayed with very masculine appearance. He resembles a tall, pale, muscular man covered with a white, blood-soaked robe reminiscent of a butcher's smock. His most outstanding feature is a large, red, triangular helmet that covers his head completely and his very large knife of course. Here is a picture of Pyramid head from the Silent hill the movie.

Save symbols of the game and inventoryWhen you find a room with this special symbol on the wall is to know that you are safe for now and may save the progress you have made so far.This symbol indicates that your ok and may rest a bit

ConclusionsAs an experienced survival horror enthusiast I must say I really like Silent hill homecoming they have grasped much of the details Im looking for when playing. Great graphics, music and sound, game play and well designed environments. I my own mind Silent hill really fill the need of todays survival horror game demands and should be played by many people. (I recommend that young persons and people with heart problems stay away from the game thought). Silent hill comes with an age marking of 18+ so young people should not play it. I know I would play it still if I were under 18 but the marking is just a recommendation.

Thank you for reading.If you are more intressted please read the full report.Your author Andreas Halonen 2009/05/29If you have comments on the report please let me know you can reach me at: or