Siberia, Frozen in time.

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We wanted to give Siberia a new personality in order to attract more people to go visit.

Transcript of Siberia, Frozen in time.

  • 1. frozen in timefrozen in timeFrozen in time lies a land untouched by man, showcasing the natural beauty ofearth. Strap on your boots and get ready for the adventure that will become thestory of your life.

2. frozen in timefrozen in time There is a reason Russians are so gnarly and can manage to drink entire bottles of vodka to themselves without a drop of a chaser. It takes a lot more than a fanny pack and a map to survive this wilderness and gain bragging rights. 3. frozen in timefrozen in time AUDIENCEWe are looking for people who are adventurous and love being challenged to their wits end.ensure that you have a decent knowledge of survival techniques and are capable of runningwhen the wolves start hunting you for food. 4. frozen in timefrozen in time HISTORY Siberians are amongst the grizzliest people in Russia. They are tough enough to survive sub-arctic temperatures while defending themselves against foreign invaders. 5. frozen in timefrozen in timeA frozen gem on the edge of the earth, Siberia is one of natures most preserved wonderlands. It is amystery how such a desolate place could be teeming with so many outlandish destinations. 6. frozen in timefrozen in time SUPPLIES-Camelback and water purifier-Buck Knife: for killing dinner-Sleeping Bag: The Siberian love sack-Flair: Hopefully someone is within 50 miles of you-Compass: To find your way home-Double-barrel Shotgun: In case you lose both of your feet to frostbite-Toilet Paper: Youre not a complete animal out here 7. frozen in timefrozen in timeEXPECTATIONSYou will soon be embarking on one of the most fascinating journeys at the very edge of theearth. First off, make sure you are both mentally and physically prepared for everything thatthe Siberian weather and conditions may dish out. 8. frozen in timefrozen in time DESTINATIONSNo one can argue that they have seen better than the deepest lake, thebiggest diamond mine, the largest crater and the most unique culture inthe world. And if you dont end up making it back home, at least your lastbreath was of fresh air and a beautiful view untouched by man. 9. frozen in timefrozen in time 10. frozen in timefrozen in time TRANSPORTATIONYou can either ride the Trans-Siberian railroad comfortably, or take a hikein the frozen wilderness of Siberia. Either way, the distance to be coveredmight be more than you can handle. 11. frozen in timefrozen in time ITINEARYAn unconventional trip that will make your bones ache from the cold, but keep yourheart racing with adrenaline. With each dawn new undertakings will unveil. 12. frozen in timefrozen in time 13. frozen in timefrozen in time 14. frozen in timefrozen in time 15. frozen in timefrozen in time PROMO A journal written in the bitter cold of Siberia, enticing the reader to embark on an adventure.