Should B2B Marketers Ignore Personal Email Addresses?

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Should you throw away those personal email addresses in your B2B database? We look at a recent study from Eloqua and walk you through reproducing the data in Marketo

Transcript of Should B2B Marketers Ignore Personal Email Addresses?

  • 1.Should B2B Marketers Ignore Personal Email Addresses? - How to Answer in Marketo

2. AboutAboutAbout Beachhead Contact us email: [email protected] A marketing agency founded to help B2B marketers adapt to the changing world of marketing technology. Learn more at 3. Should you ignore Personal Email Addresses in your Marketo instance? Back to the Question: 4. Eloqua Study Personal email addresses show higher percentages in: Leads created Forms submitted CTR on emails Multiple website visits Multiple email opens 5. But Is it True? The Rule of Thumb Possible Bias in Eloqua Data Your prospects give you a personal email address for fear of spam These addresses often are accounts only used for spam, so they rarely get checked Did they exclude list purchases? These will be lower quality, make business emails look worse Did they exclude seed lists? These might include personal addresses, will make personal addresses look better 6. When in doubt, check your data 7. How To Check Your Marketo Database What youll need Qty Names Smart List 1 Personal Email Addresses Email Performance Report 2 Email Performance Personal Email Performance Business Leads by Lead Source Report 2 Lead Performance Personal Lead Performance Business 8. How To Check Your Marketo Database 1. Create smart list 2. Create four reports 3. Compare numbers 25 Minutes 9. Build Your Smart List 10. Build Your Smart List Generally dont include the .com as this will ignore and others 11. Email Performance Personal Accounts Go with a year of data for every report 12. Email Performance Personal Accounts 13. Email Performance Business Accounts 14. Lead Performance - Personal 15. Lead Performance - Business 16. Compare Numbers in Excel Export reports Paste Total lines into same tab 17. Out Client Meta - Analysis 1.07% 9.39% 11.39% 0.63% 8.76% 7.17% 0.00% 2.00% 4.00% 6.00% 8.00% 10.00% 12.00% % Emails Clicked % Emails Opened Click-Open % PortionofSegmentshowingBehavior Measure of Engagement Personal Email Addresses Business Email Addresses Slightly more engagement among personal email addresses 18. Dont Forget! Exclude list purchases (they rarely contain personal addresses) Exclude seed lists (might show higher engagement) 19. And If you send useful emails content, none of this matters 20. Contact us email: [email protected] Subscribe to Interested in learning more? Visit our blogs at 21. THANK YOU If you have any question THANK YOU If you have any question Contact Us email: [email protected]