She's not a real avatar? Learning without teachers in virtual reality

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She's not a real avatar? Learning without teachers in virtual reality by Sally Langer A SLanguages 2009 Presentation

Transcript of She's not a real avatar? Learning without teachers in virtual reality

  • Shes not a real avatar?Learning without teachers in virtual realityShes not a real avatar?Learning without teachers in virtual reality

  • An Informal learning program

  • ...Language learning in isolation is impossible. Computers, books and television can provide practice, explanations, a few rules or vocabulary items, but only human beings can add the ingredients that make language something more than a limited stagnant code...Susan Schaller - A man without words

  • Why is language taught in a classroom?ConvenienceTraditionResourcesStudent expectations

    Where else can language be learned?

  • The big bangFunctional characters

  • Age: 48

    Appearance: Millie looks her age. She dresses Laura Ashley and struggles with her weight.

    Demeanor: Millie is warm, caring, and motherly.

    Functional/occupational attribute: Millie owns and manages the caf, Conversations.

    Objectives: Millie is always working to get more customers. She really wants her caf to be a special place for her customers. She wants them to feel comfortable and to think of the conversation caf as their home away from home.

    Interests/hobbies/expertise: Millie has a passion for travel, but as an arm chair travelerShe has never been on a plane or more than a 3 hour drive. She reads all sorts of travel magazines and books and is constantly planning her next big trip. Millie loves to talk about the weather and has been studying meteorology of late. Never at a loss to share her recipes, Millie is a baker extraordinaire.

    Personal/Family: Millie has 2 children: Tommy (her sunshine) and Sarah. Tommy is studying meteorology at the University of Hawaii. Sarah is pre-med at a college an hour away from home.

    Narrative: Emotionally, psychologically, and financially, Millie needs her caf to be successful.Millie Eames - Caf Manager

  • Kent Fromundformally knownas JohnathonShellman

    Griffin Morrisey

  • Judith

  • Plots and backstories - some negatives and positivesThe wow factorFriendliness and professionalism

    Students reactions

  • Actor created activitiesActivities created by the actors

  • Lack of teacher like skills in the actorsMixed levels and the technological catch 22The schedule and student expectations

  • Clear statements of skills to be practicedClear contextual areasAdaptable and recyclable contentLevel appropriate contentActivity criteria

  • The big bangFunctional charactersBackstories and plotsActor created activitiesRecyclable activities

  • Success factorsTotal immersion without travelingProfessional and friendly native speakersThe wow factorAvatar helps to overcome shyness and embarrassmentActivities

  • The future of virtual immersionBetter technologyAuthentic communities of language speakers

  • Lowri Mills - City [email protected] and further informationSally LangerSL Salsita [email protected]://

  • slanguages.netSLanguages 2009This presentation was given at SLanguages 2009The Conference for Language Education in Virtual Worlds