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  • Sheffler Update[9/5/2013 3:41:09 PM] Sheffler Update September 2013 Ivory Coast Christian Mission Equipping Leaders to Train More Leaders Bob & Connie Sheffler sponsors of Christian Leadership Training Institute Grassroots Leadership Development Dear Friends and Supporters There is much to report! I will try to be brief, but please take time to read each report. HAITI I am greatly encouraged by the prospects of establishing a TEE program in the Fond des Blancs area, 75 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Abner Noza and most of his siblings left this area years ago to seek a better life. Brother Noza became a taxi driver in Washington DC. He is retired, but occasionally drives to supplement his income. Subscribe Share Past Issues RSSTranslate
  • Sheffler Update[9/5/2013 3:41:09 PM] (short-term mission team members working with teachers in one of the classrooms) Twenty-five years ago Brother Noza felt God calling him to help his people. He started the GSI Haiti Mission. He became a certified pastor in Haiti. Over the years he raised money to start Gethsemane Church and School in his home community. The church is well established. The school children meet under frames covered with canvas. However a massive foundation with some finished walls await funds to be completed. The church and school are impacting the community and have a great future.
  • Sheffler Update[9/5/2013 3:41:09 PM] (foundation and walls for future classrooms) The mission is reaching out to help all churches in the region. I presented the TEE method of leadership development to sixteen leaders to see if they were interested. They came from two associations of churches in the region with a combined membership of 40 churches.
  • Sheffler Update[9/5/2013 3:41:09 PM] (Bob preparing to teach) Their response was very positive. An ad-hoc committee was established to promote the program, develop some basic policies to get the program started, set up study groups and prepare for my next training seminar in February or March. At that time I will train the study group leaders for a pilot project of 6 or 7 classes. I will meet with the members of the two church associations and invite them to become a part of the program. We want this to be a grassroots training program that is owned and operated by the local leaders. Three of my TEE course books have been translated into Haitian Creole by Amber Alexander and published by Literature and Teaching Ministries. The books have been well received, but are mostly used as Sunday School guides. I welcome this opportunity to set up a program that will use them for their intended purpose of developing church leadership using the three-step TEE method. NIGERIA
  • Sheffler Update[9/5/2013 3:41:09 PM] (one of the youth discussion groups) The annual youth camp of the Christian Churches was held in August. Both Spiritual and Physical needs were addressed. The theme of the four day youth camp was WHO IS A TRUE BELIEVER? Stewardship, righteousness and Christian discipline were among the spiritual topics covered. The impact of information technology, drug abuse and healthy living dealt with the physical challenges youth face. They were taught to bake cakes, make bread and be self-reliant in order to have a holistic development in their life. Prayer night focused on dedicating one's life to God. The youth were greatly impacted and went away rejoicing saying it was the best camp ever organized. The youth ministry in Nigeria is focused on giving youth a balanced knowledge of success in life and in godliness based on 3 John 2. The goal is to train youth to be effective workers in the vineyard of God and to reach more youth who are dying in their sins. IVORY COAST Roujee Morris and his wife Juliet recently returned from their visit to the USA. They visited with their children, grandchildren and family members whom they had not seen for a long time. They reported to their supporters. Their son Easton graduated from college while they were here. While
  • Sheffler Update[9/5/2013 3:41:09 PM] they were gone, someone tried to break into their home, and one of the TEE students died unexpectedly. They thank God and their supporters for the encouraging visit to USA. They request your prayers for their son to find a job and that their daughter be able to cope as a single mother. GHANA The self-reliant tractor project recently received a generous donation bringing the fund to over $5,500. The total amount needed is about $18,000. It would be great to have this project completed by February so the equipment can be purchased in time for the farming season in the March. PRAISE AND PRAYER REQUESTS 1. Thank God for the successful youth camp in Nigeria. 2. Thank God for the opportunity to establish a leadership development program in Fond des Blancs, Haiti. 3. Thank God for the successful visit of Roujee and Juliet Morris to the USA. 4. Pray for Roujee and Juliet's son and daughter as they continue life in the USA while their parents are serving in Ivory Coast. 5. Pray for the Christian youth of Nigeria. Pray that they will be strong spiritually and all other ways so they can build the Kingdom in Nigeria. 6. Pray for the ad-hoc committee in Haiti that they will be wise and serious in their responsibilities as they prepare for Bob's return visit in February or March. 7. Pray for the USA. We need wise leadership in our government as the nation faces many challenges. We also need a spiritual revival. As I read the prophet Jeremiah, I am reminded that our nation is turning away from God just like Israel did. 8. Pray for bob as he travels to Ghana for the annual board meeting of the Institute, Sept. 10-19, and to Tamale, Ghana for meetings. forward to a friend
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