She Loves Me. She Loves Me Not.

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She Loves Me. She Loves Me Not. You did it! You're the best!. Game Over Man…. I'm finished!. You got it! Click here to return to the board. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of She Loves Me. She Loves Me Not.

  • Game Over Man

  • These governments own many of the larger industries and provide education, health and welfare services while allowing citizens some economic choicesRepublicMonarchySocialismTheocracy

  • That is incorrect.The description of the government is based on Socialism.

  • In a _____ country, the government owns all businesses and farms and provides its peoples healthcare, education and welfare.RepublicMonarchySocialismCommunism

  • That is incorrect.The description the government is based on is Communism.

  • A situation where there is no government. This can happen after a civil war in a country, when a government has been destroyed and rival groups are fighting to take its place.AnarchyAutocracyOligarchyRevolutionary

  • That is incorrect.The government is run by an Anarchy.

  • Led by representatives of the voters. Each is individually chosen for a set period of time.RepublicMonarchySocialismTheocracy

  • That is incorrect.The government is run by a Republic.

  • Has a king or queen, who sometimes has absolute power. Power is passed along through the familyRepublicMonarchySocialismTheocracy

  • That is incorrect.The government is run by a Monarchy.

  • Rule by a single political party. People are forced to do what the government tells them and may also be prevented from leaving the country.TheocracyTotalitarianDictatorshipCommunism

  • That is incorrect.The government is run by Totalitarianism.

  • A form of government where the rulers claim to be ruling on behalf of a set of religious ideas, or as direct agents of a deity.SocialismTheocracyTotalitarianDictatorship

  • That is incorrect.The government is run by a Theocracy.

  • Rule by a single leader who has not been elected and may use force to keep control. In a military ____, the army is in control. Usually there is little or no attention to public opinion or individual rights.TheocracyTotalitarianDictatorshipCommunism

  • That is incorrect.The government is run by a Dictatorship.

  • Government by a single person having unlimited power; despotism (domination through threat of punishment and violence).CommunismAnarchyAutocracyOligarchy

  • That is incorrect.The government is run by an Autocracy.

  • A government in which a few people such as a dominant clan or clique have power.AnarchyAutocracyOligarchyRevolutionary

  • That is incorrect.The government is run by an Oligarchy.

  • If a government is overthrown by force, the new ruling group is sometimes called a ______ government.AnarchyAutocracyOligarchyRevolutionary

  • That is incorrect.The government is then considered a Revolutionary government.

  • In a free-market country, people can own their own businesses and property. People can also buy services for private use, such as healthcare.SocialismTheocracyTotalitarianCapitalist

  • That is incorrect.The type of government is a Capitalist government.

  • The government is elected by the people. Everyone who is eligible to vote has a chance to have their say over who runs the country. It is distinct from governments controlled by a particular social class or group (aristocracy; oligarchy) or by a single person (despotism; dictatorship; monarchy).RepublicMonarchySocialismDemocracy

  • That is incorrect.The government type is a Democracy.

  • In which classroom is democracy practiced?Rm. 504CafeteriaCommonsRm. 305

  • That is incorrect.Come now children, is it really that hard?

  • Which is your favorite teacher (you have experienced)?Roald DahlAlbert EinsteinPtolomyMr. H

  • That is incorrect.Hint: I let you watch Puss n boots

  • She Loves MeBy:Brandon Hickey

    *Race N Review - Created by Lora ONeill 6/23/2007, email: [email protected] from Microsoft Clips OnlineMusic from To Setup Game (How to Edit):Click on the PowerPoint outline tab and edit the questions. To change the correct answers and the hints you must move items in groups. You must move:Answer: Clear square and Pink CircleHints: Pink X, Clear square and green lineRemaining choice: Clear square and Pink XThe easiest way to move these sets is to draw a box around the answer choice, starting in the grey work area then drag the group. Start with the Circle covering the current correct answer. Select and place the group right above the left hand corner of the slide. Rearrange the two green lines to the choices you want to have removed as hints and the last remaining incorrect answer. Finally go back and move the circle AND INVISIBLE SQUARE onto the correct answer.

    To Play Game:Choose a petal to remove from the flower. When the question appears, choose the correct answer. If you get it wrong and X will appear. If you would like a 50/50 ask for a hint. As soon as you get the correct answer a flower will fly in. Click on the flower to return to the original pluckable flower. The petal you chose should disappear. Now you can choose a new petal to pluck.When all petals have been removed, click Im Finished for the final message.