Shape your future, your organization, and your profession ... Shape your future, your organization,

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Transcript of Shape your future, your organization, and your profession ... Shape your future, your organization,

  • Shape your future, your organization, and your profession with a program targeted specifically to CPAs and delivered by leaders from Canada’s most innovative university.

    The Leadership and Business Innovation program will provide you with communication and interpersonal skills, innovative business ideas, and awareness of disruptive technologies to position you for the next stage of your career. We’ll help you look beyond the numbers to see business opportunities that will transform your organization.

    Through this modular nine-day program, which builds on your existing professional competencies, you’ll learn how to play an integral role in making new ideas a reality, shaping your future and reshaping the traditional image of a CPA.

    Delivered in an intimate group setting, this hands-on program draws from award winning faculty from three unique University of Waterloo resources.






    We are experts in business and

    entrepreneurship curriculum.


    We understand disruptive




    We are redefining education for accounting



    Howard Armitage

    Start Canada Entrepreneurship Education of the Year

    Marc Hurwitz

    Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs, Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology

    J. Mark Weber

    Eyton Director, Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre

    Nancy Vanden Bosch

    Stan Laiken Teaching Fellow, Associate Durector, Academic Programs, School of Accounting and Finance

    Paul Salvini

    CEO, Accelerator Centre & AVP, Research and Commercialization, University of Waterloo mailto:EXEC.ED@UWATERLOO.CA mailto:EXEC.ED@UWATERLOO.CA

  • Program Highlights

    How you benefit

    • Develop communication and negotiation skills needed to influence senior leaders and key stakeholders;

    • Acquire a design thinking toolkit that complements your data- based, analytical mindset;

    • Network with CPAs committed to becoming Canada’s next generation of business leaders;

    • Experience Waterloo’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, gaining inspiration from the range of startups, early stage growth ventures, and Communitech’s corporate innovation labs;

    • Receive University of Waterloo Certificate; • Learn and grow while fulfilling Continuing Professional

    Development (CPD) requirements.

    How your organization benefits

    • Build the leadership and communication skills you’ll need to introduce an innovation methodology across your organization;

    • Use our experiential modules to identify corporate opportunities and develop a potential new service or product;

    • Share inspiration and insights from your experience in Waterloo’s ecosystem with your colleagues, shaping your collective pursuit of transformational strategies.

    Who should attend

    • CPAs with 6-12 years of work experience; • Individuals viewed as top prospects for future leadership roles

    within their organizations; • Proven team players who ask for opportunities to have an impact

    on the organization’s success.




    Dates and Locations

    Module 1

    Toronto, Eaton Centre, Suite 115

    September 29, 30, October 1

    Module 2

    Waterloo, University of Waterloo

    October 20, 21, 22

    Module 3

    Toronto, Eaton Centre, Suite 115

    November 17, 18, 19


    $9,500 (CAD)+HST includes tuition, meals, guest speakers and course materials.

    Waterloo hotel package available upon request. mailto:EXEC.ED@UWATERLOO.CA mailto:EXEC.ED@UWATERLOO.CA

  • Program Overview

    Experience three, three-day modules (Friday-Sunday) over a two-month period. Engage in workshop discussions and activities, learning through experience. Then leverage opportunities during the weeks between modules to reinforce what you’re learning while at work.

    Module 1 Getting Started

    Module 2 Build Momentum

    Module 3 Deliver Results

    Module Dates September 29, 30, October 1

    October 20, 21, 22 November 17, 18, 19

    Location Toronto Waterloo Toronto

    Workshops & Faculty

    Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

    Situational Awareness & Change

    Behaviour & Team Decision-Making

    Leadership and Followership

    Mark Weber Marc Hurwitz

    Communications and Presentation Skills

    Difficult Conversation

    Mark Weber

    Negotiations Part 1

    Negotiations Part 2

    Mark Weber

    Business Innovation & Results

    Business Strategy: Risks & Opportunities

    Nancy Vanden Bosch

    Business Model Innovation

    Assumption Testing Not Capital Budgeting

    Nancy Vanden Bosch

    Measuring What Matters

    Howard Armitage

    Entrepreneurial Mindset and Technology Awareness

    Technology Disruption

    Big Technology Trends

    Paul Salvini

    Design Thinking & Evidence-based Decisions

    Holistic Innovation: More than Technology

    Paul Salvini

    Interacting with Entrepreneurial Companies

    Recruiting Talent: Motivation & Vocation

    Paul Salvini Mark Weber