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Not everyone in the sprawl relies on full-auto...


Hot on the heels of Target: Wastelands comes this expansion into the world of space vehicles

INFECTED GREETINGSGreeting card companies couldn't have such a rivalry. . . could they?


Table of ContentsContents Table of Editorial VerbiageNo Shadowrunning Shadowrun Seattle Expansion 1997 & 1998-1999 Compilations Submission GuidelinesThe Wantlist

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The Joy Of It AllTell It To Them Straight Hooks Behind The Scenes Debugging Picking Up The Pieces

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Shark BitesTell It To Them Straight Hooks Behind The Scenes Debugging

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GunslingersRoleplaying the Gunslinger New Social EdgeEvil Eye

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Picking Up The PiecesJoyCo JoyCo Matrix Sheaf Legwork Awarding Karma Cast of Characters

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New Mental FlawGunslinger Honor


Facedown Tests New Adept PowerStaredown

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Sample Gunslinger Optional Extras

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Places to Go, People to SeePeopleArgent Grant Illeanna Foxy Fox Abraham Jingo Maltese

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Into the Void: New Space VehiclesSpace Vehicle ConstructionSemiballistics and Suborbitals New Chassis Types New Power Plants New Quality Factors

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PlacesBSI Corporation Carls Specialty Ammunition Cold Blooded Food Storage Digital Horizons Matrix Design Sierra Travel Agency

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New VehiclesNew Vehicle Table New Power Plant Table New Chassis Table

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OrganizationsThe Returned


Infected GreetingsProloguePreparing To Play

10 Tai's Magical Goodies1010



The Fun BeginsWhats Up, Chummer? Tell It To Them Straight Hooks Behind The Scenes Debugging

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SpellsBreeze Chill Clean Dry Flavor Glue Stick Soak Warm Zip

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Did I Do That?Tell It To Them Straight Hooks Behind the Scenes Debugging

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Banishing Focus


The The Shadowrun Supplemental Shadowrun Supplemental


issue #18 Issue # 18

Editorial Verbiage Editorial VerbiageAdam Jury [ ]The last few months have been strange, busy as heck, and oh-so-cool. I abandoned Canada for the summer and stayed in Chicago for two months, attending both Origins and Gen Con and spending plenty of hours in the FanPro LLC office. Unfortunately I was so busy that I really didnt have much time to work on The Shadowrun Supplemental (I was in the office for three weeks before I had time to copy my CD-ROM of magazine files to the office computer to start working on them), so this issue is just slightly late. On the bright side, at both Origins and Gen Con I got to talk to some fans of the magazine, which is always nice. There are three big projects underway that Id like to briefly mention to readers of the magazine. will introduce new locations into Seattle, much like the original Seattle Sourcebook. It will also present plot updates and hooks for the districts throughout Seattle, gang and crime syndicate information, and general updates on the financial and political health of Seattle. This project was spearheaded by Paul Jensen, and without his hard work it would not be coming together as well as it is. We may need further submissions for this issue, and will post updates on our web site if we do. We hope to release the Seattle Expansion before the end of 2002.

1997 & 1998-1999 Compilations

No Shadowrunning Shadowrun

The first one is a plan to do a theme issue in an upcoming issue (probably not #19, but maybe #20) - the theme of No Shadowrunning Shadowrun. This issue will focus on alternate campaigns in the Sixth World (such as mercenary, Lone Star, and freelance criminal), real life gear, vehicles, consumer goods, and other world material that is relevant to more than just runners. For campaign styles that FASA or FanPro has covered in the pastsuch as mercenary campaigns, covered first in Fields of Fire and recently in State of the Art: 2063we would like to see some tracked adventures, in the style of Mob War or Blood in the Boardroom, as opposed to rehashing material that already exists. We are looking for submissions for the No Shadowrunning Shadowrun issueif you are interested in contributing, please check our website at, where we have some additional information on submitting articles for this issue.

Seattle Expansion

The second is a Seattle Expansion project, as yet untitled. It might be released as a regular issue, or it might be in addition to the normal issue schedule. This expansion

The final new project is a compilation project. This project has been in the planning stages for a long time, but is only coming to fruition now, and includes the re-editing and reformatting of the first 11 issues of the magazine (The issues published from 1997 through 1999) into two volumes; the first being all the issues from 1997 and the second being all the issues from 1998 and 1999. These volumes would be re-edited, re-organized, updated to Shadowrun Third Edition in some cases, made to look more like the modern issues of The Shadowrun Supplemental, and will be made available in both PDF and HTML format. The 1997 compilation may be released before the end of 2002. If you had material published in one or more of the first 11 issues of the magazine, and you haven't been in touch with us recently, please do email and let us know that you're alivewe'd like to talk about some things. Were not letting the normal runnings of the magazine slide for these projectsfuture issues will continue to be released as normal, and the success of the "No Shadowrunning Shadowrun" issue will help determine if we do other theme issues or focused mini-sourcebooks in the future. If you have any comments about the three above projects or about The Shadowrun Supplemental in general, please get in touch with us at to let us know what you think!

The Shadowrun Supplemental #18: September 2002Editor-in-Chief Adam Jury Assistant Editor Elissa Carey Lifesaver Pamela Zerbinos [ ] [ ] [ ] Interior Art Magmis Thor Jeff Preston [ ]

Cover Art Drea O'dare [ ]

Ryan Murphy [ ]

Global Staff Contact: [ ]

World Wide Web:

The The Shadowrun Supplemental Shadowrun Supplemental


issue #18 Issue # 18

Editorial VerbiageSubmission GuidelinesOur submission guidelines are also available on the web at

General Guidelines

The following guidelines apply for both written and artistic submissions. All submissions and submission inquiries should be sent by email to 1. All submissions should relate to Shadowrun in some way. Submissions that fit more generally in the cyberpunk genre may also be accepted, but submissions that are oriented toward other cyberpunk genre roleplaying games are probably better submitted to a magazine or website devoted to them. We prefer that submissions are original to The Shadowrun Supplementalthat is, that they havent seen widespread distribution on another website already. Were flexible, thoughif an article has been posted to a message board or mailing list so you can gather feedback on it, thats generally fine. When in doubt, ask us! 2. You must be the legal owner of the work to submit something, and you remain responsible for your work. 3. You retain all copyright to your material, but grant The Shadowrun Supplemental the right to edit your work before publication, and perpetual online rights to publish your work online and to edit/update it as necessary. 4. All submissions should include the authors email address and real name. Neither of them need to be published, but we need to have them. If you wish to have your email address suppressed or your work credited to a handle, include that information in your email message.

file. If you are unable to send a file in these formats, please email to ask for further instructions. If you have graphics that belong with the articlesuch as maps or character illustrations, please see the Art Submission guidelines. 3. Please keep formatting to your documents minimal bold, italics, and simple tables are fine and is generally all thats necessary. Do not uses spaces in your document to make tablesuse tabs. 4. If possible, please follow our Style Sheet, available at

Art Submissions

1. All submissions should be sent by email - please put [ART SUBMISSION] Name of Submission in the subject line of your email. For example: [ART SUBMISSION] Restaurant Maps. 2. All forms of artwork are acceptable hand drawn, computer generated, computer modified photographs, etc. 3. Images should be in at least 300DPI format, 150 minimum. .TIF format is preferred, but .GIF, .JPG, and .BMP are all acceptable. Please email to ask about other formats. 4. All graphics must include the artists signature or other defining mark.

The Wantlist

Some semi-specific things that we would like to see submitted for future issues of The Shadowrun Supplemental include: The Cluttered Datastore We're looking for gear of all kinds for this column! Tais Magical Goodies Our new/revived Magic column, home for spells, adept powers, totems, and other magical mayhem! Organization