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  • 8/10/2019 Shadowrun the Shadowrun Supplemental 016


    A Shadowtourist's Guide to BuffaloThe Big Apple isnt the only city

    worth watching in New York

    Statetake a look at what thewest side of the state has tooffer.

    RUNAWAYJOEThe Mafia and the Yakuza

    are temporarily united

    over love? And how does a

    group of runners fit into

    this mix?






    Cover Art by Drea ODare -
  • 8/10/2019 Shadowrun the Shadowrun Supplemental 016


    Editorial Verbiage

    2The Shadowrun SupplementalThe Shadowrun Supplemental issue#16Issue #16

    Editorial Verbiage 3Submission Guidelines 4

    The Wantlist 4

    A Shadowtourist's Guide to Buffalo 5Introduction 5

    History 5

    Facts at a Glance 6

    Government 7

    Climate 7Getting There 7

    Laws & Law Enforcement 7Weapons 7Cyberware & Other Implants 8Cyberdecks 8Illegal and Addictive Substances 8Medical Assistance 8Legal Assistance 8

    Getting Around 8Emergency Numbers 8

    Basic Buffalo Economics 9

    Services 9Buffalo Based Corporations 9

    Neighborhoods 9Downtown 9Fort Erie 9North Buffalo 10South Buffalo 10Southtowns 10Lockport 10Amherst 10Niagara Falls 10

    Entertainment 11

    Places of Interest 11Resturants and Bars 11Night Clubs 12Other Places of Internet 12

    Soy Processing Units 13SuunBeam 13

    Mr. and Mrs. Soy 13

    The VilliersWare Company 14

    Runaway Joe 15Act I: Things go From Bad . . . 15

    Whats Up Chummer? 15Tell it to Them Straight 15Hooks 16Pushing the Envelope 16Debugging 16

    Act II: . . . To Worse 17Whats Up Chummer? 17

    Tell It to Them Straight 17Hooks 18Pushing the Envelope 18Debugging 18

    Cast of Shadows 19Johnny Valentine 19Joe Valens 19Nakamura 19Bob the Ghoul 20Mafia Thugs (5) 20Yakuza Thugs (5) 20Yakuza Hit squad (3) 20

    The Corporate Review: Select Aviation 21Primary Business 21Corporate Structure 21

    Security 22

    Plot Hooks 22

    The Cluttered Datastore 23Weapons 23

    Ares Tommy Gun 23Ares Black Knight 23LEMP Grenades 24Chaff Grenades 24

    Gear 24Zap Patch 24

    SwiftOne Speaks 25Target: Awakened Lands 25

    Deutschland in den Schatten II 26

  • 8/10/2019 Shadowrun the Shadowrun Supplemental 016


    Editorial Verbiage

    3The Shadowrun SupplementalThe Shadowrun Supplemental issue#16Issue #16

    The Shadowrun Supplemental


    16: Noveber-December 2001StaffEditor-in-Chief: Adam Jury [ [email protected]]Assistant Editor: Elissa Carey [ [email protected]]Lifesaver: Pamela Zerbinos [ [email protected]]

    Contributing EditorsRobyn King-Nitschke [ [email protected] ]

    Cover ArtDrea ODare:[ [email protected] ]

    Interior ArtAlexandre van Chestein:[ [email protected] ]

    Global Staff Contact: [ [email protected]] World Wide Web:

    Editorial VerbiageAdam Jury [ adamj ]

    Okay, so I blew it. I was so happy about us gettingout issue#15 on time that I didn't concentrate enoughon the advance work that should have been done for#16, so that's what helped contribute to the delay. So in

    thisabbreviated for space concernsEditorialVerbiage, I'll explain exactly why the magazine gotpushed back, why we're pushing Issue #17 into January,and we'll look at some of the feedback from Issue #15.

    Doing a magazine isn't as simple as some peoplethink. It's not a simple project of building Issue #1, thenworking on #2, and #3 and on and on. You need to beworking on editing articles for #1, #2 and #3 whilesoliciting articles for #4, #5 and #6, and asking artists tocome up with art that fits with the articles you haveplanned for #1, #2 and #3, and you have to do all of thiswork for future issues while keeping a focus on gettingthe current issue ready for publication. And during all

    of this, you've got to watch the feedback coming in, sothe people who read #1, #8 and #14 are still going todownload #16.

    And when we re-launched the magazine in themonthly format with Issue #14, wemostly memadethe mistake of not working far enough ahead. So ourstack of unedited articles is quite large (Well, quitelarge compared to our normal stack... it's still not aslarge as I would like), and the stack of edited articlesis mostly depleted.

    We had to delay this issue to get it out on time

    quite simply, I've been bogged down with work, bothonline and off, and I just didn't have the time to finishthis issue on time. But we need to delay next issue also,to deal with that pesky pile of unedited articles. Oncewe've reduced that pile of articles down to the oneswe want to publish, then we can move forward withassigning them to issues, soliciting art, and doinglayout. Also, with (hopefully) no articles left in theunedited pile, it means authors will get feedback soonerafter sending their article in, because instead of goingto the bottom of a pile, it will go on top of an emptyone.

    I hope this adequately explains why we've had todelay this issue and the next issue. We're still in theprocess of learning new habits to accomodate the newschedule, and I'm in the process of unlearning bad

    habits that I learned in the first 13 issues of themagazine...

    Please note that none of the above means "We'reswamped with submissions and can't take anymore!"We're stillalwaysin need of submissions, especiallyfor our multi-author columns. Our backlog of unediteditems for The Cluttered Datastore, Tai's MagicalGoodies and Places to Go, People to See is also almostcompletely depleted, and we need submissions so thesearticles can continue appearing on a regular basis.

    On the feedback side, there seems to be a strongdemand for articles just about the world of Shadowrunand the things inside it. I think this issues article onSoy Processing Units and last issues article on Baseballin 2062 are the sort of things that people mean whenthey say "world" articles, although the term is ratherambiguous. Requests for "non-combat non-runninggear" are also fairly common.

    Also often requested are more NPCs and PlotHooks. We're going to hit this request in as many waysas possible: We're adding plot hooks to some articlesthat didn't have them previously (Like The Corporate

    Review and Places to Go, People To See.) Also, we'rehoping to publish more full-sized adventureseven ifyou don't use the adventure Runaway Joe in this issue,the four NPCs and three NPC archetypes on pages19-20 could be used in any other game session thatinvolves organized crime.

    Well, Ive run out of spaceenjoy the magazine!

    mailto:adam[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]://[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]://[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/10/2019 Shadowrun the Shadowrun Supplemental 016


    Editorial Verbiage

    4The Shadowrun SupplementalThe Shadowrun Supplemental issue#16Issue #16

    Submission GuidelinesOur submission guidelines are also available on the

    web at

    General GuidelinesThe following guidelines apply for both written

    and artistic submissions. All submissions andsubmission inquiries should be sent by email [email protected]

    1. All submissions should relate to Shadowrun insome way. Submissions that fit more generally in thecyberpunk genre may also be accepted, butsubmissions that are oriented toward other cyberpunkgenre roleplaying games are probably better submittedto a magazine or website devoted to them. We preferthat submissions are original to The ShadowrunSupplementalthat is, that they havent seenwidespread distribution on another website already.Were flexible, thoughif an article has been posted toa message board or mailing list so you can gather

    feedback on it, thats generally fine. When in doubt,ask us!2. You must be the legal owner of the work to

    submit something, and you remain responsible for yourwork.

    3. You retain all copyright to your material, butgrant The Shadowrun Supplemental the right to edityour work before publication, and perpetual onlinerights to publish your work online and to edit/updateit as necessary. You may republish any such materialonline, but we appreciate it if you give credit andprovide a link to The Shadowrun Supplemental as theoriginal place of publication.

    4. All submissions should include the authorsemail address and real name. Neither of them need to

    be published, but we need to have them. If you wish tohave your email address suppressed or your workcredited to a handle, include that information in youremail message.

    5. No payment or compensation is available(unfortunately) for authors or artists.

    6. All authors and artists should recieve an emailwithin 7 days about the status of the article. If you donot recieve a reply within 14 days please send a follow-up email to us.

    Written Submissions1. All submissions should be sent by email -

    please put [SUBMISSION] Name of Submission in thesubject line of your email. For example:[SUBMISSION] Firearm Prices the Sensible Way.

    2. Submissions should be either included in thebody of the email message, or attached as a .RTF, .DOC,or .TXT file. If you are unable to send a file in these

    formats, ple