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Shadowrun RPG zine

Transcript of Shadowrun the Shadowrun Supplemental 008

  • The ShadowrunSupplemental

    Issue #8

    Adam [email protected]

  • 2The Shadowrun Supplemental #8

    Editors NotesWelcome to issue #8 of The Shadowrun Supplemental! Thisissue comes out at the worst of times for me Final Tests.This means between spending time doing that horrible studyingstuff and actually attending all my classes, theres also the endof year and graduation parties.

    So this means I dont have as much time for Shadowrun or theinternet as I would like, but since its been a little more than 2months since #7, I figured its time to throw the submissionsinto the magazine that apparently a whole pile of people love!

    Two design notes Ive stopped using Bodini BT as the mainbody font in favour of Times New Roman, which looks betteronscreen and is more universal. Also, the large amount oftables and suchlike in some areas of the documents means thatthey occasionally become invisible in MS Word. To fix this,just minimize and then maximize the document, and it shouldclear up.

    Not much big news in this issue, although we do have the folksat Ral Partha bringing us excellent discounts on Shadowrun miniatures, this time with a slant towards the corporations, to tie inwith FASAs theme of the year!

    The Shadowrun Supplemental 1997 Compilation has been delayed again, and Im feeling apathetic towards the whole thing. Imight just wait for Shadowrun 3 to come out, then release all the issues in a compilation updated for Shadowrun 3 mechanics.

    And the Necromancy supplement is online at the TSS Productions web page, but has not yet made its way to DOC and PDFformat. Hopefully this will be done by sometime in July.

    Hellos and ThanksThe usual lot of my friends and supporters: Gurth, Elle, Dvixen, Adam, Skye, Pete, Dawn, Sunette, Dawn (A different one),Ashlocke Rick, Karen, Tobias, John, Barbie and as usual, everyone I forgot..

    A very special Get well soon babe! for Elle Holmes, AKA Lady Jestyr. She was in a serious accident several weeks ago andis currently in hospital. The staff of TSS and indeed the entire online Shadowrun community wants you to get well soon. Wemiss you!

    LegalitiesThis magazine is in no way endorsed nor produced by FASA Corporation. Shadowrun and Matrix, are copyrights of FASA(1998) Neither I, nor the authors of any individual pieces intend to infringe on FASA's intellectual property and rights.FASA has not read this material in advance, and as such, none of this material is approved by FASA.

    CopyrightsAll contents are copyright (1998) by their original authors. I (Adam Jury) retain the copyrights over the compilation ofmaterial.

    RedistributionThis magazine may not be reproduced in any other computer format without my permission, nor may it be archived on anyother computer system or internet site without my permission. Edited versions may not be distributed, it may be edited onlyfor your personal use and within your own gaming group. IE: You can edit out the reviews if you want to print a copy togive to your players, but you cant edit out the reviews and put it on your web site, send it to a friend, etc.

    The ShadowrunSupplemental

    Issue #8

    Published June, 1998

    Editor: Adam [email protected]

    Associate Editor: [email protected]

    (Whos hiding in Europe right now..)Artwork: Barry Beldam, JR.

    [email protected]

  • 3The Shadowrun Supplemental #8

    Contacting the Editor and SubmissionsI can be reached via email at [email protected] I can also be contacted on the ShadowRN mailing list, and on Undernet#Shadowrun. Additionally, I can be reached via ICQ - my UIN is 2350330, and on the TSS Productions web-board at

    An up to date list of ways to contact me should always be on my web page.

    The TSS Productions web page at contains all the back issues, submission guidelines,and a few other things you may need to know. If you can't find what you're looking for, please do not hesitate to contact me.The TSS Productions site at Geocities is no more. It will either give you an error, or redirect you to the web-site at

    Table of ContentsEditors Notes________________________________________________________________________________________ 2

    Who is that Samurai? Why isn't he smiling? (or "the Joy of Dex")___________________________________________ 4

    by Fenris ([email protected])__________________________________________________________________ 4

    Any Plex, UCAS_____________________________________________________________________________________ 6

    Jay Gray ____________________________________________________________________ 6

    Variable Weapon Staging_____________________________________________________________________________ 8

    Gurth ____________________________________________________________________________ 8

    Actual Game Rules__________________________________________________________________________________ 9

    Origins: A System for Character History and Development________________________________________________ 15

    P Sean Oneal __________________________________________________________________ 15

    LifeTraks_________________________________________________________________________________________ 17

    The Event Tables__________________________________________________________________________________ 24

    Event Explanations_________________________________________________________________________________ 25

    Electrocurs________________________________________________________________________________________ 31

    Logan Graves ([email protected])____________________________________________________________ 31

    SwiftOne Speaks____________________________________________________________________________________ 33

    Brett Borger _____________________________________________________________________ 33

    My 10 Point Scale_________________________________________________________________________________ 33

  • 4The Shadowrun Supplemental #8

    Who is that Samurai? Why isn't he smiling? (or "the Joy of Dex")by Fenris ([email protected])

    Now we've all read the Cybertech download from our poor buddy, Hatchetman (hang in there, omae). I figured I'd expand onone subject that he barely scratched the surface of: "wired reflexes" and the negative side effects that come with them.

    So, you're all ready to rush out and have that nerve-job done or perhaps you're getting a set of those new synthetic muscles--you know, making you better, stronger, & faster. Or injecting yourself with reflex boosters, or a bio-pump, or that insaneMBW-system. These days, the hi-speed possibilities are near-fraggin'-endless. My point being? Maybe, just maybe, you'lltake a few nano's listen to what old Fen has to say, before you rush out to get yourself cut --or more likely, "burned."

    First things first, since I don't like anyone calling me a hypocrite. As more than a few of you know, there ain't much left of mybody that doesn't come with a warranty. So, yea, I'm wired. Been that way since the mid 30's--since I was kid. (And yes, I'veupgraded since then. Sheesh!) These days, in the speed department, I'm sportin' heavy muscle augments, a synapseaccelerator, and a couple of real expensive bio-organs to increase my overall combat edge. And I'm tellin' you this 'cause it'llall change in a month, when I go back under the knife, myself, for the umpteenth time. So, all this drek is weighing on mymind, big time.

    And my biggest beef about it, is this: about ninety percent of those fancy speed enhancers are designed just for that, "speed,"and nothing else. Back to "better, stronger, & especially faster," right? So what, if you'll require regular, scheduled, high-leveltune-ups? It's a small price to pay. Trouble is, most of those corp R&D -types, who dreamed up these little toys, neverbothered to include any way to shut 'em off.

    Blank stare, hunh? Look, my first time "under," I went for a set of level 2 wires. I was, what, all of sixteen? Just one morepunk-kid in the gang-filled streets of Seattle. Thought I was hot-drek afterwards, too. Once I learned to use 'em--once I gotused to folks sneaking up on me just to see which "way to Sunday" I'd leap. You won't see that in most of today's wiredsystems. The tech got better, but the problem's only gotten worse.

    Right now it's to the point where they can easily re-build you to act before you can even think about thinking about it. It's thatfast. Great, you say, you'll be able to hose down anything in your way with that trusty Ingram. But what about the waiter whowalks up to your table, while you're busy eating? Or the guy who taps you on the shoulder in a crowded tube-train? Theyprobably only wanted to ask you a question. But they can't 'cause--SNAP!!--they're dead! And you only have a vague memoryof watching it happen.

    There were a thousand different ways you could have reacted to those two situations--most of them require thought. Worse,for all the different ways you can think to react, there are at least as many things out there that can cause you to reactunpredictably.

    "That won't happen to me." S'what I always said. 'Til about a month ago, when I nearly geeked a very dear friend of mine inher sleep. Dreams can cause reflexive actions, too.

    Then I'll get a reflex trigger, you say. Good. You're learning. Those things are pretty SOTA, these days. They only work onsome of the newer wired systems, and on 'zip' of the older ones, like I got. And it's not an add-on gizmo, either you get onewhen your wires go in or you don't.

    So, now you can turn 'em off & on a