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  • 1. New Technologies for Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Farms Ian Irvine Technical Director and Founder, SgurrEnergy 22 September 2011

2. Introduction

  • SgurrEnergy
  • Site Characterisation
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Access
  • Total Asset Management
  • O&M Delivery
  • Conclusions

3. SgurrEnergy today

  • Experienced
    • Over 125 responsive engineers and consultants
    • 125
    • 65GW of projects in 45+ countries
    • 45 65
  • Leading independent engineering consultancy
  • Global network of offices
  • 2002 - Glasgow (Head Office)
  • 2006 Beijing (China)
  • 2007 Pune (India)
  • 2008 Wexford (Ireland), Vancouver
  • (Canada),
  • 2009 Paris (France), Portland (USA)
  • 2010 Joined Wood Group

4. What do we do? SgurrEnergy personnel hold unparalleled knowledge to ensure successful renewable project delivery Bio-energy Hydro Wave & Tidal Solar Offshore Wind Wind Products 5. Understanding how turbines and site interact

  • Historically, offshore data are rare and of poor quality because:
    • Equipment is typically, unsupervised, remote and in a harsh environment
    • Equipment is dangerous and expensive to maintain
  • Consequently, offshore wind farm operation is more risky than onshore, as the environment is generally less well understood

6. Prevention is Better than Cure

  • Site Characterisation, can we afford to take risks?

Turbine-killing wind shear event - 7. Power Performance Assessment Offshore

  • The need to verify the compliance of assets offshore using power performance assessment is more urgent given the costs and risks ,yet this is not being observed .
  • To comply with current IEC 61400-12 requirements based on mast mounted anemometry it is likely that the cost of a power performance assessment will outweigh the benefits. IEC 61400-12
  • The forthcoming 3 rdedition of IEC 61400-12-1 will include detailed provision for remote sensing. IEC 61400-12-1
  • Remote sensing using 2 ndgeneration LiDAR such as Galion can be used to produce IEC 61400-12 compliant power curves. Galion IEC 61400-12
  • Remote sensing will also facilitate a better understanding of wind flow and wake behaviour generally in the offshore environment.

8. Power performance assessments offshore for onshore costs using Galioninstalled on transition pieces to conduct arc scans Galion 9. Agreement satisfies acceptance criteria routinely applied to the operation of devicesimmediately adjacent to mast, e.g. NorseWind Performs as well as a 1 stgeneration device,but from 500m away 500 10. Performance Monitoring Performance Monitoring Inspection of performance metrics enables rapid identification of anomalous performance in seconds or minutes. SgurrTrend metric plot Main sequence Anomalies (Each point represents one turbines performance during one week ) 11. Oil & Gas Sector Experience 12. Application to Offshore Wind