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SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS Prof. T. K. G. Namboodhiri Adapted from the book The seven spiritual laws of success by DEEPAK CHOPRA

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  • SEVEN SPIRITUALLAWS OF SUCCESS Prof. T. K. G. Namboodhiri Adapted from the bookThe seven spiritual laws of success by DEEPAK CHOPRA
  • WHAT IS SUCCESS? Continued expansion of happiness & realization of worthy goals Ability to fulfill our desires effortlessly Spiritually, success is our ability to co- create with the universe efficiently and without effort
  • SPIRIT- SOURCE OF ALL ACHIEVEMENTS Ancient sages of India realized that spirit lies at the source of all achievement in life. Spirit is defined as pure potentiality which is unmanifest consciousness. Our desires are manifestations of the unmanifest consciousness. Practice of the seven spiritual laws align us with natures intelligence and our desires are easily fulfilled.
  • 1. The law of pure potentiality We exist in a state of pure potentiality or pure consciousness which is the field of infinite creativity and all possibilities. Knowing who we really are gives us the ability to fulfill any dream we have. When we are in harmony with nature, we create a bond between our desires and the power to materialize these desires.
  • Practicing the law of pure potentiality Take time each day to be silent, to connect with your spirit, to just be. Practice nonjudgment. Begin the day with a resolve to not judge anything that occurs Commune with nature. Watch a sunset, listen to the ocean, or simply smell the scent of a flower
  • 2. The law of giving & receiving Everything in the universe operates through dynamic exchange Giving and taking are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe If we stop the flow of energy, we interfere with natures intelligence If we want love, learn to give love, if we want material affluence, help others to become materially affluent. By our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our life
  • Practice of the law of giving & receiving Give a gift to everyone you encounter, be it a compliment, a flower or a prayer Gratefully receive every gift that life offers you. Be open to receiving, whether it be a material gift, a compliment or prayer Silently wish everyone you meet happiness, joy, and laughter
  • 3. The law of cause & effect What you sow is what you reap If we want happiness, sow the seeds of happiness This law of Karma implies conscious choice making. When we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of our karma is happiness and success.
  • Practice of the law of cause & effect Witness the choices you make in every moment. Be fully conscious of the present When you make a choice, ask yourself what are the consequences of this choice? and will this choice bring happiness to everybody? Ask your heart for guidance and be guided by its message of comfort or discomfort. Go ahead only if the message is comfortable
  • 4. The law of Least Effort Natures intelligence functions with effortless ease, care-freeness, harmony and love. It does less and accomplishes more Least effort is expended when our actions are motivated by love, because nature is held together by the energy of love Harmony and love enable creative use of energy and easy achievement of our desires
  • Practice of the law of least effort Accept people, circumstances, and events as they are in this moment. Remember this moment is as it should be Take responsibility for your situation without blaming anything or any one, including yourself. Every problem is an opportunity to take this moment and transform it into a greater benefit. Relinquish the need to defend your point of view and be open to all points of view
  • 5. The law of Intention & Desire Intention is desire without attachment to the outcome. By releasing our intentions and desires in the field of pure potentiality we activate its infinite organizing power to work for us. Relinquish our attachment to the outcome. Expect our desires to be realized when the time is right. Let the universe handle the details
  • Five steps in the Law of Intentions & Desire You can harness the power of intention to fulfill your desires and dreams through the following 5 steps: 1) Center yourself in the silent space between thoughts- state of being. 2)Release your intentions and desires with the expectation that they will bloom when the season is right. 3) Keep your desires to yourself, do not share them with anyone 4) Relinquish your attachment to the outcome 5) Let the universe handle the details.
  • Practice of the law of intention & desire Make a list of your intentions and desires. Look at this list before going into silence, sleep, and after waking in the morning. Release your desires to the field of pure potentiality, trusting it to handle all the details and bring you the results when the time is right. Practice present moment awareness in all actions and refuse to allow obstacles from taking your attention.
  • 6. The Law of Detachment The way to acquire anything in the world is to relinquish our attachment to it. We do not give up the intention or the desire, we give up only the attachment to the outcome. Anything we want can be achieved through detachment, because detachment comes from our unquestioning belief of the power of the self.
  • Practice of the law of detachment Practice detached involvement. Let go of your idea of how things should be. Be alert to the opportunity within every problem. Accept uncertainty as an essential part of your experience. Solutions will appear spontaneously. Remain open to all possibilities and enjoy every moment of your life.
  • 7. The Law of Dharma According to the law of Dharma or Purpose of Life, we are spiritual beings who have taken physical form to fulfill a purpose. It has 3 components: 1) Each of us has to discover our true self. 2) Each of us has a unique talent that no one else has. 4) We are here to serve our fellow beings with our talent so that we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our spirit. This is the goal of all goals.
  • Practice of the Law of Dharma Nurture the divinity within you, the spirit animating your body and mind by being conscious of timeless Being in the midst of time- bound experience. Make a list of all your unique talents. Then list all the things you love to do while expressing these talents. Ask yourself daily how can I help? & how can I serve?. Let your actions be according to the answers. Serve your fellow human beings with love.
  • Epilogue These seven spiritual laws govern the actions of the universal mind which choreographs everything in this universe. By practicing these laws we can manifest anything we want. These are also the spiritual laws of life. Everything in life is an expression of the miraculous unfolding of spirit. True success is to witness the unfolding of the divinity within us and experience every moment of life as miraculous expressions of divinity. Share everything with love and caring so that we create abundance and joy for one another