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Transcript of SERBIA - Tr · PDF fileSERBIA Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube Partner...

  • Soft Mobility and Tourism Marketing Strategy


    Sustainable Transport and Tourism along the Danube

    Partner Meeting

    Tulcea (RO) 13 - 16/05/2014

  • Sigth living

    value for money

    Sigth seeing

    Reception factors


    Attractions and communications

    Major guidelines

    Mass tourism 1 on 1

    Sustainability as inevitable ingredient for ALL forms of tourism

    Soft mobility integrated transport options

  • Covered region

    Novi Sad Belgrade

    Nature Preserve Carska Bara Vrac wineyards Special Nature Reserve Deliblato Sands Kalemegdan Fortress Smederevo Fortress

    National Park Gornje Podunavlje Nature Reserve Koviljski Rit Karaorevo Sirmium National Park Fruka Gora Petrovaradin Fortress

  • Aims Markets Products Vision Brand IMC

    Strategy content / key steps

  • Aims and objectives

    To promote soft mobility as a unique selling proposition and key fascination for tourism attractions in Serbia along the Danube

    Tourists Local community

    Increased value for tourists

    and from tourism

    To improve accessibility of selected tourist attractions To redefine tourism products by implementing soft mobility principles

    Market valorization of new tourism products and experiences Long-term environmental and social sustainability of tourist destination

    Destination management principles applied Capacity building of tourism stakeholders

  • Understanding the market

  • Tourism infrastructure / status

  • Different development level and phase of lifecycle along the Danube flow and in selected destination Majority of accommodation capacities is located in administrative centers Other destinations are limited in quantity and quality of accommodation Current structure matches the requirements of targeted market segments (special interests and touring programs) but in long term period accommodation infrastructure need to be improved.

    Tourism infrastructure / status

  • Existing accommodation structure should be diversified and improved, especially at the 3* level Camping accommodation and experience can be very lucrative niche market Local tourism authorities to work closely with private rooms and apartment owners

    Tourism infrastructure / next

  • Pillars of development

    Primary, secondary, tertiary

    Soft Mobility Geo Markets for Serbia

    Domestic residents, independent travelers, groups

    Tour- operators

    Soft Mobility Distribution Channels for Serbia

    Travel Agencies

    On line and social media

    River cruising (20%)

    Unique experience


    Exploring culture (15%)

    Landscape and nature

    (20% )

    Joy and holiday (25%)

    Key pillars of Soft Mobility tourism product development in Serbia

    Local tourism organizations

    Empty Nesters

    Soft Mobility Target Markets for Serbia

    Families with grown up kids Backpackers

  • Primary Secondary Tertiary

    Key geo markets that are

    and will be significant

    Considerable efforts need

    to be invested to attract

    larger number of visits

    Markets that are to be

    followed regularly,

    without particular

    marketing efforts

    Serbia (domestic) Countries of Ex-Yugoslavia Scandinavia

    Germany France USA

    Italy Romania and Bulgaria Turkey

    Netherlands UK Russia

    Austria Hungary Poland

    Geo markets to target

  • Market segments

    Families with

    grown up kids

    Empty Nesters


  • Market segments / Backpackers


    Young and dynamic segment of various interests

    (Relatively) long duration of stay within a destination, but often changing

    destinations within a region

    Looking for affordable transport and easy access to and within destination

    Looking for affordable accommodation

    Looking for different and unique experiences

    Significant spending on additional services

    Preferred tourism products


    City Breaks

    Special interests


    Active & adventure

  • Product development


    Touring Key products

    Midterm development

    Added value


    Marketing + infrastructure

    Marketing + quality













  • Key tourists fascination:


    Diverse multi-cultural experience and heritage

    Preserved nature and pristine areas

    Mix of urban and rural lifestyle

    Unique Serbian history and culture

    Emotions and dynamics

    Supporting tourists fascination:

    Roman heritage sites

    Wine and winemaking tradition

    Autochthone flora and fauna

    Danube river canals

    Key experience for communication

  • Vision

    Soft mobility is an important tool of reaching economically and

    environmentally sustainable tourism development of Danube region in Serbia.

    Soft mobility influence increased tourist satisfaction, by combing nautical

    experience, diverse touring options and special interests

    providing entire Danube region of Serbia strong identity apparatus in

    process of international market valorization

  • Danube perceived as strategic tourism resource of Serbia and tourism in Serbia

    Existence of various tangible and intangible resources

    positive attitude of local communities towards soft mobility

    Product portfolio offers complex experiences for tourists

    Possibility of upgrading existing products, tours and experiences with soft mobility

    Numerous accommodation



    No brand No regional tourism management

    entities Often lack of political

    understanding Human resource is not

    adequately trained

    Different level destinations development

    No willingness off underdeveloped Danube destinations to learn and listen to developed destinations

    No clear understanding of all benefits that soft mobility brings


  • Danube international and regional brand

    Markets trends are in favor of Danube region in Serbia

    Current guests experiences are positive

    Significant potential market



    Highly competitive international market

    Competition is investing more in infrastructure development and marketing

    Sales oriented activities of competing destinations

    International support in development and joint marketing

    Knowledge and experience shared among Transdanube countries

    To use international Danube brand elements: promises, slogans, logo


  • 1 2

    3 4

    1. Who are our targeted tourists?

    Description of target markets

    2. What is our referent framework?

    Defining the key tourist using our

    brand to accomplish goals

    3. What are our differentiating elements?

    Why is our brand superior to

    alternatives in the same framework

    4. Do guests / tourists have reasons to believe us?

    Elements that support referent framework and differentiating


    Brand position elements

  • 1. Key segment

    Individual tourists and groups eager to use soft mobility options in experiencing various destinations and attractions along Danube in Serbia. These tourists are looking for different, soft mobility experience of Danube cruise, pristine nature and various tours and itineraries, enriched by flavors of local tradition, heritage and various side activities.

    2. Referent framework Danube region in Serbia is a perfect destination for tourists interested in learning and experiencing new fascinations, that are interpreting combination of urban and rural authentic values along the river flow

    4. Reasons to believe based on the Serbia Danube region culture, lifestyle and nature touch.

    3. Differentiating elements Being a new destination on highly saturated international market, Serbia offers great memories, emotions and added values

    Framework for brand positioning

  • Tangible


    Benefits: what

    brand offers Attributes: what is


    Inspired by river

    Full of positive energy

    Respect of nature

    To feel safe

    Understanding new culture and customs

    Truly astonishing



    Destination neatness



    To see uniqueness in real time

    To think and live healthy lifestyle

    Back to the roots

    Culture and tradition experience

    Cuisine and beverage experience

    All season soft mobility options


    National Park Gornje Podunavlje

    Nature Reserve Koviljski Rit

    Karaorevo Hunting Ground

    Sirmium, the ancient Roman site

    National Park Fruka Gora

    Petrovaradin Fortress

    Nature Preserve Carska Bara

    Vrac vineyards

    Nature Reserve Deliblato Sands

    Kalemegdan Fortress

    Smederevo Fortress


    Elements of differentiations

  • Responsible tourists and

    locals behavior

    Eco and

    sustainable tourism


    Traditional and rural